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Having an issue with a few pop-ups and windows where I can't fully utilize the entire window.

For instance, in GUI Editor, when deleting a control, I can't click Yes, nor click the left side of the titlebar to move the window.  I can click Cancel though since it's on the right.

Another one is in the Spec Header Editor.  I can't use the checkmarks to the left.

It's not every window, just a few of them where roughly the left 40% doesn't have any mouse events whatsoever.  No hover, no click, etc.  The resize works though.

Joined up with a team so disregard.  Thanks to those that read & replied.

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] SpecOracle stuck on Loading
« on: May 25, 12, 12:58:45 PM »
Had some trouble with a SpecOracle I made the other day.  I used the nifty Header Editor that Jrome was nice enough to post and it worked for another Oracle I did, and even worked for the first header I added for this particular troubled one.

When trying to add a second one, however, the SpecOracle just sits with the Loading logo and just never loads.

Is it a problem when using the header editor to add a 2nd or something else I can change?

Emailed support already, just posting for Cooper and others to search for in case the problem is discovered and fixed.

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