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General Discussion / Re: Substitute drive not showing in repo
« on: Feb 10, 13, 01:33:20 AM »
Yeh I thought as much Scott,thank you. Its a right Royal pain though, I did one on win7 the other day and it worked fine? got me buggered.

Cheers Bullet

General Discussion / Substitute drive not showing in repo
« on: Feb 10, 13, 12:26:06 AM »
Hi guys,

new PC etc etc...now I have had this trouble once before on another artists PC but now have it on mine. I have uploaded and installed the latest Hero repo etc. I use this command "subst R: D:\CARBONSTUDIOS\HE" which I have used previously and on other win7 systems...and it works fine, just not this time on my particular machine.It shows up on my PC as a drive just not in the repo? Any ideas?

I will add, because I forgot LOL, new tower. When you put the usersetup file into Maya make SURE it goes into the SECOND scripts folder within Maya's Prefs folder ie


solved it straight away.

Im with Cooper, Nvidia cards can sometimes just stop working in HQ rendering. It is all over the net, pain in coight.

Hope I have helped

cheers Bullet :)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: My objects are not visible
« on: Jul 24, 12, 04:04:26 AM »
Joel nailed it BUT you source your Hero material from the local drive where you have your art pipeline setup...not the repo. You also have the texture saved as a .dds format? and not jpeg? or anything other than .dds?

Joel is right with the scale thing too...this had me stumped until I realised I have Maya set in centremetres and I had to scale it up. Go into Heroblade then up top Window>Properties (Im sure) then down near the bottom (dont select or deselct anything once you have created the model, it should be highlighted) there is a scale report. Type in 100,100,100 then see if this helps.

Oh...dont create model twice...you have to LOAD ASSET first...then straight after that CREATE model, dont worry about touching dynamic place yet.

Check your material first, then LOAD etc...then check the scale.

cheers Bullet

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Art Pipeline driving me nuts
« on: Jul 24, 12, 03:35:36 AM »
COEDude is correct, I had this trouble too...LOL...and it was so simple. Do your texture folders in the local drive you have your art pipeline in, then call the textures up FROM there into Max, or Maya. It will confuse a bit, but you will get used to it.

Here is a quick example of what I use in my cloned drive for Hero. Hope it helps a little

cheers Bullet

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: <SOLVED>Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 26, 12, 06:20:58 PM »
LOL I would love to wipe the machine Cooper but sadly a lot of the Survey software I do have is outdated and I no longer have the discs...so Im stretching it as much as possible. At 10-12k a pop for new software its not feasible for me to upgrade.

I will admit though, I have had trouble with Maya quite a bit. Not all of my software is computer based...I use a PDA for my work and the general trouble I have are mostly one program talking to another...ie GPS machine control etc. I think Im a magnet for software glitching.

I have successfully uploaded a working model since my last post. I will note however that I left it scaled down in Maya then rescaled in Hero.

Thanks again everyone

cheers Bullet

Art & Art Pipeline / <SOLVED>Re: Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 26, 12, 01:54:10 AM »
Ok Bennett and Cooper I solved it. I uninstalled EVERYTHING including Maya then reinstalled the whole show again. I dont know for the life of me what the bloody problem was.....all I can say is my opinion gravitates toward Maya. I deleted the repo etc etc all asets in the engine, reinstalled Maya...and now it works. Well I wouldnt say I solved it LOL but reinstalling everything seems to have worked.

To answer Cooper yes all was fine before....Im at a loss mate...I really am. I have the same issuse with Surveying software...it just wakes up in the morning with a bad attitude and doesnt want to play...I guess Maya is the same.

Anyway thank you chaps you have been helpful indeed.

Cheers Bullet

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 25, 12, 08:23:47 PM »
Its a standard single Hero material Bennett...I will have a look  at its settings though. I am also going to try and scale down the model asset in Maya back to say a 1m high model and see if the scale itself is also an issue. Byron and myself did have the whole model in the engine but it was super small.....will try today and see what happens...keep you posted.

cheers Bullet

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 24, 12, 06:00:23 PM »
Hi Bennett,

Thank you for the reply.

all good for the normals....I check this before I export. Went through every peice and set normals to face...double checked with your method and also 2 sided lighting but all seems ok. The weird part is I have a scale issue as well...when I first imported the mesh, it was all there just very tiny. I did the uninstall and reinstall of hero and that fixed the scale issue but then the missing mesh cropped up.

I can see the whole model in Hero preview...which is strange as that usually shows up an error, I always use this little function to check whether Hero has it all. Im hoping the preview is a fully functional little gem? as this should be a must for anyone to preview before uploading, saves heartache.

I will re-export this arvo and see if it has changed. I will be flying back home tonight so I will be able to get onto a landline and not rely on sporadic signal with my mobile.

Thank you again, I will endeavour to solve this....will post later any results I may have.

Cheers Bullet

(P.S) I also did the check after combining the mesh in case wonderful Maya spat the dummy...all good.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 24, 12, 04:08:32 AM »
I checked out the post answer by Khalil...unfortunately I couldnt find anything in Maya to reset Hero scale...hmmmm.  :'(

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Meshes not visible in Hero
« on: Apr 23, 12, 10:15:53 PM »
Hi guys,

I have uploaded the new art pipeline etc and all finally was working in Maya. Now I have a problem...when I export from Maya to Hero...Heroengine only shows half a mesh. I have quadruple checked and tried various ways (thinking it could be Maya) as grouped, combined meshes etc...but no luck. I also had a scale issue where my models were coming into the engine extremely small but WHOLE meshes.

I have since uninstalled Hero and did a reinstall, the scaling issue is gone but only half the mesh is visible...with a standard Hero material. Now...I could and did actually get my character to stand atop said model....even though the mesh wasnt visible and the bounding box only went half way up the model.

I am at a loss? I have uninstalled etc again...no change this time...I have not changed any default settings in the exporter. The .hgm is visible in the previewer without a doubt...I have checked this several times.

I am working in a remote locale at present and am having difficulty logging onto the net...I will be able to post screen shots within 48 hours when I return home. In the meantime can anyone help me out? I have exhausted all I know...

Thanks Bullet :( :(

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: normal and spec maps
« on: Mar 02, 12, 07:00:36 PM »
I had this trouble a lot...Cooper is right. In PS or whatever program you are using for the textures (Im using Crazybump)...make the spec pretty well black...as dark as you can get them. It does work, you just have to play with it and write down or save the settings for future use. With Crazybump I can save settings..play with it and tweak until its right in Hero..then save those settings. Hope you solved the problem

cheers bullet

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Jan 30, 12, 05:23:44 AM »
LOL my nickname has been my own for 25 years deathnvraccepts old son LOL. I will hopefully (weather permitting) be able to upload the preview of the finished obelisk by Wed Western Australian time...... My nickname is and was derived for my speedy attendance in an Engineering Surveyors capacity...which I am still highly sought after..hence the 'bullet' title.

Cooper you are a Cad LOL...dig your style mate.

cheers bullet

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Jan 28, 12, 09:54:31 PM »
I will also add that anyone willing to join the art team would be a boon in the least for myself. We would like to get this game up and running as soon as we can..........anyone willing to have a crack with me...please contact Byron and arrange an interview. The more we have at our disposal the quicker we can get this game on the road.

cheers bullet

Developer Hero Projects / Re: World of Eden Online
« on: Jan 28, 12, 09:49:34 PM »
Thanks guys.....the model is still low poly...I can clean it even more. I preferred to use poly's in this case for clarity of the edges...I dont think normal maps would provide this. The texture was only a test to see what it would look like with the base image I had picked.

The obelisk will have various colour variants for Byron to choose the best them. I like the dark look and yes it does give Stargate look....I think (opinions from friends) the general consensus was the darker hue gave it an imposing look. This I think is what we need to achieve, to give it an ominous look...something surreal and an inanamite object with a sense of presence.

I am currently still sorting out the UV mapping...this will be completed very shortly, then Byron and myself will mull over the textures.

cheers bullet

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