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Sorry, I added the GoZ line because I thought it was needed for GoZ to work correctly between Maya and ZBrush. My setup does look like that though (after I erased the GoZ line).

Yes, I found that odd as well, but what I said is true. I made sure to download the most recent pipeline and graphics driver before posting, so... :(

Hello! So I'm getting the same issue with Maya 2011 64-bit. The problem seems to be the line "eval("source \"startup/GoZScript.mel\"");" in the userSetup.

I can get the tools to work correctly by commenting out the line (//eval("source \"startup/GoZScript.mel\""); but that causes Maya to give me the error "//Warning: High Quality Rendering mode is not supported by the graphics card. Switching to default rendering mode" whenever I try to view my models in High Quality (to view Normal map information) and it just doesn't work. When I uncomment the line and reload Maya, I can then view the Normal map information, but any object that is using the Hero Shader disappears until I turn off High Quality mode again.

So, it seems that my temporary solution is to comment or uncomment the line whenever I want to view my models in High Quality or when I want to get the tools to work. I'm hoping that this doesn't cause problems in the future, because I'm just starting out learning the Hero engine workflow.

Any ideas on how to fix this so I don't have to go back and forth all of the time to view my changes in Maya?

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