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Developer Introductions / Tournamite
« on: Jan 22, 12, 01:55:06 AM »
When I was a child I used to develop card/board games for my friends and I.  Later in life, I find I still enjoy making games...usually for the children who looked too terribly bored or just vegetating in front of the tv.

Made some mods for starcraft when it first came out. Simple affairs, just mess with any of the mechanics...just rearranged the maps for the kind of play I wanted them to have.  I designed the first castle fight & garden of war within warcraft2.

After that, been away any modding or even really programming.  But it's been too long since I've been able to play with my periodic hobby & now I really want to get serious with it.

Tournamite isn't just a game studio per se.  We will be making games thru (at the moment, really only myself) it of course.  But it is more of a concept for developing ways to harness the addictive qualities of competition while still maintaining a fun environment for more casual players.

I got the nickname  way2insane as an honorific back in my gamer days in Utopia because of the strategies & tactics I would come up with for my kingdom (team) to use.  That game has really impacted my views on how games should be made.
The mechanics of a game are there to provide the bones of the game, the rest should be more player driven.

With my lack of experience, I'm starting with a few mini-games to test & learn to simply find out exactly what I will need for my larger project.

Battleships (wc3 map)-Looking to redevelop this as kind of a warm up for the next game which is largely based off of it (you might not know it, but DoTA is also a child of battleships.

Trader Wars (original concept)-Though largely based off of battleships, the emphasis  switches away from tactics & slugging it out (which will be handled mainly by ai in this game) to strategy/cloak & dagger stuff.

Main Projects:
Shardian Alliance.
It is a mix of Utopia, warcraft3 & savage2.  Mainly rts with a few rpg twists (no, not like wc3 or wow)
The mechanics will be mostly based off of utopia & savage2.
To keep it short & avoid getting into too much details; it will offer depth along the of lines older rpg's.  Without the headache of either the grinding of rpg's or the resource gathering of rts's.
Kind of Rock/paper/scissors gameplay mechanics....has a fantasy theme.

Kind of like the magnified version of Shardian alliance.  Shardian is more focused on the macro...on the empire,  while Chozen is focused on the individual.  Mainly rpg with some elements of rts.    Guess you could say it is kind of a cross between farmville & Fable with a hint of Utopia to give it a little kick.

If any of this sounds of interest to you, feel free to drop a line.  Actually, I'm kind of looking for a couple of mentors to help me get a fuller grasp on the skills I need to develop (or find) to make these concepts a reality.

Developer Job Board / Re: Project Conquest
« on: Jan 22, 12, 12:04:33 AM »
I'm a beginner to most of this...but this is very similar to stuff I want to learn to do with my own project.  Bout the only mod I have to my name is I designed the original castle fight & garden of war maps for warcraft2.

Kind of shameful really...
Cause I didn't mess with any of the underlying mechanics, just rearranged the maps in a fashion to allow two different styles of play to develop.

Castle fight was designed primarily for team based warfare....no strategy or resource hunting.  Just simple tactics to exploit the weaknesses of the opposing team while limiting their advantages over your own defence.

Garden of war could be used for group on group too....though it's focus was more pve.

So perhaps I could help as world builder, I would like to learn as much as I can bout the whole process.  But first I have to ask if your project is more geared towards guild/alliance building as in the more traditional ways of rts's/rpg's?

Depending on the answer, I might have a conflict of interest and may have to pass.

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