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When attempting to add a new Enumerator via the DOM Editor or CLI, using the following resources;

We receive the following error:
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9223372057824021522GOM::addEnumDef (2060): allocation of new HeroEnumDef failed: with ConstructionException message 'enumerated identifier invalid'"Enumeration Created ID: 9223372057824021522 Name: "view_mode" Description: """
When attempting to add additional values in the DOM Editor, it does not allow the 2nd parameter (decimal value) to be defined.. I'm not sure if this was intentional or not.

Format of CLI:
| CED view_mode; FPS 3PS TOPDOWN
| CED "view_mode"; "FPS" "3PS" "TOPDOWN"

..Also tried creating the Enum with 1 possibe value (which it DOES allow:
Code: [Select]
12:22:01: |CED view_mode; FPS
12:22:01: CED OK 9223372057824021524 : "Enumeration Created ID: 9223372057824021524 Name: "view_mode" Description: """
) and then adding additional values via:

| medav view_mode; FPS 3PS TOPDOWN
| medav view_mode; 3PS TOPDOWN

..which produce:

Code: [Select]
12:24:21: | medav view_mode; FPS 3PS TOPDOWN
12:24:21: MEDAV ERROR 9223372057824021524GOM::checkEnumDefChange (2327): Duplicate enum value."Modified Enum Definition ID: 9223372057824021524 Name: "view_mode" Description: """

Code: [Select]
12:24:58: | medav view_mode; 3PS TOPDOWN
12:24:58: MEDAV ERROR 9223372057824021524GOM::addEnumDefValue (2631): HeroEnumDef::addEnumeratedValue error: Failed to add a Value to the Enum; duplicate or invalid value encountered."Modified Enum Definition ID: 9223372057824021524 Name: "view_mode" Description: """

After having searching through the scripts, forums, and wiki.. I was unable to determine how/when an event might be captured for when the game viewport is resized.. any input would be appreciated.

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  do this...

Developer Job Board / Ghostly Studios
« on: Dec 08, 11, 10:46:34 PM »
Ghostly Studios (Indie)

Ghostly Studios has been in the pre-development (storyline, concept, and planning) phase of our first major title (MMOFPSRPG Hybrid) for a while now. Beginning basic prototypes, development and implementations, we are seeking a few highly motivated individuals to compliment our existing team; and hopefully to help expedite the development process.

Our current development team consists of (3) Programmers/Scripters, (1) 3D Modeler/Animator, (3) Concept Artists, (2) Writers, (1) Audio/Sound Engineer, and of course the 'Executive' team.. producers/directors, etc.

The roles we are currently seeking to fill; and compliment our existing team; include:

HSL Programmers (2-3)
3D Modelers/Animators (2-3)
Texture Artist (1-2)
World Builders (Terrain and Texturing) (2-3)

Please note, this is currently an Indie Studio; and as such, is currently unfunded. Future salaries and incentives may be discussed/contracted during onboarding discussions, though are not currently guaranteed until publish. All 'new hires' are required to sign and submit a legally drafted NDA (Non-disclosure Agreenment) prior to being granted access to any assets or production-specific information (IP).

Interested parties should plan on spending a minimum of eight hours per week on production. We are, of course, understanding of personal circumstances and will make exceptions as necessary. We are are seeking motivated individuals ready to set foot in the gaming industry and craft a solid foundation for the next generation of gaming; perhaps you might be part of the next 'big thing'..

If interested, please feel free to contact me directly, or e-mail hr@ghostlystudios.com

Thank You.
-The Ghostly Studios Team

Login/Server down..?  :'(

Contacting Service Directory...
Login to Service Directory Failed.
Reason: Connection Failed

Error while 'awakening' world..

45 second timer counts down to 0, refreshes and states world is awake.
Attempting to enter world, error is thrown:


StartupClient failed! Error Code=-87162871(Exception thrown). Last Error Message = mCentralOfficeTransport is not set in PostOffice::connectToCentralOffice()

Scripting & Programming / [SOLVED] GUI texture issue
« on: Oct 01, 11, 11:11:13 AM »
I have been experiencing a few complications during testing of a prototype GUI - the same texture works for two _panel elements, but not two others. The ONLY difference between them is their rendered size, and the attribute of the character that they reference.

I have confirmed all code, classes, etc. numerous times to ensure that it was not a programmatic error; to no avail.

I also had issues with different textures showing for these same _panels, even though they are all using 'demo' assets provided with the engine, and are all the same format (.dds)
I changed all 4 to use the same texture as the working _panel, and only the _panel using the same dimensions displayed the texture.. the other two remain blank.

Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated - I've already wasted 3 days going through my code 20+ times making sure I wasn't making a mistake and searching the forums/wiki, etc....

The asset in use for all four is: \GUI\GUIstatbar.dds
defaultStatePresentation: (#1,1,1,1)(442.4111,9.356125)(53.5746,52.43606)


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