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Developer Job Board / Creating a new Team!
« on: Jan 14, 12, 04:25:15 PM »
I am Josh Minger, been working with Hero Engine for quite sometime as well as other game engines. I recently helped make a RPG sidescroller and released it in Beta with Legacy Online Entertainment. This game was for Unity. I have also worked for Pokemon World Online.net have a great deal experience in business management in local organizations.

I am a GUI artist, amateur modeler, moderate texturer, writer, designer, project management, 2D graphics, web design, web programmer, marketing, sales and distribution, and 3+ years in legals, I am a freelancer by trade to pay bills but have a great deal of free time and would love to find fellow members to help build a great development team and make a great MMO, using Hero Engine.

We will have team meetings, discuss business end of things as well as game side details. We will draw up a great game design and have name established by team choice. We will collab further on Skype daily and gain respect for each other to meet an ultimate goals of making a great game, building up a nice community for support, and most of all gain a financial stability to allow us to keep doing what we love to do.

I have everything in my head and none on paper due to this being a new team and future company I want everyone to be apart of my and your vision to make great games so all ideas are up in the air and open to imagination. I feel if I can gain a few fellow members with talent and motivation that we could band together and get the job done.

If you wish to join me and start a new then add me on Skype, Mingerjosh, always online from 2PM-3AM EST

Or email me at eclisiongames@gmail.com, old email but use it a lot.

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