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Developer Hero Projects / Re: Wastelander MMO
« on: Dec 01, 12, 07:58:27 PM »
Thank you for the reply, We are just picking that for the time being ... It would either be the beginning of the world or the end of the world... we could develop our own world :) and not use the has ended situation.

It was the first idea that was not zombie related and we are hoping we can do something better than just flat plains with a few things here and there.

Developer Hero Projects / Wastelander MMO
« on: Dec 01, 12, 06:11:48 PM »
This post can be deleted, discussed with the team and we decided to change ideas completely. since it follows fallen earth a bit to much which is unacceptable to our team. Stay tuned for a future update!

Developer Job Board / Re: [CLOSED]world designer here
« on: Apr 16, 12, 06:59:12 PM »
source maps would do no justice at all due to the fact that everything in source is made by hand ... well if your good :) but hero engine seems to use more static models with terraforming involved which is a whole lot easier. I did find myself a team and just finished signing on with them though!

Developer Job Board / Re: world designer here
« on: Apr 15, 12, 09:17:22 PM »
I am willing to learn more about the game engine but honestly I very much enjoyed creating levels in counter-strike source, and I want to be apart of creating an mmorpg world and from messing around with the editor it seems like it would be considered a job due to needing the world to be put together everything from small towns to large cities to endless caverns. It seems like it might actually be considered a job I thought?

If it really is not considered a job hopefully someone on the forums will say hey its not a job instead of just posting negative feedback to my original posting.  :-\

Developer Job Board / Re: world designer here
« on: Apr 15, 12, 08:29:44 PM »

Developer Job Board / [CLOSED]world designer here
« on: Apr 15, 12, 08:24:19 PM »
Hey recruiters I just recently have seen the hero engine and I am looking to help a team develop an mmorpg, I am looking for something faster paced than your normal mmorpgs (more along the diablo style in turns of game-play. I have seen all the tutorials and a friend that is a 3d artist decided to look into this engine so I have been educating myself over the past week on everything and anything world construction wise that the hero engine can do.

I am 25 years old, and I have done level designing for custom counter-strike maps for 12 years but that is a whole nother engine.

Honestly  I am looking for the opportunity to join an MMORPG that plans to go somewhere. I am willing to dedicate around 20 hours a week to developing the game world. With the proper artist to draw layouts and the proper static/dynamic models I feel I could develop some pretty decent areas/worlds if given the opportunity.

feel free to contact me through PM or VIA skype :username: Aimbotist11.

Thank you for giving me your time in reading this posting and I hope that a team will really give me the opportunity that I am looking for!!!

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