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Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation Update 2017/09/24
« on: Yesterday at 07:56:11 PM »
Oh, I see.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation Update 2017/09/24
« on: Yesterday at 01:02:27 PM »
Hmm. Odd that they had their own script versioning going on. Sounds like there was a lot to slog through.

General Discussion / Re: Installation
« on: Sep 20, 17, 01:39:53 AM »
You need to have the launcher exe installed. Once it is, it will associate heal files with it, so then you just need to run the heal file and the launcher will use it to begin the download and installation.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Area before Character Select?
« on: Sep 08, 17, 02:01:09 PM »
I haven't looked recently, but I thought it was hard-coded in the engine to always start at the character select.

Regardless, there is no reason you can't have the character select area start out with that "splash area" menu and proceed from there.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Visions of Zosimos
« on: Aug 19, 17, 03:02:49 AM »
In addition to our digital game, a subteam of us have developed a physical tabletop version with a kickstarter going right now. The latest update has some pictures from GenCon:


Developer Hero Projects / Re: Visions of Zosimos
« on: Aug 17, 17, 08:41:45 PM »
For our third year in a row we are showcasing Visions of Zosimos at GenCon in Indianapolis.  It is proving to be another fun challenge.

Further, we have succeeded in integrating Steam transactions into our game (thanks to some great help from Christopher Larsen of Idea Fabrik) and once our store and build are approved we'll officially be available via Steam. We look to flip the switch sometime next week.

Stay tuned for some pics and videos we'll likely capture this weekend.  :)

See this page for clarification on Physic Type settings:

So, dynamic appears to be what you want. Have you tried setting the Physics Density to a large number?

General Discussion / Re: Hero blade unknown
« on: Aug 06, 17, 04:18:55 PM »
Would you share what is was that resolved it for you?

General Discussion / Re: Hero blade unknown
« on: Aug 03, 17, 09:52:19 PM »
You need to have the HeroEngine Launcher installed. It is the program that runs heal files. You can find it on the downloads page of your HeroEngine dashboard under "Download HeroEngine Launcher":

That image say it was told to open the file. I am guessing you clicked on it?  What if you right-click it? Can you select something like "Save Link As..." ?

oh, guess I never saw that one before.

I am not sure exactly what you did to "disable" CSS.  We also have a design where the player will only have one character, though we have not yet removed the character selection.

Our plan is to eventually have it check when they enter area 1 whether they have their single character created yet. If not, we would send them directly into the character creation area. If they do already have a character, we would log them in with that character and send them to the starting area. Basically, you would directly perform the same things that happen normally after a character has been chosen, only without making the player manually select them.

I hope that makes sense.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: 3D Studio Max Toolset
« on: Jun 25, 17, 07:45:10 PM »
Welcome back!

Scripting & Programming / Re: any difference in script?
« on: Jun 05, 17, 09:28:48 PM »
Yeah, I would guess it compiles to the same byte code.  I personally prefer the += style as it seems less confusing to me.

On another note, good to hear from you again, Rofar. Been a long time since I've seen you on the forums.

Well, they added
The methods for doing a push have been updated since 2015, and the engine version of The Repopulation has not been fully updated. Another problem we have come up against is the manifests for the previous versions don't seem to be working so they have to be recreated.

So, I would guess if any game has been getting updates since then it probably won't apply to it. But Idea Fabrik can better clarify.

I am not sure if I understand what you are asking.  Do you want to be able to reference that gamemenu node after this function ends?  If so, there are a few options, such as creating a field to reference that node and putting it on some class of a node that will store the reference.  Or another approach would be to define an association and add the association between your gamemenu node and another node.

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