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General Discussion / Re: A few questions before buying
« on: Nov 05, 16, 06:41:03 AM »
Can you create different genres with this?
 - Yes.

Can I build the game for multiple systems?
 - No.

Does this come with an account management?
 - Yes, that's half of what your paying for.

Are there a lot of updated tutorials on how to use and set it up?
 - No. You don't set it up, that's what your also paying for. The lovely engineers at IF set it up for you.

How hard is this to learn?
 - Depends on your programming and art skill. I find it hard but other community members have no issues.

Does it come with a way of creating a dynamic character?
 -  Yes, but this will be done with your code and art. It's not entirely built into the engine.

When a player equips an item, say a helmet, will the character be wearing the helmet?
 - Again, your code and art will do this. You will need to create an inventory system and a model of the helmet to then attach to the players head when they click the helmet in the inventory.

Can I create a way of changing the players class in game by an item (Like equipping a dagger turns the player into a thief if the player knows how to be a thief) or an NPC?
 - Yep, again your code. This is an Engine not an MMO Kit so you will have to program that all in yourself.

General Discussion / Re: Before Buying I want to know...
« on: Nov 05, 16, 06:20:26 AM »
HeroEngine is not an engine built for Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. The HoloLens is $3,000 a pop so that isn't even on the table but there has been community discussion about simple VR support (Head-tracking) but this is not official.

HeroEngine isn't, nor will it ever be an engine for "the future" you have Unreal, Unity and CryEngine for that along with whatever engine you decide to develop if you do. Hero is built to simplify the creation process of an MMO, that is all. You can make a singleplayer or multiplayer game on it based on whatever genre you want but VR/AR support isn't really high on the list. Most people that use this engine want to make third/first person Multiplayer Online games.

My overall point being that these ideas that you have posted can all be done, just not on Hero. Why? Because Hero is an MMO tool first and foremost. Its aim as I said is to simplify MMO and RPG creation. There is no real reason for Idea Fabrik to dive into Augmented or Virtual Reality as other engines already support this. MMO's with VR/AR support are a good idea but it would be easier to code it from scratch yourself or just use Unity which both Microsoft, Oculus and Vive have created official kits for.

DirectX11 is coming soon for Hero along with a few other cool features so Hero will be future ready in the way of Multiplayer Online gaming, I doubt it will ever be future ready for Augmented and Virtual Reality mainly because VR and AR is to expensive and wouldnt really work in an MMO environment. As I said before, use Unity, Unreal or CryEngine in this instance. Making an MMO/RPG? Great use Hero!, Making a VR/AR game? Great use Unity.

This is coming from an active VR developer.

General Discussion / Re: Power Outage
« on: Aug 26, 16, 07:55:24 PM »
Yeah no thanks Ill stick to Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean thanks... I doubt they're anywhere near as reliable and those prices are freaking insane.

I think I know what he means. If you paint/edit your terrain and then move your brush from the terrain to the black area or skybox it freaks out and does some pretty weird things.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Overwhelming?
« on: Jul 24, 16, 01:31:20 AM »
Ignatios I completely understand where your coming from, Hero's... everything? confuses the hell out of you for a while and no one but Raven has done a video tutorial. I recommend if you haven't yet, sit down and go through the wiki (it needs an update) and read up on client<>server networking and the DOM and GOM and all of that.

I think the best place to read up about Client and Server is, and as ridiculous as this may sound, the Unreal 4 Docs and forums. I got a much better understanding of how to use Client <> server with Unreal 4 than anything else, certainly helped with understanding why things in Hero are set to do what they do.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Warhammer 40k: Damnation
« on: Jul 24, 16, 01:01:53 AM »
Being someone who tried this when I was around 13 - 14 for a movie I was really into, it wont work. Even working for a decent sized company I can tell you getting the rights to make a game for a company like Games Workshop, especially when they have Warhammer 40k Space Marine, Mordheim and Warhammer Vermintide, is very hard.
You could spend 4+ years making this game just to get a DMCA alongside a public announcement that GW have been working on an MMO anyway.

Don't even bother man, even companies with old IP's will just laugh at you, seriously make your own game with your own ideas and DO NOT link it to any of your favorite games at all (Easter eggs are fine but don't steal story/weapons etc). Seriously, it even cost ID Software $5,000 back in the 90s to get the IP to Wolfenstein and it was a dead game with a defunct studio behind it.

1. What currencies will be supported for buying and selling?

2. How much does IF take per-sale or of the monthly sales?

3. Do we have to pay a fee if we upload something to the store?

4. Can we upload scripts and/or tutorials?

5. Do we have to include the base files (FBX/OBJ) with models?

6. If a developer says we have to add their name to the credits for using their assets that we just paid for, do we actually have to?

7. How heavily moderated will the store be?

8. Will users be able to report asset packs that are a scam, use copyright/others material or just generally bad packs?

Scripting & Programming / Hiding Cursor in HSL
« on: Apr 30, 16, 02:35:57 PM »

Does anyone know what the default Hide Cursor command is in HSL?

I'm using this script that gets called when a comma or period is pressed, and it has debugging.

It does call (as shown below in the console) but does not actually hide the cursor.

Does anyone know the actual code to hide and lock the cursor to the center, as I have had no luck so far on the Wiki.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Substance painter
« on: Apr 29, 16, 08:58:38 AM »
Its perfectly fine to use but hard to wrap your head around. But I would look at it and Quixel as well.

General Discussion / Re: How noob friendly is this ?
« on: Apr 01, 16, 08:54:14 AM »
A few questions to you before we get into this.

What other engines have you used?

Are you willing to spend 3 - 5 years on a single project?

Does you or a team-mate know how to model, code and deal with networking?

To answer some of your questions
Direct X 11 is coming, not sure about FBX, you can join the Skype group and check with some of the Hero Staff members. There are no real free to use base-assets, a few simple textures and models but they fit a specific style. As with most MMO's it will take a while to make your game, there are Hero world owners who have been working on their projects for a good 4 to 5 years now.

Now for links
Blight Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/nocaked/profile
Raven Tutorials - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P75m2HRaufs

Art & Art Pipeline / Model Textures Changing Color once Imported
« on: Oct 26, 15, 10:53:37 PM »
Hey guys,
Not sure why but after our 3d artist uploaded the first cave the textures decided to turn Green, Red and Black. I've checked with him and hes using 4K Textures and Photoshop + Nvidia Tools for DDS Export.

In HeroEngine

In 3DS Max 2015

Hey guys,

I have had problems with uploading to the Repo over the past 2 days. I drag and drop the files over like usual but once they have finished uploading I close and reopen the Repo and the folders are missing from the server. Anyone else have this issue? or anyone have a fix? as this is driving me absolutely crazy as I cannot continue working at all.

Before: http://puu.sh/iEwZa/87f6e64253.png
After Upload: http://puu.sh/iEx5t/18896021cb.png
After Repo exe Restart: http://puu.sh/iEwZa/87f6e64253.png

This will create a basic script that changes the color of an object when the mouse is hovering over it. Quite a basic script. I have set the tutorial out like most of Thazager's tutorials as they are a lot easier to follow. The script was originally uploaded by HE-Jay, I have turned it into a tutorial to help new and amateur Hero Engine users.

In the DOM, create a new (client side) class
Name = TMP_ObjectHighlight
Archetype = Data

click open script

In the new script TMP_ObjectHighlightClassMethod

Code: [Select]
shared function InputMouseEvent(args references Class _MouseEvent)
  targetNode as NodeRef of Class HBNode = args.MouseTarget
  if TargetNode <> None
    when args.MouseEventType
      is Enter
        targetNode["DiffuseColor"] = "#5.0,5.0,2.5,1.0" //Changes the color if mouse is on object.
        targetNode["AmbientColor"] = "#3.0,2.0,2.0,1.0"
      is Leave
        targetNode["DiffuseColor"] = "#1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0" //Resets Color to default
        targetNode["AmbientColor"] = "#1.0,1.0,1.0,1.0"

Compile and submit the code.

In your world click on the object you are looking to highlight and copy the GUID

In the Console type in /mnac then paste in your GUID and the class (as below).

Code: [Select]
/mnac (GUID), TMP_ObjectHighlight

Now you should have the desired effect.

This is my first tutorial so any and all advice/criticism is extremely welcome.

Developer Introductions / Shattered Studios
« on: Dec 14, 14, 03:12:07 PM »
Shattered Studios started as an Australian based Independent Development Group in late 2010. Created by 4 friends with the vision of creating a genre defining First Person Adventure Game upon the CryEngine. It then became defunct and in early 2013 in a small folder covered in dust on an external hard drive used for development a document was found. A small document with a plan of an Adventure based MMO, and with that Shattered Studios had been reformed. Unfortunately only 2 of the original 4 members remain but they stand strong.

And with that rather long winded introduction. Hello, my name is Coby and and I am the lead 3d modeller, texture artist and artistic director for the group. We are a small group and are both only young. Make sure to check us out on
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shatteredstudios

Thank you all for checking us out and we hope to talk to most of you in the near future!

General Discussion / Re: Hero Engine Developer Skype Group Chat
« on: Dec 14, 14, 02:54:49 PM »
Hey, could I please grab an add? Skype: ratchet3789
Thanks in advance

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