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hello guys i need to ask some serious questions about the hero engines capability to allow a more real time/ twitch based combat system within the scope of an MMO title/ MMO game.

I do understand the question is quite broad and not very narrowed down. i wanted to give you guys a little info on what i would be trying to achieve. i want to make a PvP based mmo, with player housing, no real NPCs, where the world is driven by PvP combat (open world) and the progression is based on player housing advancement.

I would love to use the hero engine to develop my game, i would actually be exited to do so. my question is; can you guys give me some details about the limitations of a more real time combat system? Is it possible with proper knowledge of HSL? what would be my hurdles? by real time i simply mean, left mouseclick to attack and maybe right mouse to block, with a cooldown on the block, then maybe implementing some more, upon key press abilities with a more responsive gameplay mechanic.

if anyone could help me understand more about hero and its capabilities in these areas i would be in your debt.

Developer Job Board / Re: character modeller available
« on: Jun 08, 12, 03:02:26 AM »
a link to the Kindoms of When project post here: https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,2766.0.html

send me an email if your interested or have any questions, your models are great!

thanks for your time.

Developer Job Board / Re: Quest Writer and Dungeon Mapper
« on: Jun 08, 12, 02:01:06 AM »
check out our project here: https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,2766.0.html

contact me through the email at the bottom of the post if your interested.

thanks for your time!

Developer Job Board / Re: Volunteer Programmer Avaliable
« on: Jun 08, 12, 01:52:50 AM »
please take a look at our project here: https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,2766.0.html

email me if you have any questions. email is at the bottom of my post.

thanks for your time!

the game takes place 5000 years after a nuclear holocaust that nearly wiped out mankind. We have a timeline that is far to long to post here, detailing every single major event since the holocaust that built the world up to what it is now; a medieval fantasy setting.

heres a glimpse of the time line and what it looks like. PH stands for Post Holocaust:

The Heken War for Independence (4500 4520 PH)
The Rise of Rexus (4500 4577 PH)
Heken is pronounced a Free State (4520 PH)
The West secedes from The East (4521 4600 PH)
Rexel Dies in his sleep (4577 PH)
Rexus the King (4577 PH)
The West granted independence (4600 PH)
Border Disputes (4600 4780 PH)
Rexus Publishes The Heken Philosophy (4606 PH)
Rexus Orders for the Construction of Outer-Heken (4606 - 4800 PH)
(The big split between factions currently in the world)
The Great War for Whren (4780 Present)
Rexus proclaims Heken Neutral (4781 PH)
West and East recognize Heken as Neutral (4781 Present)
The Rise of Phylus (4783 4800 PH)
The Eastern Sydx Press into Western Territory (4786 4812 PH)
Phylus The General (4812 PH)
Phylus Pushes the East Back off Holdbrad (4812 - 4821 PH)
Phylus Creates the Wovtrems (4820 PH)
The Wovtrems Hold Western Borders (4821 Present)

i know that seems like a lot, but we have an entire timeline to use for the lore that is very detailed like this.

This world was about 5000 years past a holocaust of nuclear war that almost destroyed the earth and wiped earth of all its technology. Those that survived did not have a understanding and communications, some were not even human form anymore but evolved into intelligent creatures (the 5 other playable races besides humans). 100 years after this holocaust one human was born with increased intelligence and explored the world. He discovered a complex that housed the great computers and learned the truth of the end time. He took this knowledge and taught the people of this time but died without revealing any technology, or the location of this complex that could be used to create another holocaust. He hid the keys to the complex and never reveled that he knew anything of it except one other.
As time passed beliefs between groups differed and a revolution ensued. The empire split into the three factions and as time passed these factions divided into their own factions.
The 5000 year re-development went though a transition of no real intelligent life to relearning the technology and from the stone ages to the medieval times would have been about 4500 years. It IS the medieval times but with the aura left from the nuclear holocaust magic DOES exist. The age of swords and sorcery lives in this world.
The story is very deep and covers both sides of history from the period of this man, because he wrote the history and lived a very long time. Those that were on both sides wrote more history. It covers both sides of the wars that came into power because he was betrayed and it was learned that the complex did exist.

hope that helps.

sent you a request on skype

Kingdoms of When is a Massive Online Virtual World video game currently in development (MOVW).

The director/founder of the project has been programming for 30+ years. The story takes place in a Post-Apocalyptic setting 5 thousand years in the future after a nuclear Holocaust on earth caused genetic change to humans resulting in 6 unique playable races each with animal and human traits. Earth became a new world and the radiation exposure changed the overall eco-system from a state of chaos to a period of Medieval swords and sorcery!

We are using the Hero engine and have already started development. Our goal within the next few months is to have a working Tech Demo based on our ideas for an innovative combat system. we have solid skilled team members working on area design and programming already.

Game Features:
Intuitive combat system without tab targeting featuring elements like (skill based PvP, PvE, 3 Factions and a Detailed Alignment System, Reactionary Environments (Player Cities and Arenas), Guild vs Guild territory battles, in-depth Crafting, and a Multipath quest system with multiple outcomes that effect how the world perceives you, and an unparalleled open Sandbox gameworld.

Im willing to communicate with you any way you would like (voice/chat/email).

We are looking for people to fill almost every team position these include but are not limited to:

-All Artists/3D/2D/Animators/UI/Concept
-Programmers Familiar with Hero Script/willing to learn
-Level and World designers
-Sound Engineers

pezto85@gmail.com - If you prefer instant chat just tell me the program you use and you username within that program in your email.

Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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