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Just a quick question becuase i didnt quite understand the dynamic char part. Does every part need to be individualy created and then attach them to one figure/mesh or can you make em all in one mesh, and then line em out as parts later? Because i have been working on some models in 3ds right now and they are all made in one go except hands/feets and head. Do you actually have to make one torso, one for legs one for head one for arms n hands?

depends on how you plan your chars system: the idea behind the dynamic char structure is to easily/quickly swap out mesh parts for different looks ie armor and clothing.. what we had was full char meshes which we then decided to (gruesome evil giggles) cut up into parts and save individually BUT you can use a full char without it read the wiki a bit more on planning the char here  http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Creating_Characters
it tells ya the difference between static and dynamic chars and the whys on both but You decide how you want yours to go in the end..
they show you how HJ was done for dynamic chars but you can still change even that, if you like to more slots or less depending on how you want to model the changes in your game.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Isolation
« on: Oct 12, 11, 01:37:34 PM »
this will prolly help


under :Below is a breakdown of the different components of the HeroMaterial, click on the 3dsMax or Maya image below to see a large view of the material window:

click the first pic for enlargement it clearly states texture formats for the types what it doesnt state there is the dxt3 is for gui textures which i found in another thread think Cooper had posted it.

mind you im not the expert here but looking at the placement of the srb did you do the xform reset and scale resets?

General Discussion / Re: Seamless
« on: Oct 10, 11, 07:10:26 PM »
Say I have a ship in space and want to explore the world below.  Is it possible to allow the player to choose between physically landing the ship on the planet using Seamless 2.0 OR leaving the ship in orbit and choosing the loading screen to be "beamed" to the planet?

say heightmap1 is your space area the ship flys thru.. and heightmap2 is a seemless planet area you could "land direct"..
i would prolly look at making a few areas and different skyboxes to give it a look of passing into the atmosphere
might look into landing windows info real space landings you need to hit a specific window and approach set up to land at a specified spot i am assuming you dont want tons of ships to be able to land at every avail planet heightmap?
or in heightmap 1 you have a trigger area to use as a beam to planet loading screen or movie of a landing then port to planet spot?
or a space station with a shuttle to ground option etc etc..
just a few ideas to chew on

GUI Creation / Re: How to make GUI show?
« on: Oct 09, 11, 01:06:28 PM »
So that's 3 components we are looking at here right , XML, Class Methods, and Prototypes, but we want to create a fourth component which is a node.. and that node will render my panel..right?

im working thru this myself so forgive any errors i make...

A you create the GUI the xml is basically a list of the features of that gui as in where parts are located, next the class that supposts it then CLI command |CPFC create prototype from class..as i understand it the | makes it persistant and clientsided which you'd want for gui's

from there it depends on what is supposed to trigger the gui : options is a script calls it or a keybinding event as in I for inventory..there is another thread where folks are working on the keybindings you may wanna read that :>

im struggling to understand HJ's customized itemspeceditor stuff myself got the classes set up and gui's made but its not calling the collection node so i know i got a prototype issue just can't figure out which it is yet lol

sounds more like the FX that you want to play with there you might wish to plunder those goodies so to speak :)

are you talking about adding new animations? if so then thats done at the modeling level and hooked into the mesh before exporting. check the wiki on how to export animations with the model

if you meant how to change one animation for another thats already existing on the model thats thru scripting

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Asset Pipeline
« on: Oct 02, 11, 09:46:52 PM »
Might check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcXxyvt4ImI
for attaching in 3ds max if your castle has alot of seperate parts as your post seems to indicate you will need to attach or possibly group it into one single mesh for export.

helpful tip for a good habit:
after you create the textures and format to .dds in photoshop move them to HE folders BEFORE you add them to the texture editor in max and then add them to the mesh that sets the pathway up correctly from the start.

Keeping in mind each mesh tells the engine where those textures should be when the export happened and if you move them after you export that filepath wont be correct and the engine will error out when it doesnt find the texture where the mesh said it would be.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: World Suggestions Suited To My Theme
« on: Oct 02, 11, 09:25:57 PM »
well post nuke type wars means lots of fallout ie areas peeps will get sick and die in hence there is your bounderies.. make a border of taking damage per second a player stays in it till death... keeps folks inside your boundry and gives a good reason for it that ties into your theme..

second problem i read was not quest driven but a way to drive a player none the less.. have npc's or items give em clues for better gear not a quest in that you go kill 10 of these and return to me and i give you one of this type quest just a hey i heard these critters have parts that you can forge into this awesome thing and poof players will flock the way you want as a general rule..as a rule players will want to upgrade gear to be bigger and badder so you set the path to how they can get that way.. do i hear a whisper of if you build it they will come?
~shakes head~ nah must be to many movies..

good luck tho :)

Off Topic / Ode to the online game designer
« on: Oct 02, 11, 04:30:17 PM »
hope ya gets the giggles here, was looking at the description of this forum topic and figured why not :)

Ode the the Online Game Designer.

As we sit and ponder
Our heads and eyes do wander
over line after line of coding
are we all filled with forboding?

Sit and stare, hope and pray
that our poor code will in turn sway
the gamers to enjoy our worlds
our thoughts and ideas unfurled

Our eyes turn to burned out coals
feet are doing some tile patrols
The head is full of throbbing thoughts
Fingers are a mass of knots

will this work i plot and pray
or in the end will it betray
This class wont work it wont compile
i glare at this vile file

why oh why is this so hard
should i just click discard
i grit my teeth and try again
and i see it plain as plain

the way to success in coding is
to be at the top in this new Biz
be one part fool
and 3 parts mule!

ya wanna check the CLI commands but from what i have seen server side gets prototypes clients get nodes.. hope this helps a bit

Off Topic / Re: Nutfair is Back in Town
« on: Sep 20, 11, 04:33:57 PM »
we know Cooper's fav color:

Its blue!   no green!         ahhhhhh!!!

(just a mild Monty quote   :D)

General Discussion / Re: HJ GUI XML files?
« on: Sep 19, 11, 02:32:11 PM »
yeah just reconfirmed list doesnt populate in HJ us east

General Discussion / Re: HJ GUI XML files?
« on: Sep 19, 11, 02:21:31 PM »
i was looking for those last week and the list under the script tool wont populate any xml files i tried all the check boxes and still got blank..

will try again later tonight tho

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Art tools
« on: Sep 19, 11, 02:16:25 PM »
our team artist got one a few months back he luvs it ;) also a Wacom btw.

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