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Developer Hero Projects / Online Invasion
« on: Aug 03, 11, 03:26:40 PM »
I wouldn't call this cool stuff, but something.. Still learning the engine after a week, but thought I should atleast post something.
Still very naked zone..

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: normal and spec maps
« on: Aug 03, 11, 02:48:47 PM »
This might help..

Normal Maps have a Spec Map placed inside their alpha channel.
For naming .. something like "filename_ns.dds" is fine to let others know it's both a normal with alpha spec

You can adjust the control of each map inside the texture panel.

Not sure on what you mean you have a all black texture. But make sure you didn't place it in your diffuse alpha channel as this is normally for transparent maps.

One last thing to check..
After you place the Hero Shader on your model and go to setup the Normal Map file.. there is a check box to state Specular in alpha channel of normal.. make sure you check that box before picking the file..

hope this helps

one more last thing too.. make sure your directory of where you load from with textures and model are setup the say way when you use repository.


((your computer directory))


((Inside the repository))


both mesh and textures should be 100% the same directory naming system.. when both exporting and importing.

Developer Job Board / Red Leader Games - RECRUITMENT
« on: Jul 28, 11, 01:19:13 PM »

   Red Leader Games is an Independent based computer game company, working together through the Internet.  Founded in 2009 the company plans to bring a new innovation to MMORPG games. 

   Our goals are simple, we create a online game built around players. The actions of online players will change the shape of how the game preforms. No more static worlds that never change.

   In 2011 Red Leader Games signed up to work with the HeroEngine which was acquired by Idea Fabrik Plc.  With this  technology used by  major companies worldwide, such as BioWare,ZeniMax Online.  We now have the power and support to release our upcoming MMO title called
"Online Invasion - Year ONE"

Work under the supervision of the team supervisors.
Understanding of HeroScript Language(HSL)
Access to 3DMAX or MAYA for exporting to HEROENGINE.
A love of the work, which is video game development.

Able to give 14 hours or more per week toward working on the project.
2 years experience in Maya or 3D MAX or equal to in other software.
2 years knowledge in game design and development.
2 years working with C#,C+,JAVA or HSL type Languages.

This is a low funded Independent company, so payment will only be received once the project gains more funds.  All developers will be compensated upon level of experience and work logs. These payments will be based on current market standards or equivalent too.

We are currently in early stages, so now is the time to join!!
For more info please email us at: RedLeaderGames@Live.com

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