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General Discussion / Re: Stock
« on: Nov 19, 14, 12:21:50 AM »
so at the end of 2012 IF had about 1 - 1.5 mil in the bank , no further financial information is provided. If IF want to disclose 2013 earnings and give us a projected 2014 /2015 this might answer some questions. If the plan to go into private ownership then they can give a road map for this process. This is not a indy company , its (currently) public traded , and will have overheads that may run it in to the ground, especially if they are cagey about releasing the earnings reports.

While this might be seen as doom mongering , i also feel its not worth pouring more time into without reassurances that hero engine is not about to disappear. 

General Discussion / Re: Stock
« on: Nov 18, 14, 11:41:36 PM »
so the stock went to 2 cents in march , not 5 years keeper , and does it say anywhere that source will be distributed?

To quote nearly all references to stock being delisted , its normally the first chapter in bankruptcy.  I have even noticed a drop off in server resources on the cloud , enough to convince me to start looking at other options , and i was hoping the staff might be able to reassure the community with a concrete statement of future purpose.

General Discussion / Stock
« on: Nov 18, 14, 02:57:32 AM »
I noticed through clicking on idea fabrik website that the share price is 2 cents (trending down) and its being delisted from the exchange. How will this impact Hero Engine? what would happen to data/projects in the event that the money runs out?

General Discussion / Re: Complete noob here
« on: Oct 22, 14, 11:28:50 PM »
Like me you have come at this with no experience , and it can be frustrating to learn especially in a community that assumes you know /have been to some classes/ are a genius. It can be extremely daunting. If you stick it out , you will enjoy it eventually.

Unlike a "sim" heroengine is not limited in any direction , you have a bunch of resources that you get to mold into a your vision , but otherwise its a blank slate to make your impression on. Try stuff , when it does not work evolve it. I would suggest a year to learn all the art stuff (assuming you have no experience in 3dsmax / maya as well) and then a year to learn code and some computer science stuff that will help you with scaling.

There is no free lunch in any world , time to roll up your sleeves if you want your game.

GUI Creation / Re: Oops! Need help please!
« on: Oct 16, 14, 01:07:35 PM »
no need to exchange scripts like that :)

step 1) download and install P4Merge from the perforce website (free software) use the default settings all the way

step 2) open the HeroBlade and then the HSL editor

step 3) open the offending script , and then in the window menu open History

step 4) choose the script dated before you touched it and double click

step 5) P4merge opens and has the two versions displayed your one , and the diff.  To do a total replace select the whole content of the diff window and copy and paste over the version in the HSL editor

step 6) compile and save

Scripting & Programming / Re: path planning
« on: Oct 13, 14, 01:00:09 AM »
Code: [Select]
AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","step_value      = float,0.05,0.01,0.4       # Distance between smoothed data points")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","tightness       = float,1.0,0.1,100         # Distance between control points")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","check_above     = float,4.0,0.01,100        # Height above to start grounding")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","walk_slope      = float,45,1,85             # Walk slope for the character")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","char_width      = float,0.03,0.01,1         # The character width")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","char_height     = float,0.165,0.01,1        # The character height")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","collision_group = string,CGF_PATH_COLLISION # Specifies the collision group flags to use.")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","debug_visualize = boolean,false             # True to debug visualize the smoothed path.")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","string_pulling    = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","terrain           = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","non_terrain       = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","water             = boolean,false           # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","underwater        = boolean,false           # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid1       = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid2       = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid3       = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid4       = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer1      = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer2      = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer3      = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer4      = boolean,true            # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","dive_down         = boolean,true           # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","swim_up           = boolean,true           # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","dive_down_cost    = float,1,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","swim_up_cost      = float,1,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","terrain_cost      = float,1,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","non_terrain_cost  = float,1,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","underwater_cost   = float,1,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid1_cost  = float,2,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid2_cost  = float,4,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid3_cost  = float,6,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_avoid4_cost  = float,8,0.1,100         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer1_cost = float,0.2,0.1,100       # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer2_cost = float,0.4,0.1,100       # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer3_cost = float,0.6,0.1,100       # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","path_prefer4_cost = float,0.8,0.1,100       # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","time_out          = float,4,0.2,120         # ")
      AddKeyValueSpec("_GroundedPath","priority          = integer,1,1,10          # ")

I am still waiting for some one to let me know what the 3 numbers in each field relate too , if i am just being stupid and its obvious to everyone else im sorry , but numbers without meaning are not much help to me , and it seems pretty rubbish if no one knows.

also what cost does the height map have? why are invalid paths passed back to script if it can detect invalid paths ? or are those separately wrong?

another route you could take , export the model to 3dsmax (i assume it does not collapse the groups this requires testing) export the layers separately from 3dsmax with the collision set as needed. could that work for you? if it does collapse the mesh you might still get what you need through sub divisions. You have lost a lot of the clever speed tree functionality doing this though.

ok error right at the end there - find the box in the export panel in max and re tick include tangent space - any other boxes changed from default may need to go back too , try that one first though.

Server Error:  "Error adding area: GOM::newArea (15353): Unable to create the new Area: canAreaBeAdded returned false: GOM::canAreaBeAdded (15330): The new Area name (test123) was already in use.

this one looks like you might have some errant code running maybe? any thing in the script errors window?

the rest are not anything to worry about (anything with gr2 is old clean engine stuff) except your man_test , but i think your a little way off doing a character yet, concentrate on a static first :)

should not matter , sure i had both installed once.

drag and select the errors and then ctrl + c to copy or screen shot it with print screen should do the trick. try these steps for export :-

1) we will assume you have a model , MyModel.max and it uses texture Mytexture.jpg and mytexture_bump.jpg

2) create folder in your local folder for models home desktop\HE\example\Mymodel\

3) open photoshop , and open the jpgs. go to save as and rename Mytexture to Mytexture_d and then choose DDS format (if its not in the list you need the nvidia dds texture plugin) repeat for the bump map , renaming this one Mytexture_n . If you have a spec map this belongs in the alpha channel of the bump map , but for now just leave it out.

4) make sure textures are in folder desktop\HE\example\Mymodel\

5) open max , and open the material editor. change where it says standard to hero material.

6) name the material something unique

7) select the mytexture files in the two slots

8) assign material to model

9) reset gizmos / xforms if needed

10) export to the desktop\HE\example\Mymodel\ folder

11) done! upload to the repo browser to \HE\example\Mymodel\

12) start client , go to clean area , attempt to load model

13) if its still not working here , then there are 2 windows to check. Find the window called "Error" and the one called "Console" and get the whole of both outputs

General Discussion / Re: INITIAL INSTALL GUIDE
« on: Oct 05, 14, 04:07:06 AM »
just be glad you didnt try and install it in the brief time that it needed .net 4.0 installed , and you only had .net 4.5 :D

If its still a issue after reinstalling max , you can either contact support@heroengine and join the queue, or i would try scrubbing the whole disk. If you have not already i would suggest having your Dev work environment well away from any data store , and preferably have it so you can re format  without any worries. (USB3 and SSD disks make this process a lot less painful than actually trying to fix or find errant files imo)

No idea whats happened there ! without the console output when the model is loaded in hero engine its difficult to be dead sure. the folder HE\ can be anywhere (i use my desktop) and if you want it to be exactly right you can download the whole HE folder from the repo. the structure must be the same on both your machine and the server. You should then save the textures there first , then assign them in 3dsmax. Are you using the Hero material? 

so the diffuse maps should be named test_1_d.dds (the normal maps would be suffixed _n) folder looks fine other wise, the dds files can be in the same folder , however after placing them ther you must then link them in 3ds max , i suspect you will have errors for wrong path name.

i think to further work exactly whats going on here , i would close the client and reload it , load to the area that its in , and then get all the console output (black window with white writing) and post it up. That way we can work through the errors one at a time

the dds file is created in something like photoshop with the nvidia dds texture plugin , or in gimp but i have little experience with gimp. max will then export a HGM file at export , which is your protected model file.

http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Creating_textures is the wiki page with the information :)

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