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General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 09, 18, 07:36:10 PM »
Yeah i have all banks in the same folder plus tried to create a audio cone by clicking on any of the banks.
It seem's the create audio is only looking to load a .wav or .mp3,  I may just have to wait until we start to code and do all our sounds that way. Would be nice to have a simple way to add some Ambient audio though.

General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 05, 18, 12:46:22 AM »
The .wav was just testing. I try to load the .bank files. It sees them but i get a error.
From what i understand the .bank is all we add into hero right?  I understand our sounds are in the .banks.
I have Testbank.bank set up with one sound in it called test ambient. This is what has stumped me for a few weeks now.

Edit: AddAsset was called with an invalid fileExtension on the FQN(\world\livecontent\audio\testbank.bank), expected a period followed by three characters.

It won't allow me to create a audio cone with out choosing a .wav sound file. However the .wav i can't edit path or do anything to change out the path or event.  I know hero won't work with direct loaded sounds. So the .wav will play once or loop. However will not work again with out messing with it. Which is fine as i am not trying to get .wav directly to work. Just trying to get a simple audio asset to work and learn to path it to a .bank.

General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 04, 18, 02:17:11 PM »
Yeah i like the studio and the way it work's just have to figure things out with hero on audio.  Your information will help out for sure.

So i am trying to use the simple create Audio to get some Ambient sounds in. However the only options
it gives me is Create-Audio-Load audio. With that it will only allow me load in a .wav type audio file. Which when
setting pitch to 1 will play one time then breaks after that. It won't allow me to change the path or events in properties panel. This is what i have been going round and round with for a bit now lol.

When you say create audio do you mean to select a file or is that another option that i am missing?


General Discussion / Re: Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 01, 18, 06:11:32 PM »
Thank's for your great reply. It sure is a pain just to get some simple sounds to work lol.

I also have  1.05.14 studio downloaded.  This will help me get closer to some of it working.
At this point i am not working on code much as i am doing art and world building first.

However later down the time line i plan to hire a few coders on per work contracts.I'll let
them decide how we want to do sound's in scripts and things that need to play sounds.

My goal right now is getting the .bank files set up right when we invest into our sounds later this year.

Plus getting some Ambient sounds working. I'll print off your information and when i take another rest from making art will look into sounds again. The last game engine i worked in just used simple sound files .wav .mp3 etc and just had to use a "Play sound" line in scripts/code.

General Discussion / Fmod and Audio
« on: Apr 01, 18, 02:33:01 AM »
I have been trying to get Audio into project off and on for a couple weeks with no luck. My first question
is which version works with Hero right now? I downloaded a older version of Fmod Studio that i found worked with hero from a three year old post.   However when i 'Build" I only get .bank files not the files shown in the wiki i have read. http://hewiki.heroengine.com/wiki/Audio_tools, I get no .Fev or .fsb files. It also just has a empty properties panel with no selections for the things that the Wiki's say it should have.

I would like to get sound started as i will be investing a lot into recording equipment and buying sounds and music later this year.I am looking at spending about 5k or so on Ambient music and sounds that i have found from various composers and sound effect makers. Also much more on our own set up to record plus paying some local music/composer artist to do some things for me.

It would also be great to add some Ambient sounds now wile building areas to save time later and to help with missing some of those key little ambient sounds that may get forgotten as i move into the next stages of building. Also it would help with making some videos later this year or next year.As i plan to have a very detailed website about the building of my projects which will also discuss and show Hero engine some.  I tried using a .wav direct and it work's when first loaded but won't work again. However i understand Fmod is the way for all the Audio. I just need any advice and pointers on which version to use and what we need to do for it to work with Hero. I need to get it all figured out so hopefully later when we have a massive sound library to set up i can train one of my Minions and let them deal with it. 

I figured it out now, took me a bit on the sound. I was trying to load up the Bank file as audio in the audio horn.
I found you have to load up the .wav file for the horn. I know really all sound stuff is going to take some Fx and programming work. I am just glad i can start to build up my sound library for when we get to that point and hire
some help.

I have another question maybe you can answer with out me starting a new post.

Which version of Fmod do we use now? The only thing i could find on forum or wiki links to
a version so old it's 32bit window only.  We do still use Fmod right? Trying to at least get some area
sound effects in to set the mood as we work on areas.

I'll share some videos and stuff later on. At one point many years ago i had a large MMO near done.
I can't really code but hired help here and there from other hobby game makers. I understand code enough
to take one script, and alter it to set up many things with the one script. 

Such as taking a quest code or store code and altering it for each one we need.  However the game engine i was using never worked out there kinks and they went under before ever finishing things up.  Been to busy over the last few years but now have much more free time again.

I'll be pretty busy getting lots done and have a helper and maybe more coming. There mostly just there to help with the world as i build it. Trying to teach them to model and texture also.

I'll be looking to find hopefully a friendly and decent coder or two to pay by the hour as i can budget them in.
Last time i had two guys and i would okay them for a certain amount of hours now and then at our agreed payment.

Thank you so much i was just having a brain fart.  I was forgetting to name our meshes and materials in max. So i have  a bunch of stuff names the same. Didn't notice this for a wile because i am working on a area that is mostly a few textures for it's rocks and detail which is what were working on right now.

Bet your right. I have been forgetting to  name the material in max and just name the textures. This could be causing this issue. I will try that out later and reply again to let you know if that's the issue.

Was working on game and Hero blade crashed. When i came back a number of items had there texture changed.
I didn't think much of it and fixed them in the material over ride. 
I started to mess with Area effects,lighting etc and decided to make a sky box.

This is when i found out any new Mesh i add into my hero loads with the same texture that came up
after crash. This texture is not applied or open in anyway inside my modeling apps. It is also not in the same
folders as the new objects i am adding.  On static objects i can over ride and change it to the right texture.
However i can't do that with the skybox and my skybox looks like a mossy rock lol.

Anyone had this issue before? Anything i might be able to do to fix it?

"I rebooted all my programs and my pc and deleted the texture that everything is being pointed to.
Any new mesh added in still directs to this texture. Now with just flashing disco lights after removing the

"Also add that i was adding a new area and then it decided to use another texture at random. It changes
the textures on a few items and once again any new mesh added in auto loads to this texture.

I would guess it's a issue in the cloud?

Developer Job Board / Re: Outsourcing and Contracting
« on: Apr 29, 16, 08:48:18 PM »
How many hours do you all give for the month of work at 5k?

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Substance painter
« on: Apr 29, 16, 10:05:26 AM »
Thanks, I came across Quixel last night. I have a little time to check them both out before i am ready to buy.
I was just afraid they only made high quality textures that would be to large for MMO.

Art & Art Pipeline / Substance painter
« on: Apr 28, 16, 10:29:26 PM »
Does anyone know if the program Substance painter is any good for low poly MMO Models.


I would love a clean streamline way to get my UV files done i currently
just use Photoshop and do all my painting on the flat Uv files.

Right now i am in the process of learning 3dmax, After many years
of low polygon work with blender i am moving along pretty fast.

I haven't got to unwrapping any UV's yet and learning that in max but will
start building hundreds of game assets before to long.

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