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Art & Art Pipeline / Facegen Assistance. Still Need Help :( !!!
« on: Jul 23, 15, 09:59:15 PM »
We still need help None of the suggestions have worked. Keep in mind every other part of the body morphs exactly as we want it to and we checked over the hands and fingers and we don't think we did anything different as oppose to all the other parts. Thanks


Sorry we're back again. :3 So this time, we've got most of it working pretty decently except we're baffled as to why the thumb on the hand deforms when we scale up the body the way it does and we would like some hints as to what we can do to the

Please watch the video of our issue (1:22 shows it the clearest)
See video here ---> https://vimeo.com/134371695

So essentially the fingers are fine when the character is average size to skinny. However when using the skeletal morph and adding some size to the character the thumb morphs in a weird way. When the character is idling it's not that noticeable, however, when our character runs and clenches their hands the hands looks really bizarre. 
If you have any suggestions let us know thanks again in advance for the assistance.

So I started putting together my world. The seamless links all seem to work fine prior to carving out the land however a few issues in the video

VIDEO ---> https://vimeo.com/133348087


 I am trying to remove the speed trees I had placed earlier. (I was able to remove them before) However now if I tap the delete key when highlighted nothing happens, when I try to delete via the asset editor, nothing happens.


 I move the speedtrees onto the heightmap and log out)


 I log off and log back in only to get stuck under the world. So I have to fly above the landmass.

(2:20) I run back over to where the trees are and they are stuck in the previous place they were before when I move them. When I log off and log back this happens every time. Same thing with my bench which is my own asset. It won't delete and if I move it and log off it returns to the original state.

(2:41) Ignore that I fixed it. Just needed to link up the areas as the error said :3

So yeahhh.... where do we even start.
Also I thought well maybe I screwed up the whole area might as well delete it and start over... it won't let me delete it either.

When can we expect the next update? This bug has stalled our development.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Facegen help with the model thanks!
« on: Jun 18, 15, 05:53:57 PM »
Also keep in mind our character had a glitch witht he dynamic pose when we did put it in a t-pose.

--> https://community.heroengine.com/forums/index.php/topic,5700.0.html

It appears as though at least for the animation and dynamic parts so long as all the meshes are exported in the same pose as the skeleton there was no problem.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Facegen help with the model thanks!
« on: Jun 15, 15, 03:34:30 PM »
We'll need more information, at least screen shots of the base and morph meshes - the base and morph skeletons would be helpful as well.

Ok I hope these are more helpful. The one with the bones is the median mesh

Art & Art Pipeline / Facegen help with the model thanks![Solved]
« on: Jun 14, 15, 08:01:19 AM »
Hi guys I need some facegen help. So we got our sliders and everything else appears to work ok except when we increase the body mass of the characters, the arms get squished and they become skinny and flat. Any suggestions for what to do with the model to prevent this from happening. We are using skeleton morphing by the way.

Rookie mistake on our end we thought we could model with the arms down but of course that messed with the skeletal morphing. Putting everything in a T-pose solved this thank you.

General Discussion / Texture painting not working [resolved]
« on: Apr 22, 15, 08:32:38 PM »

So the texture painting doesn't seem to do anything anymore. A few others had similar issues with their version. When I try to paint nothing happens, help? Thanks.

Was trying to paint with the tricolor then clicking on the texture painting tab. I knew it was something dumb, the proper way to apply. Thank you Keeper!

Art & Art Pipeline / [HELP] Need help with dynamic parts
« on: Mar 01, 15, 08:46:47 PM »
Hi, so we've been trying to debug this strange occurrence with a few of our dynamic parts.
We're using Autodesk Maya btw

1. We have been able to successfully import a nude character model which animations and the parts have been broken up and animate without a problem. We also imported the hair mesh in and it appears to work and sit on the character just fine.. so we thought everything else should be fine.

2. However when we skin the clothes to the bones they animate and work fine in Maya. However when we import them in the engine they seem stuck in the pose that they have been imported from.

So we tested in a T-pose and this happens.

Ok.. sleeves are not suppose to do that. Also notice the socks

Then we tested on one of our running animations then this happens.

Again works fine in Maya so we figured the skinning is fine but then this happens

The shirt and pants appear to look fine however, they are only slightly off so when they animate they look like they are on the body properly but I don't think they are because the t-pose and the idle animation is similar in the mid-section area.

We've used the same process we used to import the character parts, which make up the nude character and it worked fine. And the only thing that seems to work is the hair. What are we missing? Help thanks

We checked the bone count
We deleted junk data in the files
We tested the animation in Maya works fine
We tried importing from another model pose and it still was weird
We made sure they are skinned to at least 2 bones
We made sure there is no extra data or things in the file when importing.
We tried deleting an reattaching the SRB node


Fixed... kind of but need an explaination or know if this is even a solution

Our idle animation is the default animation. So we re-exported the clothing from the idle animation pose instead of the T pose (or any of the other poses) and all the parts appear to work as intended and line up correctly. Even when overlapped like the jacket with a long sleeve shirt there is not clipping when the character animates and more. Nothing strange is occuring. So is this really a solution I would like to know what is going on before we export more things as such thanks.



Trying to open up the character manager.

So I followed the tutorial, as closely as possible and used the sunok files as a basis, however after going over everything a few times it seems like it should work but it does not recognize my npc instance as dynamic character. I was wondering how does HE know when a character is dynamic or not.

- I tried exporting the character a few times (of course as dynamic skeleton and dynamic body part for the body)
Character animates and works fine.

- Then took a look over the par and dyc and everything looked ok.

So what should I start checking for the issue so I can open up the manager and start testing out character parts?
Thanks :)

Thank you so much we're doing our best :D 

Oh I guess I'm confused because the character does move where I want him to move. It's just that we're missing a backwards animation so I can't hit the back key or it'll glitch. Then he shoots off in a direction that I don't want him to go XD

Awww thank you so much! That was so nice of you ;A; So grateful for any help and advice.

But... I'm not sure what you mean? Can you explain?

New video running around as our demo character :)


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