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Art & Art Pipeline / [Solved] creation weapon
« on: Jan 10, 12, 04:05:24 AM »
I apologize in advance may already voiced somewhere but I have not found.
I'm not too versed in the bones so I'm having some difficulties with it, tell us more about the creation and export of arms from 3d max, as well as how to equip him
Or if it's in the wiki give a link please

Developer Hero Projects / Russ-Young
« on: Dec 14, 11, 06:45:02 AM »
Site: http://russ-young.ru/forum

Russ Young-multiplayer online role-playing game
Currently on the market IMO is very common Fantasy characters and plots that are already jaded audience, the project itself as a historical development of an alternative history, so the game is directed towards the sandbox component as poorly represented in the wound IMO.
As is customary in all MMORPGs, the player controls his character, which it develops, chooses the profession of a soldier or a civilian settler. The game features the development of resources (clay, wood, stone, wheat for bread, vegetables, fruits). Manufacturing (food, clothing, armor, weapons, siege engines and attachments). Growing horses. The construction of settlements (houses, shops, blacksmith shops, warehouses, protective walls, etc.).


Ability to build their settlement.
Flexible leveling without the use of levels and by improving the common skills.
Ability to create your own principality.
Political relations between the kingdoms and nations.
Control your Duchy and the possibility of seizure of foreign lands.
Trade between the kingdoms and other states.
Not a magic only real weapon 9-13 centuries.
The siege of towns and castles.
Great opportunities for craft from planting corn and bread before the construction of siege engines and settlements.
Ability to create a family.
Free PVP.

 The game will be 4 main races: the Byzantines, Herman, Rusichi, Tartars.
 Earth each state will be divided into zones, these zones are the lands of the principalities. In each state capital city will only remaining land barren and inhabited only animals. Earth being built every prince himself, and to acquire land owner, they remain empty.

 The settlements of the principalities of the growth will be inhabited as NPCs not fighting ordinary residents of workers in mines, fields and forests, and military: Guards in towns and villages. On producing fields can act as a player and NPC hired by Prince, but hiring NPCs will be expensive, and you will have to pay them money.

 Also in the game, you can create a family and have children. Children are a player has registered for referral link of a family member, and part of the experience of parents is transmitted to the child a period of pumping.
 Leveling your character is on the means of acquiring skills in the use of a particular profession, ie, "Habituation" of a certain number of points that would appear not learned the beauty for all and all.
 You can play as one and united in small groups of up to 10 people in combat units or 40 people or creating your own community. Each community can lay claim to the land for the construction of settlements and villages for the extraction of resources (such community may be cited as the principality, duchy or Khanate, depending on the state belongs to the Commonwealth). With the conquest of a certain arrangement of the governor of the state, commonwealth, having no land can join in the principality in the form of combat brigades, or, having won the land from the Duchy, after the conquest will have bad relations with the governor of the state.

 The rulers of principalities will have a set of diplomatic treaties, as between kingdoms, and with other states, such as:

 Military (peace treaty alliances, declaring war)
 Commercial (single trading, long-term trade relations)

The main purpose of the player quests will develop your character in the direction that he will choose for themselves whether a farmer or baker peaceful or menacing Prince, the head of his squad and managing their lands.
Obstacles to the player will be:
Various animals such as (bears, wolves)
Other players from hostile principalities or States.
Limited resources and the use of special equipment for craft and the need to buy the missing resources from other players or in urban capitals.
Fixed the war between the principalities and kingdoms.
The big unknown of the Earth
 The fight takes place, as in most MOORPG auto attack + use special abilities. Each character class has its own distinctive features and abilities. The game is absolutely no magic.
 Types of weapons:
 1. Melee (swords, two handed swords, axes, two-handed axes, clubs, spears)
 2. Ranged (bows, crossbows)
 3. Siege weapons (catapults, battering rams, siege ladder)
 Types of clothing and armor, clothing, divided by location for: helmet (cap), undershirt (armor, shirts, etc.), top (armor, jackets, armor) pants, boots, by type: Clothes (not a simple battle clothing for everyday wear and for the players who chose non-combat professions), (easy for archers and light infantry), (average for light cavalry), (for heavy infantry and heavy cavalry).

Types of jobs:

Attack Classes:

1 Light Infantry.
Two heavy infantry.
3 Archer, arbalester.
4 light cavalry.
5 heavy cavalry.

 Non-combat classes:

Farmer - grows and collects food for cooking
Hunter (produces meat and hides for Armorsmith)

Cook (food production)
Melnik (Processing grown cereals)
Architect (construction of buildings, mines, and city walls)
Carpenter (makes furniture for homes, retail shops, and vehicles to dealers)
Hostler (Grow horses for the soldiers and traders)
Armorsmith (Dressing of skins, manufacture of armor)

Sorry for my English.

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