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GUI Creation / Can't edit prototype
« on: Aug 03, 20, 06:19:21 PM »
I am unable to modify this GUI prototype, it tells me that it doesn't exist when I try to open it. It also shows a script error saying that it can't create a node based on that prototype. But it clearly exists.

If you open the xml for the gui it shows that it inherits from _panel, while the prototype itself says that it inherits from _GUIBaseWindow.

I'm stuck here. I've tried a lot of things, I tried restarting heroblade, tried letting the world to go sleep and waking it back up, tried updating the script so that the parent class matches, a plethora of other things and I can't get past this.

The next step is to just start all over with a new GUI and have this garbage, non-functioning, thing out there forever. Which is the least desirable option, as it was not an insignificant amount of work getting the prototype the way I wanted it to begin with.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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