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Developer Job Board / [FOR HIRE] Eduardo López | Composer
« on: Sep 07, 17, 06:04:16 PM »

My name is Eduardo López, I´m a profressioanl Composer for Games/Film/TV and Concert Music.

I write music in pretty much any style of music needed and I´ve worked on over 5 titles on Unity and Unreal Engine and also done SFX for Games, Film and Media Advertising.

A short music-demo can be provided for the game at no cost if you are interested.

If there is a tight budget for the music we can come to an arragement or a good solution.

I leave my latest public game realease below as well as my portfolio in case you want to see my work.

Latest Release:




You can write me for any doubt, comment sugestion or just to say hi at:

Mail: many_calabera01@hotmail.com

Discord: Eduardo L.#5313

I hope to get to work with you and wait to hear from you!

Kind Regards,

Eduardo López | Composer

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