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Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] 0.1 meter scaling?
« on: Feb 03, 12, 02:55:11 PM »
My two modelers both tell me that this isn't working out well for them.   Anything they import into the world is tiny and has to be forcibly scaled inside of the game.    If they were to make things proper size inside of 3DS they would need to make it tens of screens large, for smaller objects.

Any tips I can give them?

There are two or three really nice textures that I would really love to leave in my game.  Is this allowed?

I have been told to learn to program before I attempt HSL, so that I can know the structure of a program and such.

I am personally doing it through C++, but some of my team thinks it would be better done in Python, or Ruby, which are already scripting languages, and thus would emulate HSL much better.

What do you guys think?

Design & World Building / [Resolved] New folder?
« on: Jan 18, 12, 05:42:59 PM »
We want to organize our areas into "unfinished" and "finished" via a folder system, how can you create new folders for areas?

Design & World Building / [Resolved] Invisible walls
« on: Jan 17, 12, 10:22:47 PM »
How do I make invisible walls? I have searched the wiki and the forums.

Any help would be appreciated

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] How well can HSL do this?
« on: Jan 15, 12, 10:42:47 PM »
Hello, I have a mechanic for my game that I may or may not have to revise, depending on whether or not HSL can do it smoothly.

My idea is to allow players to be inside of a model, (Think a cruise ship, for instance) and allow the model to be controlled by the players.  But the players are still THERE, for instance: one person is driving, they're obviously not there, but there are 100 passengers, and another boat next to them with a similar passenger setup.

Would this code over smoothly in HSL, or should I only consider this if I buy the source?

Scripting & Programming / [Solved] Cannot view reverted files
« on: Jan 13, 12, 12:23:38 AM »
My coding team and I cannot view reverted files.

The coding gets reverted, this much we can tell because the change in gameplay, but it still has all of our comments, thus guaranteeing us that it is still our script that is shown to us when we try to edit it in the Blade.

We can sync our files to each other, but we cannot grab the newly reverted file from the server.  We have tried relogging multiple times.

Any advice?

EDIT: UPDATE: Support has told me to revert it via the History tab in the editor, but I cannot do so either.   It doesn't do anything except open up a blank notepad file

Hello, I have been messing with the chat, and in doing so, I aparently broke it.

Is there any way to revert files if you have already closed and reopened the client?

GUI Creation / [Tech problem?]GUI Window Tutorial not working
« on: Dec 31, 11, 11:56:25 PM »
Hello, I have tried this four different times, each time on different instances of HB.


I cannot get it to save the prototype.  It says it does, but it doesn't.   It doesn't save it with script editor or the GUI editor.

I have no idea what's wrong.

Here's the console logs:

Code: [Select]
17:55:18: System:SCRIPT[GUIeditor]:
<createControlType inheritFrom='_movePanel' type='MyTestWindow' description='My Test Window' treePath='CleanEngine' name="MyTestWindow" owner="0">
  <size x="300" y="100"/>
  <_titlebar name="titlebar">
    <set name='MyTestWindow.titlebar.title' attribute='text' value="My Test Window"/>
  <_scrollableParent name="scrollable"/>

17:55:18: System:SCRIPT[GUIeditor]:XML sent to repository.
17:55:23: SYSTEM:System:Requested updated resource /guixml/mytestwindow.xml version=0. result=1
17:55:23: SYSTEM:System:Got XML file /guixml/mytestwindow.xml
17:55:23: SYSTEM:System:Got XML file /guixml/mytestwindow.xml
17:55:40: System:SCRIPT[GUIeditor]:MyTestWindow
21:54:51: call testwindow1 MakeMyTestWindow
21:54:51: !ERROR!HeroScript::HeroMachine::ScriptError:Exception DefinitionNotFoundException in function 'createNodeFromPrototype' definition not found: MyTestWindow
21:54:51: !ERROR!System:SCRIPT ERROR: Exception DefinitionNotFoundException in function 'createNodeFromPrototype' definition not found: MyTestWindow
12/31/2011 21:54:44
Call trace:
  Script testwindow1 line 4 me[0]
starting method/function MAKEMYTESTWINDOW
starting me[id=0 invalid]
21:54:51: SYSTEM:System:call OK 0 : "HeroScript called"

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