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Art & Art Pipeline / My Occluders aint occludin no mo
« on: Jul 10, 16, 02:25:06 PM »
Hi all,

After noticing our world's polycount is getting to unreasonable levels (8 million vertexes holy crap), i've decided to revisit the exciting realm of occlusion. I brushed up on the proper way to create an occlusion mesh via the HE Wiki, set the proper attributes in Maya, and noticed that the vertex count and draw calls stayed the same after introducing the updated assets into the world. In light of this, I assumed that maybe I had messed up somewhere in my attempts, so I figured I should try using one of the Occluders that came with the 'Clean-Engine' assets. Lo and behold, even the included Occluders (say that 10 times fast) didn't appear to be properly working.

Please correct me if i'm wrong, but it's my understanding that the barrel (a static mesh) should not be drawn by the renderer if the Occluder model (the selected plane) is working correctly.


Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Texturing and Hero Materials
« on: Apr 14, 12, 08:34:04 PM »
Salutations everyone,
I'm still learning the ropes in regards to 3d modelling and have been using two different methods to texture objects, specifically buildings with interiors, for the Hero engine. I am relatively sure this is more of a general "3d Art for games" type question, so forgive my naivety.

Which of the two methods is more efficient? (In regards to file size and impact on the engine.)

The first method is to create a Hero Material for each texture, these material definitions can then be applied to select faces on multiple models, i.e, a global texture foundation for models.

The second method is to create a Hero Material per object and a corresponding texture map.

My initial thoughts are that the first method may have some undesirable effects on the engine's graphics processing, while the second method could create an unnecessary increase in global data size by necessitating duplicate textures for multiple models, i.e, using the same stone texture in two texture maps.

I hope this rambling made some sense  :o

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