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This is a slight continuation of this post:

Let me once again start off by saying this engine is amazing but I have to question its leadership now.

Sarrene claims to have been working hard on the new d3d11 update but we have seen nothing from anyone about it other than her posts. Not a peep from anyone else.

More than a month ago a post was made about the progress and stated that a new public test server would be set up in a couple of weeks. She states they have that up and running, testing it under NDA but has provided 0 proof of this. We dont even have a screen shot except one on the milestone page which has been up for over a year now.

AlexSH came onto the forums as the CEO and posted a few posts but has since disappeared.

On top of that there has still been little to no confidence built in how you actually launch your game.
As I can tell right now the only way is to work 1 on 1 with Sarrene who claims to be completely inundated by HE3 updates and the failed repopulation.

I am please asking for AlexSH to address these issue and address the community as a whole to build the confidence this community needs.

How many people are working directly on the HE3 updates?
What is your realistic release date for the new engine?
What is required to launch your game? (please dont respond with email us as this does nothing to build confidence)
How many people are actively working on this update?
Can we get developer posts instead of Sarrene updates?

You can say you are spending lots of time into the new updates but if the community is left in the dark like this for this long with no real shown progress then you will never be able to rebuild your tarnished name.

IMO we are still in the same spot we were more than 2 years ago since nothing has been produced except some posts from Sarrene.....that is pretty sad.

Once again love the engine but take off your fan boy hats and look at the reality of it. Unless you are in the back scene with sarrene HE looks like a shady, dead engine trying to keep afloat. Charging subscriptions like a hosting company and making a little off that rather than actually producing games.
This is not just my opinion, this is what the majority of people have said when I discussed the engine with them, if they even heard of it. That or "o yeah that shit engine skyrim had to rework and had a falling out with. o and repopulation was on that engine, o god yeah that looks like a nightmare to deal with".

Once again can we please hear from the CEO and see some actual proof you guys are where you say you are?

Developer Created Tutorials / Stitching A Seamless World
« on: Jun 29, 17, 12:40:44 PM »

There is a text dump below in case this google document is ever lost.

This tutorial will teach you to create an "endless" world by stitching areas together in a staggered pattern.

While my approach is from the middle out you can apply the same stitching technique to your world.

Text Dump:

Working With a Seamless World In HeroEngine
by NoCake of Blight MMO

Area Seamless Link Building
Creating Your Initial Folder Loadout
Prepping Area Before Seamless Link
Stitching Areas
The First Stitches
Stitching Around the Circle
Repeating The Stitching Video


Area Seamless Link Building   

Lay your map out first. Each block is an Area. For this layout I went with a staggered circle approach with Alpha being their layer name. Our world is going to be built from the center out. A(1),B(6),C(12),D(19),etc.

Creating Your Initial Folder Loadout
In your Area Organizer Panel, Create a folder and name it as you please
Create a subfolder in your new folder and label it “A”
Repeat Step 2 for B,C,D,E etc
Right Click folder A and select “Create New Area”, Name it “A1”
Right Click new Area “A1” and select “Go To Instance”->”Edit Instance”

Prepping Area before Seamless Link


Note: Steps 3-7 is out of habit. There is obviously a much better way to achieve obtaining a single height map tile.
Note: You will need to find the correct height map single tile size for your world as well as the position spacing for that height map tile.
IE: 25.4 only works for a single 128x tile. Find the correct position for your tile.

Delete the blank terrain panel
In the Terrain Panel Click Create Grid
Enter 512 in Meters box
Check 128x128 and click ok
Holding Control, click a to uncheck a single terrain map
Press delete to remove the others you have selected so that only the one tile you deselected is left
Select the remaining Terrain Tile and open Properties Panel
Set Position to 0,0,0
Click Heightmap
Press Ctrl+d
Set Position to 25.4,0,0
Click Heightmap
Press Ctrl+d
Set Position to 25.4,0,25.4
Click Heightmap
Press Ctrl+d
Set Position to 0,0,25.4
You should now have a large perfect 4x4 Terrain Panel

Note: I find doing this route a 100% surefire way for me. I am sure I will be updating this to make it faster.

Stitching Areas

 The First Stitches
   I have already completed this in my world. Will need filling.

Stitching Around the Circle
Follow steps precisely! Can lead to a headache of areas being incorrectly offset from each other. Nightmare to fix.

IE: In the image below, you would never edit anything in the D layer until you built the E layer. This helps later when stitching.

NOTE: !!! Make sure all the areas added correctly by looking at them !!! The new areas should be perfectly stitched together separate from your newly created heightmap.

After finishing “Prepping Area before Seamless Link” open the Area Panel
Add the corresponding rooms to the area starting with the last one created and working from there.

Example: Stitching area D19, First add  D18(last created) -> C12 -> C1 -> D1

Click Edit Offset
Select a height map of one of the areas that has been added.
Move them to align with the new Heightmap, Do not move the newly created Heightmap. (Pink = Good, Yellow = Bad! )
NOTE: Make sure when moving the heightmap ALL parts of the heightmap move. if they don’t, toggle Edit Offset Off then On again.
Once the Heightmap is perfectly aligned click Edit Offset again to turn it off.
Select the Terrain panel
Load Scheme
Paint Area name onto heightmap for visual reference

Repeating The Stitching Video
Here is a video showing the repetition of seamless area building

Scripting & Programming / Repopulation having troubles patching?
« on: Jun 04, 17, 09:17:09 PM »

"As a result, we've discovered there are modifications and updates that need to be made to the process and pipeline in order to streamline things for the future. "

What modifications and updates to the process and pipeline need to be made?

Is this something other developers should worry about?

GUI Creation / Anyone have some Tree Menu Script?
« on: Mar 14, 17, 12:23:46 AM »
I was wondering if anyone had some script to create a tree menu that looks like this:


Any script dumping is welcomed! Looking for something that has open and closing parent/children would be nice!

If not I will eventually write my own. Just wondering if the community had any input.

Console error when trying to load the part in the charactermanager:
ERROR:System:ERROR: Not found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /dt2_human_female_ranger_upper_body_shirt

or this with the full path:

ERROR:System:ERROR: Not found (0xFACE000F) loading resource: /character/dynamic_2/texturebanks/human_female_ranger_upper_body_shirt/dt2_human_female_ranger_upper_body_shirt


My .par includes:


and the folder human_female_ranger_upper_body_shirt exists within the dynamic_2/texturebank folder.

My question is what path do I actually set the diffuse to?
The wiki seems to suggest you only fill in:

Any input is appreciated.

Also the example link no longer works on the wiki:
Download Link: DynamicCharacterSampleFiles.zip


General Discussion / The Repopulation - Reload!
« on: Jan 13, 17, 08:39:21 PM »

Great news to hear!

You guys should head over to reddit and make a post in the repopulation sub!


Start the media blitz. I will be.

Would we be able to get an external function that returns all objects that lay at all within a sphere, much like the server side function: GetTargetsInSphere()

One thing I could request different from the Server Side function is that it returns all objects within the sphere, I believe the current server side only returns if the players origin marker is within the sphere (default character is just under the feet).

If not I will just make a shotgun like ray cast towards any targets within the immediate area.


General Discussion / HeroEngine Collaboration Video
« on: Oct 14, 16, 06:08:08 PM »

Hero Engine is amazing collaboration engine but I am deeply confused why in the middle of re-writing the render code you would release this video?

How far are you from the render update that you needed to push this out after 3 years of video silence.
You should have saved that radio silence for the render update, the one thing we are all waiting for and the 1 thing you are advertising on your front page.

Now people will see this ad and like the engine but come to the site and see the render update. That will discourage them. It has discourage the few I have talked to that looked in HE in the past year.

You are killing confidence in your engine!

GUI Creation / Opening the "GUI editor" tab crashes HE Client
« on: Sep 22, 16, 09:38:14 PM »
I have tried this on other machines, reinstalled, everything.

Please log into my world and see if you can load the GUI Editor Tab.

When HE crashes it does not prompt me with a report window.

I would assume this is something I need to fix in one of my files or clear something out in another file that is causing this to fail but I have 0 insight into why it is happening.

Scripting & Programming / FX Collidable and Collision Groups
« on: Sep 07, 16, 08:49:16 PM »
I can not get models in FX's to fire for _FxEventOccurance when a collision is detected.

In the FX i have the collision set to true, physics instance 1, and saving the collisiongroup field never saves for me.

Am I doing something wrong?

Scripting & Programming / ONFXSTART event cant query FX by name
« on: Sep 04, 16, 01:33:03 AM »
shared function _FxEventOccurance(event as String, fxName as String, theFxGroup as NodeRef of Class _FxGroup)
    if(fxname == "XXXXXXXXX" and event == "ONFXSTART")
      fx as NodeRef of Class _Fx = theFxGroup.FindFxByName("XXXXXXXXX")

This always returns 0. Even if I swap XXXXXXXX for a value that was initiated before this FX.

Can you not query an FX by name during the onfxstart event?


General Discussion / Power Outage
« on: Aug 26, 16, 02:40:33 PM »
I am not sure who you guys are hosting with but a couple hours downtime for a power failure is pretty unacceptable. I hope you are getting a good SLA!

You can always come talk to me about some better alternatives!

There is an error that occurs when using the terrain tool for any of the terrain brushes.
It has to do with the mouse detection and what the brush shows its going to alter.

It would appear that sometimes the cursor and precursor brush go off screen and suddenly your action is applied to the entire world. It can be extremely easy to miss but when it happens it can have dire consequences on your world.  I am not entirely sure even when this event is occurring but it seems to be happening A LOT more when I am doing broad world changes rather than small ones.

It is extremely obvious when paint terrain however it is extremely easy to miss when using the "push/pull" tool or other tools until you have dropped your player into the world.

General Discussion / New update?
« on: Aug 10, 16, 07:53:55 PM »
Is there an update being released for heroengine or do you mean update on the status?
You say update and news.

Looking for some clarification please.

Is there any update on the occlusion problem?

General Discussion / HTTPS incorrectly forwarding
« on: Jul 22, 16, 07:38:45 PM »

is set to redirect to


note: http works fine.

edit: looks like the ssl config might be bad as well https://puu.sh/qb7BK/b3cd23ee13.png

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