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Developer Job Board / looking for a team
« on: Nov 08, 15, 02:01:13 PM »
hello everyone I'm looking for a team to help get my game up and running.
what I'm looking for is

the in sight for my game is a crafting/ survive end of the world type game.
I'm even thinking maybe zombie infestation  where players will have to craft items to build weapons homes ect...

I know there are other games like it but I have ideas that will make this one even better.

I have already started the terrain just need help with models and scripting

thank you

Developer Introductions / Intro from Dragonic Design
« on: Mar 17, 12, 10:23:21 PM »
Hello everyone i am Dragontat and i have had this concept of a MMO game brewing in my head for about 10 years now and when i seen HE available i knew what i had on paper could become a dream. the game is Legendary Knights of Darkness i dont want to get to involved into its description. it is going to have PVP areas, professions, mounts, pets, ect..

i have a great team so far
Dragontat /alittle of everything
Neckro  /Terrain/designer
Vista is our/  coder/scripter
Tromus /modeler/designer

we are still looking for scripters and texture/modelers to join our team as well
we have about 30 people waiting to beta test our game once it is time.
well i have alot of work to do just wanted to introduce my team and the game,yet Thank HE for the giving us the chance to built a great game. i will post updates as we go again thanks to the chance.

Off Topic / Re: Direct3D problem
« on: Mar 17, 12, 05:51:03 PM »
ok he reinstalled it after removing it completely he doesnt get the error message no more when he opens the  editor it just fades out and dissappears now lol. he has more than enough to run HE all his antivirus and firewalls are off so basicly when he runs the editor it starts then just stops and dissappears

Off Topic / Re: Direct3D problem
« on: Mar 17, 12, 05:29:09 PM »
thats didnt help at all he still gets the same error

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