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Art & Art Pipeline / Re: building a dynamic character
« on: Dec 23, 12, 05:07:22 AM »
ok well scratch that till i find a huge bag of money from somewhere :P if its not a trade secret how do you achieve the dynamic look - im trying several methods but havent found anything that hangs right yet , although i guess i could weld the layers of mesh together or something to make it flow better , i had thought there was some more cleverness that i might be missing

Usually you just add some more bones (skirt, cape, ...) and animate them along. Then use normal Skin to create the illusion of dynamic cloth...

General Discussion / Re: Fog on grass billboards?
« on: Dec 22, 12, 11:48:16 AM »
Would be ok to just change the default setting for grass billboards as well, at least I cannot think of any circumstance when I would like it to behave as it does now...

we recommend not making areas that cover more than 256 square meters

This is a very precise measurement - where is the size of an area shown on the properties panel? I've looked, and have only found "Width" and "Depth", both of which seem to be locked in at 32, and I'm not sure what that number indicates in terms of scale/size.

You are setting your terrain's size upon its creation. I also thin Cooper miswrote that.. 256 square meters means 16x16 meters areas :)

the problem is actually very simple - billboard grass painted via standard HE terrain tools does not receive fog. Dynamic details placed as meshes do. I attached a screenshot. Is there a setting for it somewhere or is it just a bug?

Design & World Building / Re: Speedtree dynamic details?
« on: Dec 20, 12, 02:53:41 PM »
Let me make it clear though, I would very specifically not make grass out of mesh objects. I'll leave the rest of the discussion to y'all. :-)

Well I don't have many games on my hard drive right now but as far as I know NONE of them is using simple billboard planes for grass, there could be a reason for that. Another bug(?) I found with the billboard one is that it does not receive fog. Is it just me?

Design & World Building / Re: Speedtree dynamic details?
« on: Dec 20, 12, 01:54:39 PM »
Hmm I am experimenting with grass mesh made of crossed as well as the provided billboard one looks really awful from 3rd person (especially when you run around looking at the ground). I am observing two problems with this approach:

1. Wind is not working. This can be really a dealbreaker with grassy areas.

2. The performance is going down pretty fast. You have to double all planes in your mesh (HE can't do doublesided materials it seems) so a reasonable grass mesh (similar to the one used in Oblivion but still a lot simpler) has some 40 triangles. When trying to create a grass field with nice density of grass this means rendering A LOT of polys.

So I would like to ask more experienced devs:
- is it possible to implement custom grass shader that would render two-sided planes?
- is it possible to include wind effect into such shader? I know this is generally possible but I would like if HE shaders have the necessary API
- can we use LODs for details meshes?


Design & World Building / Re: New lightning system?
« on: Dec 20, 12, 10:05:23 AM »
There's no such thing as sun rendering in either version. There's a direction of the light, and then there's the ability to attach a flare object to a fake sun position. Is it possible you just forgot your created a flare object and now the color scheme is hiding it?

o.O I surely didn't attach anything anywhere... I didn't even know there is an option to attach a custom flare to the sun. How would you do that anyway?

Design & World Building / Re: New lightning system?
« on: Dec 19, 12, 03:29:06 PM »
Thanks for answering!

I don't know what sun rendering means. What is sun rendering? You mean a flare you've attached to the light source position?

Yeah, pretty much that, like it was in pre-2.0 versions. Don't know the technical details of it but it was certainly nice :)

Design & World Building / [Resolved] New lighting system?
« on: Dec 19, 12, 12:04:20 PM »
I have few questions concerning the new lightning model in HE 2.0 to remove some doubts:

- Where did Bloom go? No matter how I set the sliders there is no bloom at all

- How to re-enable sun rendering in the dynamic sky? it just disappeared after the update and I found no way to get it back

- How is the HDR system supposed to work? I am having some difficulties understanding the purpose of this. I enable it and play with the values but it still behaves weirdly. Maybe it's due to the missing sun, I don't know, but as far as I know from other engines/games, HDR is supposed to create the nice glare with light bleeding over edges of the geometry when you look at something bright. Not accurate, but this is how it looks to the user (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WOqTReFDdI). Now, I look into the sun, nothing happens. Then I look somewhere else and suddenly I have half of my screen covered in bluish white. I look back, now there is a corona around the sun slowly fading out. I look elsewhere, no glare. I look back at the sun - nothing happens. Even there is a spot in my map (just some terrain, nothing special) where if I look at the sun from the left, I get the glare. When I look at it from the right, I get no glare. Could you please, please, make a tutorial on how to setup it to look at least like something in that video I linked?

Thanks for anwers.

Had that happen to me once.  Restarted SpeedTree and next compile did the .dds files properly.

You're right :) re-exporting the tree fixed it. Thanks

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] SpeedTree exports BMP textures?
« on: Dec 16, 12, 02:07:59 PM »
Hi, I tried to use the modeler and compiler of the new SpeedTree as described in the video tutorial. However, the compiler outputs .BMP files which have no transparency which looks awful. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Animation export problem
« on: Dec 13, 12, 01:01:05 PM »
Looks model specific. Either bad weighting or bad topology. Remember HeroEngine triagulates quads based models for you. So if you have any ngons of 5+ sided polygonal faces, it's going to explode like the image you showed, as it can calculate that.

Ah, thanks for advice. I'll check that out!

Design & World Building / Re: seamless world combat zone lines
« on: Dec 05, 12, 12:52:10 AM »
I think you are overthinking it a little bit there :D More areas loaded == more resources need to be stored in client PC's memory (and more can be rendered at one time, but that depends). Basically, if you see 100 players around you, it does not so much matter if they are all in one big area or in four smaller seamlessly linked together. The seamless might have a little overhead but the main problem is still

a. The amount of content rendered (client-side lag)
b. The amount of players in awareness range (network-side lag)

You can avoid the former by making simpler areas with more complicated terrain and use of rooms (limit visibility). The later is somehow beyond your control, at least if you plan a very open system. If there are 100 players around you, all 100 still have to receive your updates (position etc) and you have to receive their data as well. So it's up to your design to handle this. Some suggestions may include creating PvP zones with objectives spread all around that trigger at the same time according to population density, thus dividing the playerbase onto different physical spots (and thus different areas).

For the combat system, if you go for a fast paced combat then forgot system areas and most remote calls all together. What you want is responsiveness to a maximum degree which means you will have to do a lot of simulation on client and have good prediction algorithms to cope with the sync issues. Simple systems that do not require lots of data work best. We are using a system where we are doing all the calculations we can on client and predicting results right there. For example, if I hit a player and I can calculate the damage right on client (not just sending some generic HitPlayer() call to the server and waiting for result), I can then compare the damage with that player's health. If I see it will drop below zero, I can initiate the death sequence immediately, not waiting for the network. Sure, the opponent may have been healed by someone in the last fraction of second and if so, the server will send me a notice so that I can interrupt the death sequence (which basically means just blending in another animation). In maybe 5% of cases this may look a little weird, but in those remaining 95% it will give your combat that immediate reaction needed for it to feel "right".

Others will surely add some more details, I got to go to catch my bus :) Cheers

Design & World Building / Re: God's fingers / Light shafts
« on: Dec 05, 12, 12:28:58 AM »
I don't think Dwight needs the light to bounce from water's surface and shine on other objects, guys... He was just asking for reflection on water's surface. I guess this means he'd like to have a circle of light projected onto the water's surface (to fake the end of his light-cone).

As I said before. Try to experiment with decals and additive blending. This should work pretty well.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Animation export problem
« on: Dec 04, 12, 03:40:28 PM »

Are you getting any errors in the console?  It is no surprise that it looks fine in Max and the viewer and it doesn't rule out problems with the file itself; some erroneous piece of data that makes perfect sense to 3dsMax but Heroengine isn't expecting could certainly be causing the issue.

On the character tools, what crash are you getting exactly?

No, sadly there are no errors in the console :/ When I setup character tools(all the paths, select one body piece etc) then go Create files it shows "HeroProcess.exe has stopped working" sometimes even two times. The process goes on and finishes, but when I import such character into Hero it throws an error about *_skeleton.hgm not containing any skeleton and then crashes. But the first time I used it it all went fine.

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