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Developer Hero Projects / Re: Slaves of Rome (WIP)
« on: Sep 09, 12, 06:26:26 AM »
Looking great so far Josh, you have really stuck with it.

In my opinion you couldn't have picked a deeper culture than that of the Romans. Almost every bit of my concept comes from a small piece of roman history and to be honest A lot of people care about how you portray it.

so 1. Don't mess with the facts unless you know the facts.
or  2. Keep it fantasy a spinoff of Rome, and make sure you let them know that.

The gods are in a category of their own, are you going to include the historic gods? or create your own versions of them?
after all, the gods were the biggest influence of history both good and bad.

Good work so far Josh, Keep it up


Game Dev and Gaming / Re: lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 06, 12, 02:52:04 PM »
You need to find a way how this crafter, who can do basicly nothing gets integrated into your economy.

Hey Thanks for Reply, and imput.

From you point of view my crafter can do nothing but buy player's junk, and sell them armor, thats because that is all I have explained they do. Understandable.

They are the keystone in the entire economy, without enough traders the players, no matter how powerful, they will never be able to raise a town, much less a city! It will take skilled crafters, carpenters', masonrys', tailors, Blacksmiths, and lets not forget the cook! There are a few more but so many, some will be combined to save on frustration or "dead end skills" i.e shomaker,clother,leatherworker will all be into tailoring. Bowyer, Atilliator, will be combined to Fletcher, ect.

When artisans/adventures come together, and pool their money into building/constructing a town it benefits everyone, the traders can enjoy reduced rates inside the town while also having a major interception of players.
Adventures will benefit with a Mug-o-Plenty tavern, and a soft cot to rest their weary head.
and will also attract other attention, such as  Minstrel, and Jesters (as NPC, there are enough mail box dancers in WoW)

That's all I've got at the moment, I'll explain in more detail if anyone has questions.

Thanks for reading,

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 06, 12, 04:31:11 AM »
The artisan will pick their professions and advance in them, granting Adventures more and more upgrades to choose from. adventurers will be able to provide some of the crude materials to merchants. ie. skins for leathers or baubles from powerful beings.

I thank there is a problem with your concept. When an artisan gets more powerful over time then you will cut off the ressources for late joiners. Why should an adventurer invest money and time (by getting material) into a new crafter, when there is another crafter who will produce much better items.

Hey thanks for reply Quakkeldackel,

I'm glad you pointed out a few things that I failed to mention on the quote.

Merchants will "level up" accordingly, at a certain level they will unlock the ability to construct a "Merchant tent" every X amount of "levels." Also a crafter will only be able to have limited number(small) of Selling points in a particular area/zone.

What this does is allows the crafter to set up a very small shop for adventures in a hotspot allowing them to sell to the crafter's merchant inside the tent, this merchant will bare the crafter's full name, with merchant below it. Merchants will also come at a hefty price of commission for the crafter I figure 30% would be fare enough. Also I figure 1-3 days per tent will keep the "crowding" down a bit

I must say as Quakkeldackel said, this system is flawed unless used as I will be using it.

My game is scaled to "level" My world is not insanely large so "forgotten" areas are not an issue, also there must be "common" items as you "level."
Example; don't matter how big or how small the wolf still drops a pelt of some kind, Pelts will be used in beginning as light leather armor, then of course studded, you could go further, but I prefer chain after studded, the expense for "hardened leather" is ridiculous.
Now we have chain armor straight metal, cheap for most part.
Now Plate armor, this will require "proper size pelt for pieces being put together. (this ensures we will always need pelts!)
"unknown after plate, thus far"
I'm not going to have 1000+ pieces of unique armor, style sure, actual product no. Plate is the highest you will achieve, you will "enhance" armors with baubles, gems, and other material things.

And thank you Quakkelddackel for reminding me again to write in stone the "item degradation" in the GDD!
it's been in my head I keep thinking it, but never write it down lol.

That's all I've got for now, Lets keep toward the topic of currency (first post)
Other questions are fine too though.


Game Dev and Gaming / Re: lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 04, 12, 12:54:33 PM »
Allow me to enlighten a bit of info/background of the theory.

In the begining you create your character, you choose between Artisan and Adventurer.
As an Adventurer you will only have a few "forging" skills for very crude weaponry, they will rely soley on the artisans profession and merchants for weapons, armors, utilitys & upgrades to further advance theirselves.
Please do not rant on how this system is flawed, because I have detailed mechanic system that seems sucessful on paper and can only be decided via testing.
The artisan will pick their profesions and advance in them, granting Adventures more and more upgrades to choose from. adventurers will be able to provide some of the crude materials to merchants. ie. skins for leathers or baubbles from powerful beings.
Artisans will purchase these items from players at a certian price, and depending on the qality of item yielded will determin  cost + yield quality + % will = the final selling ammount.

I will keep adding to this thread.

Game Dev and Gaming / lets talk player economy. (discussion)
« on: Feb 04, 12, 11:48:41 AM »
Greetings everyone,

My name is Justin, and like all of you, I have an idea. In this particular topic we will discuss your thoughts and experience on a player driven economy.

In my theory, I want players to control a type of currency. Lets not skip ahead though.
1: How do we begin?
I can only assume trade or barter, but the merchant must have currency to offer if the player wants to sell his items.
 I concidered a loan system, but eventually would like player banks.

2: How do we prevent exploit?
I fist thought, we can use a converting currency to coin style, this got complex fast and I felt sorry from an HSL point of view. So sticking to the same currency, how would you handle exploits such as.
sonadso(merchant) giving maxamus(adventurer) un ungodly ammount of gold. or merchants selling to third party gold famers?

any suggestions on these feel free to comment and if possible suggest a fix for it.

Developer Job Board / Re: SnowCloud Entertainment - Recruitment
« on: Feb 03, 12, 04:42:51 PM »
This sounds good, no great, on paper I hope you get the mechanics worked out, If you have some type of blog that you post the "good, bad, and the ugly" on the progress of this game, I'm very interested how your mechanics work out!
I have similar Ideas for a fantasy based RPG, but the code will always work the same no matter the time setting.

Good Luck, and keep head up high!


Developer Job Board / Re: Project:Fantasy Technology Recruiting
« on: Jan 28, 12, 03:39:10 PM »
hey, im interested.

I do 3d prop, asset modeler texturing within 3ds max/photoshop for past 3 years working on my own project within UDK, looking to come to hero  engine.

I like the passion you have for your project, it reflects alot on a project backbone. I'd like to help get it off the ground.

sent pm regarding post, get at me via email or skype for screenshots, or video.


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