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Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Area before Character Select?
« on: Sep 14, 17, 08:10:34 AM »
I haven't looked recently, but I thought it was hard-coded in the engine to always start at the character select.

Regardless, there is no reason you can't have the character select area start out with that "splash area" menu and proceed from there.

Yah that is what i had figured it being hard coded to be the default area.

Show us pics and vids darn it :)

Design & World Building / Re: [Area Design] Best practise
« on: Sep 08, 17, 09:04:33 AM »
Nice design ideas here.

Dwight you still around? You should join the HE skype group.

Art & Art Pipeline / Area before Character Select?
« on: Sep 08, 17, 09:01:42 AM »
Is it possible to make an area that exists before the character selection screen.

So process would be

1 - World selection - Enter World
2 - Splash area as shown in the attached image - Press Play or Login
3 - Proceed to character selection area

We got the CHARACTER CREATION area changed in appearance. But was not able to effect how the CHARACTER SELECTION area looked. I cant even move around or place objects in there, even though the camera is unlocked. Will look into this at a later date.

Developer Job Board / Re: [FOR HIRE] Eduardo López | Composer
« on: Sep 08, 17, 08:51:31 AM »
Some good tunes there. Im sure someone around here could make use of your talents.

Developer Introductions / Re: HReyes
« on: Sep 08, 17, 08:51:00 AM »
Thread necro haha

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Exile MMO project
« on: Sep 08, 17, 08:43:10 AM »
Our closed Alpha is going well. We have gained some great positive and constructive feedback from the limited players that currently have access to the game.

I feel we are now ahead of the curve and from here on out things can only get better.

Here is a little update of what we are currently working on this month.

- Various new icons including skills, equipment and crafting icons. This will give us more room to make skill trees and additional equipment types.

- Stance animations that will change how the player model looks depending on wether they are standing, crouching or in prone.

- Skill attack effects for some skills such as Assault Blast that will give a physical indicator that you are using your skill against a target.

- Basic foundation backend for the clan system that will allow us to expand on and grow the system to give players that sense of being part of a larger whole.

- Newly updated player and NPC animations so they are more refined and work in combat.

- Continued work on other systems to extend them into more fleshed out content, such as the mission system.

We will keep you updated on our progress as and when we get things completed. Stay tuned for an end of September changelog.

Brilliant. The states system doesnt currently work out of the box even though it should. Some programming is required so this is really helpful.

Hmm i think making it have no physics at all when moving would be the best option.

So the door acts thus -

When not moving - Static physics
When moving - Physics turned off
When finished move - Return to static physics

When it is moving the player would be able to run through it but that is no bad thing as far as i can see. I believe this is how it works on swtor as i remember being able to run through doors when they were opening and then they returned to being physical when they stopped.

Also i think the best physics shape would be exact mesh shape as it would hug the door closely.

What about if a player is running into it while it moves open or when it touches a wall and the floor? When i changed a door to dynamic it dropped to floor as it had the effect of gravity applied to it.

Any ideas?

See this page for clarification on Physic Type settings:

So, dynamic appears to be what you want. Have you tried setting the Physics Density to a large number?

Dynamic doesnt really work because when we make the door dynamic, it drops to the floor and falls over. Or when it slides into the wall it bounces off. Or when a person runs into it, they knock the door over.

We have doors that can move by clicking on them or by pressing a switch. This is done by making them a stateful object.

Ok this is the dilemma as it is.

1 - Setting door that moves as static physics type destroys performance in the entire area when it moves

2 - Door needs to be dynamic or kinematic physics because it moves

3 - When door interacts with other objects or people as dynamic physics it goes bouncing all over the place

4 - Setting physics type as kinematic seems to solves this, as it doesnt go bouncing around when it touches something, but puts out and error saying "will result in performance hit"

5 - Making a recess into the walls so the door can slide into would not solve the problem of a player running into the door (with dynamic physics type) and making it bounce all over the place and falling onto the floor

What do we do? Set them as kinematic and dont worry about this "performance hit"

Any advice would be helpful. Cheers.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Exile MMO project
« on: Jun 28, 17, 06:19:03 PM »
We have started our first small closed alpha. Despite a crop of bugs appearing just before we released, we have had a lot of positive comments from the 20 or so people that have come in and tried the game.

We have an active discord with discussion and the testers are testing and breaking things for us to fix.

We are proud of where we are and what we have done. Lots still to do. Thank you to the Hero Engine team for supporting us every step of the way.

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