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Developer Introductions / Re: Warrior Chicken Studios.
« on: Mar 12, 13, 04:08:26 PM »
Looks Good Marc :)

General Discussion / Re: Steam Availability
« on: Mar 05, 13, 01:40:29 PM »
Thanks for the quick reply guys and the link to the prior forum post about it :)

General Discussion / [Resolved] Steam Availability
« on: Mar 05, 13, 02:46:11 AM »
Does anyone know if a finished game could potentially also be available on the steam network? i am curious about this idea and so is my staff and fans of what we are working on. Nothing wrong with a partial % hit that can add a huge fan base and make the game do well in the end overall i think.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: [Resolved] Model Thumbnails
« on: Mar 01, 13, 12:53:19 PM »
Thanks Scott :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Model Thumbnails
« on: Feb 28, 13, 05:54:41 PM »
Oh wow is see it now... amazing to say the least and once again you made my day brighter, Coop mind if i call ya Coop? just all things awesome karma wise to you good sir!

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Model Thumbnails
« on: Feb 28, 13, 05:42:27 PM »
Create...Model...Load Asset...Select Asset, has a thumbnail view that is not working what am i missing?
This is to determine how the games file system is going to be made, so we need to know if we can see what we need to see or not.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Model Thumbnails
« on: Feb 28, 13, 05:05:11 PM »
When you say "Library" do you mean the repository or inside of blade? I am not getting a whole lot of "Right Click Solutions" on my end. Need to narrow it down a bit further

P.S. @ HE-Cooper
Bro! i get it your awesome guys, and you have RED names, where is your sick stylish avatars ;D
I rock a wicked skull shield icon from Germany, up your staffs level of eye candy son!
I mean no offense seriously just a recommendation as a fan :)

Fine ill watch that video again LOL!

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Model Thumbnails
« on: Feb 28, 13, 04:59:22 PM »
lol me and you and that damn cube video rofl im waking the world up now gonna see if once again your jesus and i am moses or however you like the split rofl. i feel like you already solved the problem lets see.


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Model Thumbnails
« on: Feb 28, 13, 04:51:24 PM »
oh so do we have to handle the model thumbnails? or does it just not work at all? i noticed it was a view option on the models screen so i thought of it as a terrain texture thumbnails any insight on this one is welcome brother lol.

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Model Thumbnails
« on: Feb 28, 13, 04:45:18 PM »
OK so we have working terrain texture thumbnails and i checked to make sure i used the _d & _n for the model textures in a test run with the repository. I still do not have model thumbnails no matter what i try,  and i can only offer these possible reasons.

1. My texture names have to many _ in them and are possibly too long of a name

2. The textures for the models are more complex as they have multiple textures all in one texture

3. OR i missed a step somewhere and now i cant remember it

Any help would be appreciated :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: [Resolved] Windows & Opacity Problem
« on: Feb 22, 13, 04:36:45 PM »
This problem was beyond me at the time but i handed it over to our artist and he solved it! Which is cool i am a world builder and we just unlocked a lot of work that has to be done quickly on the Blade. So all i can say to help others is, Master The Alpha Channels Controls.


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Windows & Opacity Problem
« on: Feb 20, 13, 06:14:35 PM »
Bro stop giving me a reason to have a bromance with you.... You the man! ill look into it for sure! after what you told me yesterday our game world is exploding. and i am sure that info you just gave me is what we was lacking might be a day or 2 before i can apply this new knowledge but i am totally looking forward to it!

We are bringing in a massive amount of models now and working on layouts and much more the whole team is fired up!  8)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Texture Problem
« on: Feb 19, 13, 03:56:06 PM »
Ok i get it now they have identical names i was looking in the wrong place i gotcha Cooper :) i did not realize i could rename that area cause it looks like a drop down box kinda threw me off so i left it alone when i should have been re-naming them the whole time. each building is using the same material names in some instances for door frames etc. thus the weird texture problem.

A simple fix to a simple problem really but without your guys help i never would have spotted it we are really greatful guys thanks a lot


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Texture Problem
« on: Feb 19, 13, 03:46:17 PM »
Awesome bro i will watch the video again and take your advice on this for sure

thanks again

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Texture Problem
« on: Feb 19, 13, 03:41:00 PM »
yeah the problem is in max your right i get it just gotta make sure they are totally different names we have some similarity's we need to change.

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