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Hey HE folks.
I wanted to start doing a small item system for my game. I coded some smaller HSL functions and i am keen on programming so I got my HSL basics all in place.
1) What i want to get
  • Item system with kind of procedural items
  • every item is defined by 3 values: value, durability and strength, these values may differ between items of the same kind (so 2 broadswords can have different values for this 3)
  • items also have stuff like name, description, icon and a model, which are the same for every item of one type
2) What i know/understand
I know about the spec oracle system and want to use this.
I followed the  tutorial on the wiki and got everything in place (as far as i can tell)
Now i am not sure how to go further.
I have an PD_ItemSpec, PD_ItemSpecOracle, PD_Item (which is specDerivedObject) and added all the functions. Where do my fields now belong to ?
Do i add them to PD_Item or to the Spec?
Im a bit confused at the moment and feel like hanging in the air, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Developer Introductions / floAr is here
« on: Jan 22, 12, 09:15:49 AM »
Hey there HeroEngine folks,
I want to give you a short introduction to myself:
Im a 23 years old german computer science student, with an affinity to making games. I started programming when I was 12 or 13 and worked mostly with java or c#. In the last years I was able to gather some knowledge in assembler, c, c++, phyton and lua. But still I mostly use C# and work with XNA to get some game concepts running. Im part of the ANX Framework team, where we recreate XNA and extend it to support DX11. Also im part of the Abendwind staff, a german DAoC freeshard where I write concepts, ingame texts, design layouts for areas and do some server coding. So MMOs are not unfamiliar to me.
Im working on a kind of ultimate next gen super mmo, with some neckbreaking concepts in it, but I wont tell here, because everyone will steal them and sell my superior knowledge to earn millions of [insert your currency here]!!!11
No, joking aside. I like MMOs which are not so themepark orientated and I have a file folder full of concepts, which went there in the last years. I am in a process of rewriting, smoothing and getting them into my computer at the moment. As soon as they are in passable form I will throw some of them into this forum to hear what you say about them.
Now coming to my project. I have a laid out concept of a steampunk/low fantasy game, which revolves around a broken planet, crafting and some of these free-spirited concepts. It was layed out as an single player game so we are currently evaluationg which parts will be portable into an mmo.
I see myself mostly as a coder, and was crawling the wiki and forum the last month to get a glimpse of hsl and ... well... I think I might get a first understanding of how things work in the HeroWay. I have also some 2D skills, ranging from sketching concepts to some photoshop magic. 3D Modelling skill are there but im not great at this at all.

Ok last thing to say is "Thanks" to the Hero Engine Crew which brought us this great piece of software!
Kind regards,

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