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Project Name : Untitled Science Fiction/Fantasy MMOG
Website URL : http://force-strike.com

Company/Publisher Name : Force-Strike Games LLC
Company/Publisher Website : http://force-strike.com
Youtube Channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/forcestrikegames?feature=mhee

Story: When we arrived to planet earth, what was left of humanity was nothing more then ashes. it was my job to find any piece or part of this race we could salvage. after a long search in the poles of this planet we found one human, frozen for thousands of years in the ice.

The body was preserved perfectly in a human made chamber that preserved specimens for a future that was uncertain. little did they know this would be the last human. along with this human we found ancient storage disk that contained a wealth of information of the former animal species and the flora and fona of earth.

Before I set forth to rebuild this human,I deciphered the text of the disk. oddly enough it contained detailed information and images of the previous species or so I thought. the book was called "legends of the mist" a dungeon masters guild to the world of aearth.

At the time it didn't matter to me that the book was actually an imaginary work for a primitive human game. it's only after I re-created the species from samples obtained on my masters journey's through the universe that I realized I re-created abominations.

I was unwilling to inform my masters of this grand mistake. and all reports of the human I had found,were erased. we knew little of human beings.

From the human we had found we re-made mankind and various other races and set them forth is this world once only known in the imagination of some extinct human. it's my goal to hide that from the new races and to hide my mistakes.

The human we found frozen will remain hidden from the races.

I will be adding more information as I get my design documents in order. Much is planned and screenshots are incoming for the planets I'm almost done creating.

I will keep this thread updated when I get some down time.

Developer Introductions / Force Strike Gaming
« on: Dec 23, 11, 02:51:17 PM »
Happy Holidays to all!

Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself my name is john and me and my two man team (growing hopefully) wanted to explain our MMOG Force Strike.

First though..I have been a half-life HL2 Modder and mapper as well as educating myself over the years learning the various scripting languages. I have tried many engines in the pursuit of making simple games and even a few that claimed you could make massive virtual worlds.

I must admit I was saving the initial $5000 to purchase the cloud and develop with it. becoming free was something that just left me awestruck and elated.

My primary goal for Force Strike MMOG is is to start simple as the learning curve gives way to productive pursuits with HSL I hope to share those scripts to this community as I progress.

Lofty goals and actual design goals are very simple right now. in the long run I hope to have something similar in mechanics and systems of Starwars galaxies. In fact Pre-Combat Upgrade is still something me and my fellow gamers hold very fond, and we swore if the tech would someday allow for even several of those systems to exist in our game,we would make it.

Minus the massive lawsuits trying to make a so called SWG2 (long standing joke) I have opted to create this MMOG with my own original story and original content. for the sake of creating something me and others who join me, could also say.. "yes we made this" and we hope to just make something fun and give players the options many MMOs lack these days.

Well long rant off, I wont post much here. I tend to search every thread before i need to.and I hope to be here posting relevant questions and answers once i become more learned with HE.

Have a great Holidays everyone and a safe new years.

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