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Not sure how anyone else feels, but this is rather annoying. In particular in the script side once you get a bunch open and get use to the position of them and clicking on a row below shuffles it to the top. Would rather they just stay in 1 spot personally.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Oct 02, 15, 02:55:27 PM »
(bump) I am still curious about this.

Sorry, just for distribution. We use the 3rd party key system in Steam to send out keys for access to Heroenginegames. We have asked about getting some authentication to Steam to verify purchases to take out the 3rd party key thing, but it works for now.

If anyone digs up this thread, after asking the engineers about this again recently it was noted if you put the sound on a prop bucket that is not destroyed while zoning it can persist (code is in BaseClient). After changing the prop bucket and alterning the HE_ routines on BaseClient we were able to have the music persist properly.

Scripting & Programming / Re: Character Visible problem
« on: Jan 05, 15, 07:07:56 PM »
Thank all !)

ScottZarnke :
Character 9223372056078793096 is not close enough to the camera to be composited.
The compositing distance in this area is 8.

I checked in "Area" property (Edit -> Area) "Rooms" tab and found "Compositing start distance" parameter, it's default value was 8.0. When i changed value to 100, all my troubles with char visibility go away)

My problem is solved!)

Man been searching for that for awhile, thanks nocake for linking to this thread :-).


Just as a side note, the spatial and this value are not linked to my knowledge and only impacts dynamic characters.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: Visions of Zosimos
« on: Nov 20, 14, 07:14:24 AM »
Might hit me up, hoping to be at Gencon just to putz around and it helps they are doing it a bit earlier in 2015. Might be able to help out some as well.

General Discussion / Re: any chance we get more frameworks?
« on: Sep 26, 14, 07:40:44 AM »

Always been my example of something that would really help. That being said, it is an extremely large time commitment by anyone to do something like that. Step by step tutorials on how to build something is much more useful than existing pre-installed options though without a doubt.

Maybe HE dev can speak up on this, but I imagine this routine is preferred if you are going to do an offline lookup.


Both loading and doing a name lookup will result in a DB hit, but loading it I imagine is going to be a much larger hit where I imagine that will be a indexed search, which should be quick. If there name is valid then find a place to store whatever you are trying to send until the player is online. The object can be stored using the node delivery service as mentioned or could be stored marshaled and then unmarsheled once the player is online. Just would send a check to the storage location to ping anything is waiting and then send it to the player when they hop online.

You could also load the character up after the character is found using that routine, but is going to force a full load, a write, and then a dump of the character and if you send a bunch of items 1 by 1 going to result in that happening each time.

Oh how much fun I had figuring that one out :-).

Maybe it is just late and I am losing my mind, but did these options disappear recently?


That is what I am mostly talking about, there is also a test option that will rebuild a small chunk of the navmesh, was useful for testing changes.

It is pretty easy to reproduce in our world.

1. Go to any zone with npcs (Plymouth_City, FiringRange, Freedomtown)
2. In blade drag the display panel to change the resolution
3. Notice the nameplates are not properly hovering over the npcs.

This was not an issue until an update in April or May.

General Discussion / Re: high speed remote char stutter issue
« on: Jun 30, 14, 09:38:25 PM »
Pretty sure it impacts how often (or it is checked at least) the preAnimation update is done. The further away a character is per example you probably don't need to have it processing every frame or can get away with it every 50-100ms or so. We tweeked ours a bit as well, but you definitely want to shave some off if you can as it impacts performance with a lot of npcs/players in spatial.

I haven't dug into the player code yet as npcs were mostly causing us a ton of issues, but I am guessing it is something timing related as positional updates should be smoothed out to a certain degree on the client and could be another time based issues (which is #3).

General Discussion / Re: high speed remote char stutter issue
« on: Jun 24, 14, 09:04:17 PM »
It is probably 1 of 3 things.

1. As mentioned the further away they might be getting updated less. Might uncheck PrioritizeCharacterUpdates to see if that helps any as it will disable some things that make animations smoother (mind you not a great thing to do in production, but worth checking). Another pro tip, very useful when making videos as it smooths out animation at 30fps.

2. If you have path point updates they are sent with time stamps. If you are using stock code I am pretty sure it jumps to the location so if it is off slightly it might look like it jumps to the spot. Can poke around your serverControl script on the client to see if this is the case. I put in some code to smooth these out so it mostly only does that if it needs to catch up or the npc spawns in and it has to say go 2/3 down the path, otherwise they move slightly slower or faster to compensate (but might leave them slightly mismatched as a result on the client and server, but MMOs typically don't need perfect precision).

3. Issue I had is the time update from the server comes and changes your SYSTEM.TIME.NOW value and now you have slightly different time. Since it is keep tracking based on these time stamps for the paths even if it changes 100ms it is a very visual jump as if it is 500ms path you suddenly are 1/5 behind or ahead now of the path and the npc will "warp" to the spot. You will need to change all the code to get the .NOW difference initially and then use .LOCAL as it won't change during the movement process. It is most likely this.

We tweeked a lot in #2 and #3 and things look a lot smoother now, but still need to do a bit more work and I believe need to update players a bit as well, they look a lot more jagged moving around than npcs.

I think the approach with spec oracles and using specs is pretty logical (short of the async nature on the client, which  just tends to eat up more development time putting in proper code if it isn't cached yet, then again I have never seen what the alternative would of been synchronously).

In general as the game evolves and more members enter the team you will have people working in entering data into them and trying to cram it into a bunch of scripts is not the answer. Then as mentioned, you could use prototypes and push the data and build UIs for it, but you are pretty much reinventing the wheel at that point.

It really isn't documented well, but we also batch enter data into the oracles using some server calls and can dump them as well to compare data in a spreadsheet.

General Discussion / Re: Watermark on client
« on: Jun 03, 14, 10:49:55 PM »
Sorry, will go smack the left hand *l*. Should read our own changes notes better.

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