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Developer Hero Projects / Re: Bite Me - MMOARPG
« on: Nov 16, 11, 10:02:49 PM »
I recently read josh's comment and decided that I'll reserve some more space to some bullet points about my game. Generally I want to push the engine as far as it will go and beyond. Unfortunately there will be areas I will not be able to enhance or perform about the engine, so my planning will need to change. Generically, the game revolves around dynamic living world and npcs that fight everything. You can ride cars in races, gamble, capture set points for resources or let the whole world go to Hell by letting the enemy factions tear your towns apart.

Scripting & Programming / [Resolved] Dynamic Events And Areas
« on: Oct 04, 11, 01:51:26 PM »
Ok, I want to create dynamic real life scripted events such as helicopter crashes, maruader raids, outbreaks of mass chaos, and all based on a huge decision engine. What I would like to get answered is this. Because areas spin up and down, would I need to link the dynamic events to the areas to be sure that they don't fire those areas up unnecessary to launch the dynamic events. Would this be the best solution, or just leave out the dynamics?

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: World Suggestions Suited To My Theme
« on: Oct 02, 11, 06:57:42 PM »
I'm technically asking for some boundaries that would make players accept them better than coming to a wall of rocks in the middle of nowhere and saying "WHAT!?!"

Developer Hero Projects / Bite Me - MMOARPG
« on: Oct 02, 11, 06:55:56 PM »
The name is a filler, and meant to describe what you play. Generally in terms, Bite Me doesn't function like a sandbox or themepark mmorpg. The key word is action, and action comes in the form of fluidity between pvp, pve, mini games, ranked and competitive pvp, and dynamic living world. The player is set during a zombie Apocalypse and is belonging to 1 of the 3 factions. You have Scientists wanting to control the outbreaks, Military wanting to establish order and destroy the outbreaks, and Survivors wanting to live and survive the outbreaks. Your NPC fall into fellow Scientific Researchers, Military Factions, Survivor Colonies and Marauders (bandits and thugs Hell bent on looting and killing everything) and Zombies. the Scientists, Military and Survivors can fight, so a core essence pvp, pve can happen everywhere. A player must technically "flag" to turn pvp on, but other than that it can happen in towns, instances, dungeons, ect. Without the "flag" on, you can group with Scientists, Military and Survivors.

Dynamics will play a large roll inside the game. Each area will have 4 dynamics that will contain a small pool of outcomes that will effect that area. Zombies invade your small town, you lose to the zombies as they overrun and take objectives, you lose the town to trade and buy in until the NPC can come back (or the "RESET" brings them back in as a small uncontrolled dynamic event). For working on UDK, Cry2/3 and Unity, I know dynamics in a game that are scenario and decision driven are important. The general themepark quest system is based on repeatable quests giving supplies and opening up other areas for the players. Players are giving "jobs" pertaining to what they want to choose in game. You can be a mechanist, a doctor, a soldier, and even a business man. you decide what you want to do, as such a system is not locking you into a class, but rather what profession you would like to be. ultimately, you can learn all of the professions, but they do not effect the type of combat skills you have. I.E. a business man can still throw grenades and shoot a m-16 and maybe even fly a helicopter.

My world has "layers" of the game built into it. In further "zones" players can explore open sky in that "area" as permitted. they simply can't fly to every area and zone, as limitations on fly space and fuel make it limiting to them. NPC might also have a way of "limiting" fly space for the player such as anti-air and acid shooting zombies. Ultimately players can build their own survivor colonies on the higher end maps, allowing factions and npc to invade and conquer new territories. these should not be instanced, but should be linked into the world as capture-able objects that come to life with special dynamics driven towards them. the special dynamics will be integrated into the system of zone dynamics for them already, as to not flood the server with too many "threads and functions" to process at one time.

Skills are general, and they depend on item mastery. Bascially, you can swing your chainsaw in a flury of ways to create your own combo chains. Generic class based systems would not work here. Item Mastery and Item proficiency come along as you level up. Skill, timing, and maybe even the better strategic point on the map can determine the victor.

As for lore, we will integrate that into the quests, dynamics, and even let the players pick back story options allowing npc and the world to react to such. Not much else to say, since it's long enough already.

Game Dev and Gaming / World Suggestions Suited To My Theme
« on: Oct 02, 11, 06:35:46 PM »
Ok, I'm one of the new developers here on the Hero Engine forums and I have some questions about my world design. I am making a world that can balance 5,000 player population per channel, which is different from the shard. Each channel, login, database, gameserver would need its own server as stated by the developers. I have 4 areas linked per zone, with a sub set of 15 areas linked into 3 instances. My design is for a post appocalyptic world, as I have saved my high fantasy idea for something else. My questions will be outlined with my vision in the second paragraph.

I want to create a world that is believable with out much limit to the players. My land mass is the size of a general continent, as the player travels around believably surviving and gathering resources and building stuff. The zones are pieces of the landmass, and divided up into Areas. Each Zone has 4 areas connected inside it, and additionally has 15 areas connected to "instances". My question is, how to block players in without building weird mountain ranges that seemingly block their path. I don't want to build tons of the world, nor do I want it totally open to explore. My theme wont allow such a generic theme park MMOG such as Eden Eternal or another linear game. I don't want to build areas the size of WoW maps, because general Rift and WoW populations are within 2,500 to 5,000 players per channel, not counting the numerous channels per shard. So roughly areas designed to handle 50-100 players per area if needed. I am experienced with the UDK, Cry3 and those work differently than here. The techniques for a MMOG are much different than a regular FPS or RPG. I can't always leave my zones with a solid wall of cliff, or some non swim-able water, or some drop off into a inaccessible desert. I can build human barricades for some maps, make some crashes and environmental destruction, but that will become repetitive and tedious to make it look believable.

So my problems are, I want a good boundary point for my game, but I want players to realize that the boundary point isn't some magical cliff they can't climb because I said so. I need to give it good reason. Another problem of mine is making my game seem open, but yet still linear in paths. I want to mix being able to explore with being able to still push them into their path. My game is NOT quest driven. I will be going over the game BASE design so you can better understand and respond with helpful answers to my post.

The world is dynamically driven. I need 4 sets of dynamically controlled events per area. It's simply if NPC invades area A, completes a series of objectives against the players, then Area A adapts and changes to the Dynamic Event. To prevent stress and overload per area, each event is randomly generated and can be player triggered by doing quests, or exploring and interacting with the world. The dynamics are on a cool down period so the server doesn't "burn" from handling too many process at once. The area will be reset after the cool down is completed, or players retake objectives for that area before the cool down. The AI has a decision engine, allowing them to eat, sleep, drink, react to players, give quests, interact with other npc, or actually do nothing. My world is simulated and is alive.

These boundaries need to be in good measure alongside the set exploration freedoms. I have a problem mixing the 2 together because everytime I do it ends up either linear, or to server stressed. I concluded that the Instance "Areas" dont load up unless activated by players, and they are on different servers. Some suggestions would be nice.

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