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Game Dev and Gaming / is PVP needed for success?
« on: Mar 20, 13, 01:00:31 AM »
Do you think that PVP is a needed component for successful mmo? My theory is do it right or dont do it at all. Many times PVP is added incomplete or not well thought out resulting in a diminished player base.

What are your thoughts on PVP?

Developer Introductions / Re: BizzGames Studios
« on: Mar 20, 13, 12:42:23 AM »
I love seeing someone with youth with so much ambition and drive. I wish you luck and don't forget, that everything you do is a learning experience. Keep learning and one day it will pay off!

Background: 29 year USAF veteran and project manager. 19 years of gaming experience (including most MMO and indies)

I am doing a historical game and have designed the individual mechanics. My questions is my attempt to keep close to realism as possible such as need for food, water, and rest. I understand there are ways to implement these mechanics without it seeming tedious.

My question for current game designers is where does one draw the line between too much realism and fun in game play. I follow the rule of risk vs. reward that without risk one does not appreciate that rewards that are gained. I am rolling around the idea of perma death and several other mechanics but I realize that perma death is hard to implement. I am weighing mechanics around perma death such as death penalty (Asherons Call), equipment drop (EQ1), and more. Of course the trick is to make implement them in such a way that a player think their actions out vs. blindly running in and shooting.

Let me know your thoughts!


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