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If by background, you're talking about the sky image, try this:

Scripting & Programming / Re: replication type
« on: Apr 05, 19, 12:04:19 AM »
Did you set the server-side fields of auction to have their corresponding client fields as targets of replication?

Presumably those were dds images that were exported with DXT1 or DXT5 encoding. Only dds images that are encoded as DXT3 can be used for gui textures. For us, we always use png for gui textures.

I think I have noticed this as well. I am not sure if there is anyone working in the engine these days that could fix this, but it would certainly be appreciated.

General Discussion / Re: Installation
« on: Jul 11, 18, 08:59:15 PM »

I see your file has the icon for the HeroEngine AutoLauncher, so it would appear that is already installed properly.

It sounds like you need to set the proper Windows permissions. Is your account on that computer an Administrator?

A quote from here:

"It looks like the original permissions are still associated to the files you're trying to access and they're considered foreign to the computer you're trying to access them from. [That popup window] means that in order to open the file you'll need the elevated permission of a local administrator to take ownership and gain access."

I believe the ownership issues involve the "laucher" program, and more generally the folder it is in. Maybe the steps listed on that website will help you. Else, try other results you get from searching that error message.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Visions of Zosimos
« on: May 27, 18, 11:42:53 AM »
Sorry we haven't posted new stuff recently. Our people that used to do updates left the company, but we are very close to a big announcement.  8)

General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 08, 18, 12:33:40 PM »
I am not sure, but I believe you also need to have the "Master Bank.bank" and "Master Bank.strings.bank" files uploaded. in the same location You could try that.

General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 04, 18, 11:30:35 PM »
When you select "Load Audio", does the selection dialog allow you to change the file type it will load?  I haven't messes around with using wav files directly, though if you are indeed loading those then that would explain the lack of even path selection; that would only apply when using FMOD sound files.

Once you have loaded an audio file, you would go again to the "Create --> Audio" menu and you should see the file name that you loaded listed in the popup menu, below the option to "Load Audio". Select the file name to create a node using that sound file.

General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 04, 18, 01:06:11 PM »
OK, then. The nice thing about using Studio is that it has a lot of bells and whistles.  I and some others went through the manual available from the Help menu and it is pretty easy to learn.

General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 01, 18, 11:49:42 AM »
Yeah, that wiki page is a bit out of date. You'll notice it mentions downloading "FMOD Designer".  That is the older tool, which does produce fev and fsb files.  FMOD Studio produces only bank files and a "strings.bank" file. The version of Studio I used was 1.05.14. 

For Studio, you would create sound banks for your files, categorized however you wanted. I never put sounds in the master bank, and am not sure if that works.  I just created other banks such as "UI" or "TutorialGeneral", and then created the appropriate sound events and assigned them to those banks.  Once the project was built, I used the repo browser to upload the following files all to the same folder (I just used the "Audio" folder):
Master Bank.bank
Master Bank.strings.bank

Attached are some reference pics.  You can see I created the UI and TutorialGeneral banks. Since I plan to have other tutorial banks I created a folder for them, with only one in it now.  On the Events tab, I also grouped events for the sake of organization. The organization of Events is independent of the structure used for the banks, but it is important to note how the events are organized when referencing them in-game.  Then I assigned the events to the appropriate bank (you can select more than one at-a-time to assign them en masse). The fourth and fifth pics are a bonus showing the Mixer window and how I created sound Busses, e.g. Voiceovers, and assigned some events to them. I think these busses are the equivalent to "Categories" used in FMOD Designer, but I have not yet gotten them to work in-game.

Then to use them in-game, I reference the specific bank file, such as TutorialGeneral.bank using the full file path (Audio/TutorialGeneral.bank), and also the Event Path within that file which I want to play.  For FMOD Studio bank files, the event path string must have a format like this:


It will not work without "event:/" at the start. If the event is organized into folders, like I did in pic #2, it would be something like this:


AND they must be FORWARD slashes.  I just determined that from experimentation. That format does not apply if using Designer-created fev files. For them it would be just "Tutorials/General/LINE02".

Finally, to actually play them, there are a few options:

You could create a sound node in an Edit instance of an area (Create-->Audio-->Load Audio, then Create-->Audio) and set its Event Path via Properties Panel. You will also need to set the _audioPitch property to 1 for it to play properly. That approach would be for some permanent sound of an area, maybe to have some background music playing as soon as a player enters it, or to locate sounds of torches or birds nearby where their models are. Whether a sound plays as a postioned 3D sound, or a non-positioned 2D sound has to do with the settings of that event in the FMOD tool.

For dynamic playing of sound, you would use either the FX system, or call manually to the $SOUND system node (client-side), or some custom solution of your own.  Studying the SoundClassMethods script can give you an idea of how it works: it uses the Prop Bucket system to create an HBNode that only exists on that client, so only the local client would hear that sound.

The catch is that the Sound system node code is incomplete. You can see it never specifies the Event Path, so it does not work as-is for FMOD sounds. In fact, the only place in the standard code that the "EventPath" field is ever set is in the FX system file _FX3DSoundFMODClassMethods.  In SoundClassMethods function SetNewSoundSettings() it sets things like Volume and others. That is where it should also be setting the EventPath. So you could either edit that file or create an override of much of that file's code in a script glommed onto the $SOUND system node, which is what we did.

I won't get into the particulars of what we did as we ended up with a pretty serious overhaul, but basically when calling the method you need to specify the event path along with the file resource, and then use that to set the "EventPath" field on the HBNode.

Using the FX system might be easier in the short term.

No real trick to it. The main way would be to log into the FPS world with HeroBlade, open the scripts in the Script editor and then copy/paste.

An alternative method is to take advantage of what happens when you save edits to a script: after saving, a local copy of the saved version is stored in your local script cache:

(replace "HeroBladeHC022" with your world number and "Forever_Interactive" with your world name)

In there you'll find folders for client, server, and guixml where these local copies get stored. Once a script is submitted (or the changes abandoned) via Script Editor, these local copies are deleted.

So, what you can do is for any given script, make a trivial change like space,backspace then save. You'll find a copy of that script in the appropriate folder which you can copy or move to somewhere else.

But ultimately, to get it into your game you still need to copy/paste into a script you create in your world.

I haven't tried this last approach much, but the scripts are stored also in the repository under SystemGenerated/compiledScript. They don't have file names, only ID numbers, though you might be able to identify them by the "Last Modified" timestamp and possibly the version number. Also, those are COMPILED scripts, not human-readable, and I don't know if uploading one of those to another world would work or not.

Anyways, we don't get repository access for the reference worlds, but it could be useful if you are transferring among different worlds of your own.

Yes, I can tell you FMOD is the way to go for getting audio into the game. The latest tool to use is FMOD Studio:

Our team currently still uses the older version FMOD Designer.

The files the tools produce are different, but (as of now) both still work with HeroEngine.

We were looking to transition to using Studio, but in trying it out I was not able to get sound categories to work in HeroEngine via Studio. (sound categories are so that there can be individual volumes and mutes for different types of sounds)  The categories only seem to work via Designer.

Designer is not officially available for download anymore from FMOD's site. If Studio works for you, you can just go ahead and use that.  Otherwise the FMOD Q&A says once you register an account you can email support@fmod.com to get access to the older one, or try hunting the web for it.

General Discussion / Re: How to access the FPS reference files?
« on: Mar 15, 18, 06:56:42 AM »
From what I recall, we were only allowed to use code from these reference worlds, not the assets, which would require an additional license. So I am guessing that is why they don't show up for download in the repo browser (I see the same thing when I log in: no files).

General Discussion / Re: Interference?
« on: Dec 08, 17, 05:13:11 PM »
By "Hero Engine" I assume you mean HeroBlade (the editing tool).  I don't believe it interferes. I installed VS 2017 Community after having HeroBlade installed and did not have any problems.

Did you have problems which lead you to ask about this?

Where did it come from that Idea Fabrik has anything to do with Hero Engine World? And according to https://herocoin.io/, HeroCoin comes from HeroSphere.gg, in other words not HeroEngine.

As to launching, our game is very close to releasing on Steam, complete with in-game transactions using the Steam wallet:

Of course, there hasn't exactly been a plethora of commercially successful games put out by HeroEngine users, so they don't have boatloads of cash coming in for staffing.  Without us bringing in money for them beyond subscriptions, naturally there is a limit to how much they can do. As more games succeed, they would be able to ramp up accordingly. Until then, nocake, just accept that they're doing the best they can in their circumstances. Or don't. I doubt anyone has a gun to your head.

I'm sorry, but your come across as kind of whiny.

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