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Animation / Re: [] Multi track animations
« on: Jan 22, 13, 03:32:00 PM »
Hey Cooper I think you have misunderstood what im asking. I have characters that are split into several .fbx files. Each file contains one animation sequence. Im asking if I have to take all of these files and make one animation or can I import each one into hero and through script be able to play these animations? 

Animation / [Resolved] Multi track animations
« on: Jan 18, 13, 06:55:40 PM »
Im using Maya. I have several fbx files that I need to export into Hero format. Can Hero support through code all these separate animations or does it have to be a single track animation file?  Please help...  Thanks!

I have a animated model with several parts...  each one has a different texture/mat. Im curious does anyone know this process for Maya 2013? Or 2012?   I need to be able to export this model with all of the textures assigned properly... Please help...  Thanks!

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