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standard tutorials, or u make one, just for this?

we can watch it?

the first fx tutorial...greeeaaattt!!!

tks scott for share it!!

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: making a custom ACCC?
« on: Jun 06, 12, 12:55:28 AM »
great work man. Tks for share with us!!!

but u dont publish any code?

a really great work man!!

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Texture Swapping
« on: Apr 19, 12, 03:13:35 AM »
u cannot change texture by code in runtime.

U can found a lot of threads about it.

·First of nothing Really cool tutorial!!!

But now the problems  ::) ::)

I changed the opacity of my chtabox but now disapeared my Health Bar and Ability Bar...

Any sollution?

AW:this may be a estupid problem but my native language is spanish not english.

regards see you!

u must check the gui layer, if u use the same for differents gui elements when u change a property u change it for all elements.
my server is down now (o dont know why), also i cannot make a screen

tienes ke cequear la propriedad layer de la gui porke si utilizas la misma cuando cambiar una propriedad la cambiar por todos los elementos del layer. Ahora mi servidor esta down no se pq, sino te tomaba uno screen.

disculpa mi castillano ma lo intente, y mi ingles ke intente tambien jajaja.


Scripting & Programming / Re: Inventory Stuff
« on: Mar 09, 12, 05:49:08 AM »
if u can do a tutorial maybe help a lot of people (me too).

i know that its a bit large but, there isn't and many develop need it...i think.


Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Backing up the repository
« on: Mar 07, 12, 01:59:48 AM »
U can use the repository browser for save all your files on your local HD.

Scripting & Programming / Re: NPC Data (System)
« on: Mar 07, 12, 12:55:21 AM »
do u look into servertest from HJ ref? (server000)

if u can share some info or tutorial about store inventory to be a great help for me.


great job man.

do u store your inv or not?
can u collect a zerg of materials, or better, there are no limits in every region for recollect? what's your idea about it?

mmm without target?

u want recollect materials without target?

and finally do u use regions for do it?

for collect..mmm..u talking about like Ultima online?

and u want do it with regions? little spots? 1000 regions? 1 spot for region? mmm i dont thinkthat this system is very usefull for do it.
if u talking about something like:
sand -30% speed
grass -10%
road +30%

maybe, but for collect its better invisible obj, for manager also, time, respawn, type etc.

i dont know if is the best solution for roads.

u just read something about heropath?

maybe there are some regions events like 'enter' exit etc.

Its a good point to start, but i dont understand why u check the area only when the char stop to run.

Why u do all this? for change the char speed? (road/sand etc?)
or what?

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