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Design & World Building / [] Occlusion Bug
« on: Dec 19, 12, 11:32:35 AM »
We stumbled upon an occlusion bug last night. Occlusion is turning off and on depending on the distance/angle which you stand (in player mode). I have uploaded a video showing the issue here:


To reproduce the problem I took a stock HeroEngine occluder plane. I then made the occluder very large to cover the city from my viewing. Next I reduced the alpha channel of the occluder to .96  using the diffuse channel in the occluder's properties menu. This allows us to see the occlusion taking place realtime.

I also tried this in clean engine with a few simple boxes, it does the same thing, just thought a city would look a bit more epic ;) . Anyway I hope this is what is causing the performance issues. If you take note of the framerate in the corner of the video, you can clearly see that performance is dropping in and out as occlusion turns off and on. Good luck.

Previously when in "Edit Offset" mode when you selected a neighboring terrain block and moved it, it would only move the terrain blocks associated with that area. Now if you try to move an areas terrain block, it move all the surrounding areas connected to it. There is no way to move a single area anymore, it now moves all it's neighboring areas.

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Dynamic Detail not working
« on: Dec 12, 12, 02:34:39 PM »
Made a new area, created a heightmap, added two terrain textures, added a dynamic detail map and cannot paint dynamic detail on heightmap. Also not working in old areas as well. Thanks.

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