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So, Xenion is online. Thanks.

I have just logged in, and it works fine.

Had some visual glitches (some things were not loaded at first), but bit of waiting and Blade restart fixed it.

Thanks SARRENE for your quick reply. Email sent.

Something bothers me though.
You said, that I have single world activated before.
However, I know I purchased and used TWO worlds before that new one in question, one in 2014 and other in 2015 (probably one you see). I also renewed one of those worlds, once. They both should be expired by now, as I could only support one at a time, and I wanted to focus on new project (however, I plan to renew later, when it is sustainable for me).

I dont know, where problem could be...

Maybe I phrased my question wrong (English is not my first language). I know about cloud itself, I see it up in Blade.

I meant when my newly purchased world in cloud would be ready/active, so I could start working in it.


I have purchased new HeroCloud at 2017-12-21, but it is still in Started status.

How long is expected (or estimated) time, before it gets active? I want to start working on my new project.


Design & World Building / Re: Time travel game design
« on: Jan 03, 18, 08:42:36 PM »
Hello and thanks for your input.

Well, I missed that series. But I am big fan of Doctor Who. Sadly, mechanics used there are not of much use for my project. As Doctor himself said, "time is big ball of wibbly-wobly timey-wimey stuff". While there are some good pointers, it is not entirely applicable to my case.

Also, I want some maleability to be possible - permanent changes are not exactly I am aiming for. So bit of flexibility, and possibility to repair changed event is needed.
Still struggling if to use "timewaves" (like in Achron game) that propagate changes at certain periods (not sure how long should they be), or "reality factor" (percentage that determines, how probable each variant of event is) that would be instantly recalculated when players made change at that time-zone and propagate to "future" versions of area.

To your points.

Ad 1: I agree, that long would be better. Keeping tabs of all shadows of "past" players meddling would be too cumbersome to maintain. Also agree of some kind of consequence for players - depending of how "unreal" their "home reality" would become, they should be given some penalties (experience lost, becoming more transparent and less able to affect past events, etc). Still WIP.

Ad 2 and 3) Good point. Version with too low "reality" should become unacessible to all, until somebody manage to revert it to safe threshold (should it be group effort, or allow some events be soloable?). This could allow to spin-up areas of "unreal" versions of areas only when needed (or keep separate version up for those, who have it as their "home-time"; or not - time-orphans fighting to reestablish their home-time? Hmm.).

Ad 4 and 5) So, I was thinking about starting with 10 mutable zones (with 5-10 key points max each), connected with "immutable" passages. Focusing more on temporal aspect, while keeping bit of variability. That makes 310 individual area versions for minimum set, while rising to 15.350 if aiming for upper set (whoa!), if I am counting right. This with only two change options in each period. And I was thinking about to allow 3 options at certain times... Hmm.


Lets have zone, called Alpha, that is (to make it simple) in its original state grassy plain with small river, and grazing animals.

Local Conflict: Natural preserve VS Futuristic city VS Alien colony

Point 1) Year 0
Original state.
Changes: Place measuring probes VS Destroy them (no versions needed here yet)

Point 2) Year 100
Version 1: No probes - same as original (maybe different animals), no further changes in future versions
Version 2: Probes successfully deployed - first settlers arrived
 Changes: Place city capstone VS Destroy it

Point 3) Year 200
 Version 1: inherited from Y0
 Version 2a: Capstone placed - initial construction of city commenced
  Changes: Help construction VS Sabotage construction
 Version 2b: same as v1

Point 4) Year 500
 Version 1, 2b: Aliens landed and are building colony
  Changes: Attack aliens VS Help aliens
 Version 2aA) City constructed
  Changes: Modernize city VS Sabotage
 Version 2aB) City in ruins
  Changes: Rebuild city VS Destroy city

Point 5) Year 1000
 Version 1.2bA) Natural preserve established
 Version 1.2bB) Alien colony alive - home-time for Alien Sympathizers faction
 Version 2aAa) Futuristic city alive - home-time for Futurist faction
 Version 2aAb) Natural preserve saved (in fact same version as 1.2bA)
 Version 2aBa) Futuristic city saved (same as 2aAa)
 Version 2aBb) Natural preserve saved - home-time for Nature First faction, otherwise same as version 1.2bA
 No further manipulations in this point (save for future game expansion, of course)

This is of course simplified example, not taking into account changes via NPC dialogs (like in P3.V2a: Talk with founder to keep capstone at original place, or move to other river bank - would change future city design OR City Hall placement; etc), assassination vs saving of important NPC, etc.

Design & World Building / Time travel game design
« on: Jan 01, 18, 06:37:12 PM »

I am currently working on idea of time-travel MMO in HE.

While I have backstory and most of mechanics (at least as much is possible without actual scripting) already prepared, I would like to have some help/advice with design choices.

1) Short-term vs Long-term time jumps vs Mix
STTJ (range minutes, or hours, maximum 1-7 days) bring most challenges, ie how to model multiple players interaction with their past selves (Echoes). Keep them (could fast clutter area with multiplicates, and have to store and replay their past actions until interference) and deal with paradoxes (like killing past self and undoing present self); or remove them (removes in part reason to travel in time and mess with it)? Or some combination? Remove past iterations of character after certain threshold (maybe 1-3 copies max)?
LTTJ (range hundred or thousand year) similar to STTJ, plus long-term effects on timeline.

2) Area design for various timelines
Have fixed area for each timeline possibility (would grow fast) and limit options for change (2-3 max), or dynamically generate and store versions for each active variant of given area (and temporally subsequent areas)? Awareness system?

3) Single timeline, or multiple timelines
With single timeline, how to handle area changes in relative past/present of player character, happening "now" due to other players interference?
With multiple timelines, how to handle where player character will end after time travel to past or future?

4) How many "key points"?
This deals with number of significant events in history/future, that could be affected by players actions. Also dependent on points 1-3. My idea is about 10-30 at launch, maybe adding more later (I initially wanted 1000 key points in 100 years increments, but this now looks too much, given various possibilities or variants)...

5) Dependence of various areas
Should each area of spacial zone react to events in other(s), or should their history be independent keeping updates only to "their own" history? This in my opinion relates to all previous points and their solutions, and here I am most uncertain.

There are more points, but those are ones I am most concerned with.

Any idea or advice would be welcomed.


For my new upcoming project, I am looking for advice, how to tackle problem mentioned in title.

It will be based on waterworld planet with lots of small islands (each simulated via grid of smaller areas), linked with some  sort of teleports. I also want to implement travel via aircraft/ship, probably special instanced area with craft(s) hanging in center, and moving small sea artifacts/objects/clouds around by (separate) script to simulate vehicle movement.

To simulate position on planet, I want to have skybox rotated to simulate correct area position, according to its stored location (lat, lon) on (simulated) surface of planet. Also, it should be correctly calculated for current time of day.

Next, when static locations are tackled, I want to add case for traveling aircrafts, which should also count on movement direction and speed along planetary airspace (and later maybe even orbital/suborbital? - in special "space" area).

Why all this?
I want players to have greater sense of position on planet, just by looking on familiar sky, and even be eventually able to navigate just by looking upwards (visible planets, moons, nearby stars/constellations, etc)...

What do you think? Could it be done? What calculations/data would be needed?


Scripting & Programming / Re: Simple textured object as PC/NPC
« on: Jan 05, 17, 06:40:56 PM »
Thanks for replies :-)

This seems perfect. :D Looking now into FX system (that I avoided until now, for no specific reason), and getting more and more hooked to its possibilities - not only for uses stated in this topic...  ;)

Dynamic character parts system and dynamic texture banks looks good, I would try it. Unfortunately my 3DS licence expired, so for now, I am stuck with what is already in repository. Hoping to get new soon...

Maybe. But currently not possible (see above)...

Scripting & Programming / Simple textured object as PC/NPC
« on: Jan 04, 17, 07:37:15 PM »

I have a question regarding character creation.

For my new project I want to create characters (both players and NPCs), that are simple cubes or spheres, with textures applied programmatically to them.

What I want to achieve, is something along the lines of using some default character (like female or something simple imported) in character creation area, hidding its geometry, and applying some basic object somewhere around the chest or head area, than giving it one of my textures. After that, player will be send to specific starting area, where they will get some informations (popups or clickable objects perhaps), and then when ready they move through one of "portals" that will give them their faction and apply relevant object and texture, and set some initial values (hitpoints, energy, basic damage, etc), then move them to proper faction starting areas with unique geometry.

Also NPCs will have something like this (except set by spawner script/objects), and some custom made AI (that is main focus of my game), with behaviors and dialogs.

I intend to have my game looks and feel similar to old Tron film, or Black Ice game, but simplier.

Any pointers, how to achieve this? I have read wiki and forum, but feeling bit lost currently. Also sheer ammount of interlinked scripts...

Thanks for any advice or pointers  :)

General Discussion / Re: Hero Engine Developer Skype Group Chat
« on: Mar 27, 14, 05:06:32 PM »
Please add me too, thanks.

Skype: multiversum.online

Developer Introductions / Chatni Aeon Introduction
« on: Mar 27, 14, 05:04:08 PM »
Greetings all.

I usually go by my internet nickname Chatni Aeon, but my real name is Jan (or John in english).
I live in Czech Republic. So please forgive any mistakes in writing I could make  ;)

I am experienced programmer in Delphi 7, and I usually work on web with PHP/JavaScript/MySQL. Only recently started delving into depths of AJAX...
Also made small-scale project in OpenSim (only local network grid), working on scripting and building in integrated tools. It was only for testing some ideas, I had at that time.

Currently I am working on some webgames, all in internal testing phases, and closely tied into my Multiversum Online project.

But my lifetime dream was (and still is) making succesfull MMORPG, for what I think is HeroEngine ideal.

Currently I don't have development team together, but I have few friends, with whom I worked on Pen And Paper version of Multiversum Online. We have background lore pretty fleshed out, also game mechanics are very well thought out. Now I intend to focus on transforming them into real MMO and want to bring few trusted people in here.

As I am not very good in 3D art creation, I plan to bring one of my friends, who is, to help with this part of project.
In adition, I plan to use some placeholder freebie art avaiable on Internet, at least during development, and untill I manage to get some own decent art.

Grats, Jan Vanhara

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