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This is usually due to load issues, I get this on my laptop, which runs on lesser hardware. Anyway just wait for it to load.. if not restart the HSL editor and see if that works.. If it was indeed empty you wouldnt have a working chat where you could type things in. If you do have that then there is nothing wrong.

Anyway just take the content here and write it in your own script its pretty similar to what the E script is allready and you need to replace them anyway.. But its one hell of a job :P

Scripting & Programming / Re: How do I make a Gui appear
« on: Feb 01, 12, 04:05:37 AM »
Take a look at how the Simple Chat window is made in the dev tutorials.

There you first make the class in the DOM. Then make a gui.xml class, then write the script for your class. And modify the gui.xml to how you would like it to look like.

Then in the E_playerAccountClassMethods, as stated above, you write the code you have to instantiation the GUI.

Anyway the SimpleScrollAbleChatWindow is a pretty nice tutorial for how you can make all your GUI windows and panels etc.

Not sure if i was supposed to do this.. Anyway I just wiped the signatures old meaning.. or something like that. Atleast i got a GUI that showed me an option to do that and it compiled fine now im just worried how things will turn out :P

So I have made my own ChatHandler method along with all the others except for the InputCommand which is still the same..

I have allready managed the Client side Game system Node, and switched around E_ChatHandler with Game_ChatHandler which is my own prefix and script and class. I'm getting some errors though with the

method OpenChatInput(command as Boolean) - followed by this error messag: Signature not found

method GetChatWindow(): Signature not found.

Anyone have a clue what this might mean I belive this follow up to the next error im getting

 is "Chat"
   is "SlashChat"

and im guessing these are following the method OpenChatInput(command as Boolean), which isnt compiling right.

Any hints?

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple ability tooltip window
« on: Jan 24, 12, 03:53:33 PM »
Yeah i did the exact thing but in the repo browser when i try to view the file there the ccw_abilityBar.xml file then it has nothing more than an empty file and just the other random stuff i was putting in with size in the editor etc. But i used the script and compiled submited yeah.

Im not sure why it doesnt fill that into the repo browser but that seems to be the mistake and currently i dont have a work station because my boss isnt doing anything to give me access to the repo browser as of yet. Or he is on vaccation so I guess im stuck since i can download it but i cant upload the new file..... Frustration.

Anyway that seems to be the issue, but its pretty strange that its changed in the Script Editor but not in the repo browser.

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple ability tooltip window
« on: Jan 24, 12, 02:34:42 PM »
Im not quite sure what you mean.. or atleast I think.

I have done that allready and i was thinking of just tweaking the button holders etc to get more of them and in a smaller size and place them at other places etc etc. So im making a CCW_AbilityBar class and also its class method script all is copied from the latter e_ script for now. Just to see if its working as intended.

Then im making a new xml file called CCW_AbilityBar then i open the xml in the script editor. Copying the e_xml into ccw_ xml file. That should be about it right? and then I should be able to open the ccw_abilityBar xml file in the organizer tab and fix the properties right?. Well thats all working and all, but i dont get the _panels. The buttons and the holders which is defined in the xml script.

So i was wondering is this the thing i did wrong and replacing what? Im not sure what to replace cause all i did was copying things from the one to the other. So it should be working right?

Then i guess i have to go into the e_acc something and just put in my prefix to get my own gui ability bar panel.

I have allready done something similar with the chat system and i got all the chat options / window options for the chat right away and i could add more throug code etc etc.

Developer Created Tutorials / Re: Simple ability tooltip window
« on: Jan 24, 12, 09:23:05 AM »
I might be stupid or something, but well im making my own AbilityBar with my own prefix. To make some changes implementing chat panel compas etc into it. How do you get the buttons and stuff. Becuase I tried to use the same xml code for my abilityBar as for the e_abilitybar.xml, there it states that _panel something adds button holder etc etc. But i dont got anything on my xml file when i look it up in the organizer..

Any help would be neat :) thanks in advance

Im not sure where it sais so but its the e_ classes that is to be removed. not the he classes as these śre the old versions of the same thing.

You can change the color and texture in the properties panel once you open GUI editor and click the item you want to change. The lines you are looking for will be in the botton of properties panel.

Yeah I kinda know that :) But it doesnt work for this window, and it didnt work for the HE or E_ window either when I tried to apply some texture there.. I cant find where to change the text either.. but i know where your pointing me too, but it does not work for me atleast.

I do not know why but i cant see any text nor can i press the enter key aka 13 to text out a message or open it up for a message to be written.

I dont know what i have done wrong but i have searched throug the scripts to look for any mistakes .. but i cant find one.

PS: im a moron thanks for the tut ! no need to help me as i figured out my own flaws...

Yeah one more thing.. how am I supposed to change the chat window color etc. Aka texture. I cant seem to find out how thats handled with this nor the other built in window for the clean engine.

Scripting & Programming / Re: MouseWheel controllers
« on: Dec 10, 11, 09:26:32 AM »
Thansk Scott, I will need that for later development so thats needed. I will take a look =)

Scripting & Programming / Re: MouseWheel controllers
« on: Dec 09, 11, 03:56:53 PM »
Jeez course man why do have to make things so difficult for myself ;)

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] MouseWheel controllers
« on: Dec 09, 11, 03:29:28 PM »
I might be stupid here but im just trying to get the zoom functions to a proper state. Like moving the wheel inwards zooms in, and outwards zooms out.. how would i accomplish this searched around pretty much on wiki and forum right now..

I thought i had to go into the gamekeybindings.ini nothing there about the mouseWheel, then i went to the script called Input_Camera, the zoom functions there doesnt respond to any changes either.

awesome man thanks :P didnt think of that !

Yeah I tried this one out but im getting some errors when compiling the code.. Im not sure why though.

Its for the Call reply HeaderEditorClassMethords:error,success for the two untrusted functions. And then ofcourse im getting the same errrors in the header. Any ideas?

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