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Scripting & Programming / Spec Prototype Organisation
« on: Feb 24, 13, 05:21:15 AM »
I'm wondering if there's a way I can automatically archive prototypes on creation into subfolders rather than them going to root?

Scripting & Programming / Spec System DataCache
« on: Feb 16, 13, 08:00:52 AM »
Hi there,

I'm working my way through understanding the spec system more, I'm currently confused about the use of datacache prototypes.
In the FPS ref the weapon spec stores data in this prototype, but I found little reference to where it's used and not a lot of info on the subject after searching.

Scripting & Programming / Item System & NPCs
« on: Jan 18, 13, 12:10:21 AM »
Hi, I could really use any support with using the new item system in the context of NPC characters.

I am confused over the container ownership restrictions and would appreciate any advice regarding what is required to give an item to an entity without an account.

Could I just pass other references and still use a container via association?
Any examples regarding doing more than giving the player an item would be a great help.

Say I create a weapon item and an appearance to glom with it, how would I best go about "giving" that to a NPC?

Art & Art Pipeline / Fixseam Issues
« on: Dec 21, 12, 09:34:27 AM »
I've been having issues getting good results from this application in the pipeline.

I currently have a character split as such.
Head slot, upper body, combined hands, lower body and feet.

All variations I've made of batch file operations give very wrong results with things welded all over.
Even with /I the lighting is actually worse at the seams then before any operations.

Next step is for me to try and connect 2 pieces together and try every variation to figure out what's going on.

Initial tests were done with slight vert offsets, so I went back and chopped and detached everything again so should be pretty much seamless now, but apart from being pretty seamless by default, the welding is still as bad.

Again I will hammer at it some more and start testing anims but maybe someone for example could suggest a list of batch operations suitable for these slots I could try.

They all use single materials so I shouldn't need /S but I've even been trying that.
Like I said I was trying a few parts together last time, I'll have to break it down more, any advice at this stage would be greatly appreciated though.


Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] FaceGen HGM2OBJ Issues
« on: Dec 20, 12, 09:50:08 PM »
Hi there,

After being able to make my characters have horribly ill skin tones I'm now trying to integrate a face using FaceGen in the engine to add to the horror!

I have been able to get this to work by directly converting to obj and testing in the modeler demo but am having no such luck exporting as stated on the wiki.

I keep getting errors regarding the geometry not matching.
I've tried exporting as a standard dynamic part and converting using hgm2obj as there's no gr2 anymore.

I found an old post from Stadi regarding similar issues, I suspect if I export as gr2 it would work.

At a dead end right now. I even tried the /O option.

Edit: Really weird, today I tried importing the original face obj and even that wouldn't work, I just had to create a new project in customizer for it to accept that model again. I'm going to start over. Doh the back button, the last few times I was trying to change the model but it must have already generated files.I'll try again.

[Solved] converter works fine, the problem seemed to be down to trying to use the same project after importing the original obj to test, see what Santa has for me after I go to bed tonight. :)

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Dynamic Skin Tone Options
« on: Dec 17, 12, 03:33:07 PM »
Hi there,

I'm now currently confused regarding my options for handling dynamic skin tone.
I plan to use FaceGen to integrate face geometry, it seems to have a separate set of statistics "egt" for handling skin customization, but the use of this with your own textures and UV map is not covered much.

There is also the 3 blend option in HE itself.

I have conceptual issues with the texture map separations as well for the body tone, even if I do go the FaceGen route.

Ideally I'd like to have a head texture and a body/hand texture.

It would be nice to reuse the same textures and uvs for other items that cover these such as mask, gloves, shirt etc.

This leads to some thought on how to combine this all together best.
I certainly have no idea at this stage if I could combine FaceGen texture statistic aspects with texture masking for other elements or how the texture stats would work not using their images.

Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

It is very important to my game design that players are able to create black men with visible ginger chest hair!

Edit: It's looking like the HE options would be superior to the egt path. I'm trying to get my head around dtbs enough to figure out the best way to proceed still.

New Edit: I actually managed to find some relevant files in my world I could look at.
They seem to confirm that more than one layer was used for face details.
I tried to copy the .dtb layout pretty much exactly and have tried using similar  transparent files for say some lipstick but when I enable the second layer the texture goes into disco mode with the colours changing constantly.
The skin blending I got to work fine using just one layer but Id like to get at least some tattoos and lipstick type details on another layer and I cant get that to work, there doesn't seem to be enough documentation on the subject to really know what's going wrong without hammering at it some more.
Really not sure if it's my textures or the dtb, I really just want to know how the face tattoos in HJ are setup for now.
For hair Id be happy doing it through model attachments in FaceGen. That seems the best course for that.
In general I'm getting to grips with my dynamic character but using a detail layer in a skin bank seems the last major issue (beyond modelling).

Also is there a way I can use more than one blend of 3 textures, is that what happens when you select different races in HJ. I assume the different races have their own 3 racial variation images if you use the skin tone triangle in the character editor.

Art & Art Pipeline / FaceGen Head Slot & Sock Parts
« on: Dec 16, 12, 05:07:41 PM »
Hi there,

I'm trying to get to the stage of integrating FaceGen faces into a dynamic character head slot.
When approaching this I'm confused about the best way of dealing with any sock parts.
I assume the best thing is to combine them with the head geometry, should this be done before FaceGen integration as a group of object, or would they need to be a single object, re-skinned for export as a single dynamic part?

Basically I'm mostly confused about running the FaceGen base integration still.
I just want to do a head with the standard head "base statistics" but that isn't covered at all in the Wiki it seems.

Beyond figuring out what corners I can cut I'm also still unsure if any sock parts would effect the process.

Edit: The high res geometry has no such details, this was my initial reason for questioning if sock elements are to be considered.
[Solving in progress]:Reading the Customizer manual it seems the sock elements are added after with glasses etc in the project after you do the head geometry.

Hi there,
I've been thinking about dynamic character parts for human characters, and wondering the best approach for something like hair and headgear to work in combination.

Assuming you'd use geometry for hair(not planning on having lice infested world), would the best solution be to have separate slots? Or would you want to check what options had been selected and then apply one model in the head attachment slot?

A bit lost here as to how to approach something that's wouldn't be a straight swap at seams.

Belts are another example, would you attach them on top? This would seem like the best approach for such items, but say you wanted to go as far as having loops in your pants and the belt fitting perfectly it would seem like it would have take multiple model for every combination to look best.

Not sure what is going wrong, I've tried a few variations and looking at various bits but basically I'm trying to run a simple toggle command that does:

Code: (hsl) [Select]
  state as Boolean = GetIgnoreCursor()
  if state == true

It seems to be working, the cursor is ignored, it will toggle between locking the cursor to the center or freeing it, but it is not doing the visibility bit and I'm lost as to why...

Also while I'm posting this block.
I'm interested in any insight into the difference it might cause expressing it instead as:

Code: (hsl) [Select]
  if GetIgnoreCursor() == true

I think I'll really need to take a look at the coding best practices properly before I start going much further....

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