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I'm interested in become part of a team.  I'm a web developer currently and am interested in learning hero script and the innards of hero engine. 

I wont be an expert but I'd love to contribute just to get into a team environment and hopefully learn something along the way.

Off Topic / Re: Hello
« on: Feb 12, 13, 02:05:32 PM »
I'm sorry,  I asked the question incorrectly.  There is a capitalized thread entitled "START HERE" and of all of HE-Coopers 1427 posts about 1420 refer to the wiki in some way or another.  So of course I have dug through there.  I see so many posts around of a grand idea that's gonna be the biggest thing ever posted by an account with 1 post and I usually think to myself "yeah right" because they show no credibility whatsoever. 

I guess I was trying so hard to not be "that guy" I actually got lost in what I was saying.

What I meant was is there a place seasoned or experienced developers like to start?  For instance: when I start a new website I usually start with a template.  The template acts as a frame for everything that's going to be within.  (Obviously.)  Then I build a complete database to the best of my ability.  Database additions, modifications, and general changes are always made later but, I can start coding PHP with some degree of database functionality.  After the database has been at least started I always code an account system first.  This is almost always the first table I add to my database as well.  Finally, I code the mechanics to my website.

So for a small and simple military conquest game it would go something like:

Template -> Database -> Account System -> Territory Ownership (Database) -> Territory Ownership Mechanics and code - > Building Units (Database) -> Building Units (Code) -> Attack Script (Code)

In that order I get the way the website looks, registering and logging in, an objective or commodity to acquire and a way to tell who owns what, a means to accomplish that objective or acquire that commodity (Also a way to improve your chances at either), and the code to execute those means.

Voila, a simple game.

Doing things in the fashion makes coding the website easiest for me.  The attack script only works because you have units and territory.  If I tried to do the attack script first (attack scripts are always the most complicated, yet fun things to code in combat games in my opinion) I would probably need to redo it after I finished the units and territory scripts and tables.  That's just the way it goes for a patch or update but, it works against your flow of progress if your starting from scratch.

So, if I build the world first will I need to redo it after I create all the NPC's and models?  If I then create all the NPC's and other assets will I need to redo much of their code if I add a spell that I want them to use?  What if I find out my players don't take enough damage from NPC's and need to bump up the NPC's damage.  Redo all the NPC's or the player classes?

I'm sure that's just the way it goes in some cases, but is there a way I can alleviate this?  I'm thinking Classes -> player races and models -> World -> NPC's a little bit at a time with some play testing after each area is done.

Remember, my world wont be that complicated.  The end objective is to just prove that classes can be balanced in both a PVP and PVE environment by one guy... in his off time... working a full time job 12 days in a row at a location 3 hours away from where he lives.   To prove it to myself at least.  If I can do it why cant blizzard?

Who knows maybe I'll get a cool class designer job. =P


Off Topic / Hello
« on: Feb 11, 13, 10:53:37 AM »
I'm a programming hobbyist.  I have done plenty of website backend with PHP and have always wanted to see if I could design classes that are better balanced than world of warcrafts.

In world of warcraft there is always some one crying and whining about how unbalanced this or that is.  Often times, its very true.  For instance, recently, hunters were EXTREMELY over powered in arena.   If you loaded into an arena match with a hunter you assumed it was a loss.  Because he would cast "Stampede" and kill you... then your partner.

This was simply due to a bug and was hotfixed.  The ability stampede spawns 5 pets (instead of the hunters normal 1 pet) with each pet doing 25% of its normal damage.  This means 25% more damage than your pet was doing before.

The glitch was that solely in arena something happened that cause each pet to do 100% of its normal damage giving you a 400% damage bonus to your pet (500% damage total.)   No healer could heal through it.

This glitch was found and hastily fixed.  Good job Blizzard!

However Frost Mages have sat on a pedestal ever since their inception.  If you lose a fight to a frost mage the general rule is "No biggie it was a frost mage."

Warriors have been over powered since mists came out and blizzard refuses to balance them because "We dont have enough gear."   <- blue post.

Whats with the complete inability to lower the grand power of frost mages a little bit?  Or nerf the unholy crap out of warriors because they need it so bad?

My objective isn't really to make an MMO but, to see if I can create a small MMO environment with the same number of classes and specs. (or something very similar to WoW) that is balanced completely.

Hopeftully I dont get dogged to hard.  But, if your thinking about shooting me down; I already know I wont be able to do much more than something like world of warcrafts arena, frankly because I wont be able to get many people to play.  Let alone learn a class well enough to consider it balanced or not balanced.   I'm not a modeler - everything I model tends to look like what fry made while practicing his holophoner, in futurama - parasites lost, after he lost the worms.  I have coded many back end systems for websites in PHP using mysql.  HSL will be different and hard.  But I'm confident I can learn it.

I think i'm pretty smart.  I understand that Rock's fine but, Scissors needs to be nerfed.   Only cause I'm playing paper though.  I want to try this.  The question is... Where the hell do I start?

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