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What I wish they'd do is let those deleted seats really be deleted.  I had someone forget their password, so I deleted their account and tried to remake it using the same information but got, "That name already exists."  So I had to restore it and just keep guessing at their password until I got it.

I've also had people leave the team and later recruited someone with the same name.  Even though I deleted the old account a while ago and, in some cases, that person never even logged in (in the beginning, I used to make an account for everyone I recruited), I still couldn't use that same name so I had to break the naming convention "<person's name>_SG" to something else.

Design & World Building / Re: Hello
« on: Nov 30, 12, 09:51:12 PM »
That's great that you're determined to make an MMO on your own.  Just remember that none of the art work (textures, models, characters, sounds, particle effects, or UIs) that HeroEngine comes with can you use for your final project.  You'll have to replace all of it.

You're also going to want to replace all the E_ scripts and classes because of how limiting they are.  The teams that are further along have probably overridden (replaced) a lot of the clean engine code too (the script files that start with _).

It's a lot more work than you probably realize.

Scripting & Programming / Re: restore script system?
« on: Nov 30, 12, 06:49:23 PM »
I had an issue where our World crashed as soon as we selected a character.  We couldn't figure out what was going on.  I spent a week going through all the recently changed code, but couldn't find anything unusual.  Finally, I emailed the HE people if we could reset our world and I was told they don't do that.  A couple weeks later, they emailed me to let me know they looked into what was going on and couldn't figure out why it was crashing either.  So they decided to give us a new world so they could focus on trying to figure out how we screwed up ours so badly.

A couple weeks after that, I talked to Herb about it in person at GDC, which was pretty cool.  Really nice guy.  Anyways, as it turned out, one of our junior programmers created an infinite loop in the GUI system.  I didn't know he was working with the GUI, so I never thought to look there.  Cooper told me they then patched the code to make it so it was no longer possible to do what we did.

Long story short, we got a new world, but we might be a special case. I'm going to imagine the HE peeps don't want to make a habit of giving people new worlds or lots of new developers are going to ask every time they break something.

As others have mentioned, version control like P4Merge is a good route to prevent these issues in the future.  P4Merge is free.  Plus, Perforce is the industry standard, so getting used to the free version is a good idea anyways.

This is a reasonable question if you're new to the gaming industry and don't yet understand how it works.  The question reminds me of when I was a studio producer and would spend 8 hours with a band / singer recording a 5 minute long song and another 20 hours mixing, and I was always amazed that the engineers I worked with could work so incredibly fast.  Meanwhile, some people think a 5 minute long song literally only takes 5 minutes to record.  If you don't know, you don't know.

The type of game it is, is completely irrelevant.  It's all about the design and art.  This conversation about houses and contractors... it's like asking how much a house costs and the house could be a mansion, a ginger bread house, a doll house, the White House... the customer doesn't know the difference.  Faxion Online which used the HeroEngine took a little over a year with a little over a dozen people.  It also shut down as soon as it was released.  If they each got paid $50k a year, there were 17 of them working for 15 months, that's over a million dollars.  Pretty damn cheap.  The other extreme, SWTOR with a few hundred people that cost over $300 million.

Outside of the HE, you can make a 2D game with mediocre art and program it in Flash.  Maybe two people(artist and a programmer) could do that in a year for about $100k for both of them if you got new people just starting out.  That will get you a mediocre game with a lot of bugs and problems on a 3rd party hosted website that will crash if you get any decent amount of traffic.

If you're talking about doing something in the HeroEngine, a few scripts won't change much.  I'm pretty sure every single developer here is gutting the entire system and replacing hundreds / thousands of scripts with their own.  You're not going to do that over a weekend.  You're looking at a team of 2-20 developers getting paid around $50k a year(double that if they're in a big city) each working 1-4 years.  And that's just the programmers.  You'll need artists(concept artists, texture / graphic artists, modelers, technical artists, animators), audio people, designers, and testers.

The bottom line, if you think a quarter of a million dollars to make a simple MMO is laughable, I agree, but for the opposite reason.

I have that problem with water reverting back all the time.  Maybe 1 out of 4 times it will actually stay, so I just keep resizing it each day I work in the engine and it eventually stays.

The only error I see is in the Console:

!ERROR!System:attempt to remove active camera Test_cam without a next camera to activate

Would this cause a disconnection?

Hi, we're having an issue where every time you leave the Character Selection screen (by selecting an existing character or going to the Create New Character area), the engine will start to load up the new area, get to about 90%, and then disconnect.  It's happening to everyone on our team.  We rolled back all the scripting changes made before it started happening, but it's still happening.

I'm able to log in to the reference world fine, but not ours.  It's been like this for a week now, and we're pretty much stumped as to how to fix it.  Anyone have any suggestions on where to look?

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