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Ok got it.

In the GUI there was a part like this "type='_button'" which for some reason didn't work. Renamed that to PhButton and it was ok.

In order to find this I had to create a new gui control named PhBasicButton and try the whole thing. Upon comparing xml's I came across that difference.

Thanks for the help everyone!

Not sure if anyone looks here in the weekend but now I have the most free time.

I managed to recreate the phbutton from the GUI XML tab. I modified it a bit and saved it.
In the script editor the xml appears only if I select "show deleted" and it's empty anyway.
I also downloaded it with the repo browser and it's empty.
Trying to use the refresh button on the XML tab of the organizer won't shot phbutton there.

Any idea on what's happening?


I'm really confused but at least now I also have something else to do in the meanwhile.

Design & World Building / Re: polygon count
« on: Jan 13, 12, 05:00:03 AM »
I know this is a old thread but I just wanted to leave my 2 cents for people who might be interested in this in the future:

Always try to predict the hardware that will exist when releasing a game.
If you start now and the game will only be released after 2 years the average video card performance will be quite increased.
For instance, I'm working on a HD 6990 which is about the best(speed-wise) card there is at the moment. If I can reach 60 fps with this I really don't have to worry that the next gen but lower end cards will handle it well.
And another thing is that the next generation will be on 28nm which will give us a very big performance gain.


Ok so now I'm at home trying this.

I created phbutton.xml from the script editor copied everything and it's on the server.
I noticed it doesn't appear in the GUI XML tab from the organizer so I pressed create new and it prompted me to edit it(ignoring all everything that was already in the xml). I closed (saving) and then I noticed that even now the gui control is not there. I opened up the script just to notice that it's untouched (the previous code is still there despite seeing a different thing in the editor). I started the repo browser and I deleted it from there. When I open up the script editor I can still see it. Also now I can't create a new GUI XML from the organizer tab because it said
that there already is a prototype with the same name.

Could you guys shed some light over this?

Thank you

Ah, I see... I thought of that but for some reason I thought that the repercussions would be big or something. I anyway usually like reinventing the wheel and creating my own systems so this will be fun :).

On the CSS side I found out right after posting here. It was indeed on the the HE_ or E_ classes where the code is just invoked. I forgot which one now and I'm at work not at home but I'll post my findings here when I get at home as someone might need them later.

Thanks a lot Scott!

Could anyone please shed some light here? I've been doing other things these last days but I'd like to know how to continue with this.


Excellent tutorial!
I already did that using the information from the wiki but looking at it I still got a few more hints and tips like the search trough all the client/server scripts and the functions and methods feature.

It would be perfect if you could cover more complicated things.


For the past 2-3 weeks I've been slowly pecking in on how the engine works and I think I know a lot more than before. Knowing this I wanted to do something that's actually useful for my game.

I created some gui elements in photoshop, exported them as DXT3 which I found out it's best.
I started with a simple button: The prototype name is PhButton (all my stuff starts with Ph), I inherit from _button  and the class is _GUIButton.

Now, the button has some borders and the text. I want to get rid of the borders since I do everything from the texture. I delete those, save, exit and if I reopen it the borders are there again.

Next experiment was to play around with the CCS interface(the one with the login button). I created my prototype and named it PhCssCharacterSelect. When I went to edit I removed the login button and replaced it with my own. Still, if I save, exit and reopen the old button remains there (along with the new one).

From what I think it has something to do with the fact that those controls are present in the base button and somehow I can't delete components. Am I right?
In this case what am I supposed to do next?

While I'm at it I'd like to ask another question to which I could not find a answer on the wiki (yet): How do I set the game to use my on CSS interface?

Thank you.

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