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News & Announcements / Happy Holidays!
« on: Dec 24, 17, 06:03:25 PM »
On behalf of the Hero Engine team, I'd like to extend a Merry Christmas to all of you!
Have a safe and happy holiday season everyone :)

May we look forward to wonderful things with Hero Engine in the upcoming year!

News & Announcements / Overlapping Text/DPI Scaling Issues
« on: Nov 21, 17, 12:44:16 PM »

Under certain computer hardware/OS/monitor configurations, user interface elements will be displayed inappropriately scaled/blurred or otherwise incorrectly rendered. This behavior is most commonly observed in systems that include high dpi resolutions or when using the Windows OS's capability to scale display elements beyond their normal default value.
• Images and user interface elements such as icons, toolbars, text, and dialog boxes appear to be fuzzy
• Certain user interface elements are too large or too small compared to expected proportions
• Font elements appear to be blurry compared to other applications or the Operating System itself
This problem occurs in varying degrees across many applications as Microsoft improves the Operating System's API for handling high dpi resolutions. Unfortunately, a combination of factors ranging from hardware, outdated drivers and/or incorrectly installed/configured monitors mean that there are a variety of failure points outside of our control despite our best efforts to implement fallbacks to handle a variety of potential error conditions.


To resolve the issue, attempt the following fixes:

• Make sure the computer's Graphics Drivers are up to date
• Run the player client in full windowed mode
• Adjust the DPI scaling for the Windows Operating System

Fix 1:

Make sure Graphics Drivers are up to date.

If you still have the issue try Fix 2:

Fix 2:

Run the player client in full windowed mode
1. Edit your player.ini file to change the line fullscreen=0 to fullwindow=1 then save the file
The default location for this file for steam users is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\YourGame”
The location for the Stand Alone installer will be located in the directory selected during installation
2. Right-click the player_client.exe and select Properties from the menu
3. Select the Compatibility Tab
4. Check the box which says, “Override high DPI scaling behavior.”
5. Change “Scaling performed by: Application” dropdown
Nvidia users using DSR, or AMD gpu users using VSR select “System”
Otherwise, select “System Enhanced”
6. See pic below
7. Click the Apply button

Fix 3:

Adjust the DPI scaling for the Windows Operating System

1. Right-click Desktop and Display Settings
2. If you can: Where it says Change the size of text, apps, and other items dropdown to 100%.
3. If this is greyed out, click Custom Scaling and change to 100%
dpi scaling 100%.jpg
4. No matter which method, always sign out of your windows user account and sign back in (You can do a reset if you wish)

If you still have the DPI issue after these 3 changes, it’s highly likely you are using some other software to do your DPI scaling, we will help where you can, but the obvious places to check are usually inside your graphics card control panel.

General Discussion / Happy Fourth of July!
« on: Jul 04, 17, 02:18:21 PM »
Just wanted to extend a Happy Independence Day to all of you! Have a safe and happy holiday :D

News & Announcements / Update March 2017
« on: Mar 26, 17, 09:25:22 PM »

This update is LONG overdue!.  The first quarter of 2017 has been a very busy one for all of us, and I'd like to provide a brief update on what we've been working on.  In the next weeks, we hope to provide a more specific update on what has been achieved and what new things have been added to the HeroEngine main branch of development.  We hope you all will understand that while we can speak about what we are working on, that actual delivery date of any specific features is still up in the air.  We're working on multiple priorities including the releasing of several of our customers' products at the same time as we're working on features for all of you.

Over the last two months, we've been working on a number of website updates.  Sadly, many of those are not visible as they affect the underlying backend to support future expansion of web service features.   As a result of feedback from the developer community, we've added some additional information in the form of changelogs for our Roadmap to help ensure you all know where we are going moving forward.  Also, we've attempted to add graphics depicting the general progress towards specific features to the roadmap (http://heroengine.com/heroengine/he-roadmap).

Our main focus of development has been the D3D11 update for HeroEngine, which lays the foundation for the D3D12 features that we've already started planning.  Once our current release priorities ease, development will focus on releasing the D3D11 features to the entire community.   The first step in that process will be the deployment of a publically accessible test server for the DX11 features using existing Hero's Journey and (of course with permission) content from currently in development and newly released games.

Additionally, we have also started to plan for the integration of the Steam SDK and other external services to more easily support launching products on multiple publishing sources.  As you can imagine, there is a significant amount of work involved to generically support external service architectures in HeroEngine.  It will be an ongoing process, where we expose multiple phases of increasing integration to the multiple supported services.

If there are specific questions, or concerns related to particular services and features supported or other services your team believes should be supported...please feel free to bring them to our attention.

General Discussion / PR Intro
« on: Feb 17, 17, 10:58:24 AM »
Good morning everyone!
My name is Raynie. I have recently accepted the position of PR Rep for Hero Engine and I am incredibly excited about that!
I believe, while engaged in a project, Engineers and Developers shouldn't spend their precious time browsing forums for questions or making sure websites are updated. However, I appreciate the fact that that information needs to be available. My intention here is to bring you the updates and information you need to feel good about choosing HE for your game. 
Now, a bit about my background:
I began playing console games with the introduction of Atari. I didn't get into MMOs until about 20 years ago though. My first was a game called Hellbreath and from there I went on to beta test and play Lineage II, Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest and of course WoW. I've tried out many others in between but those are the ones that stand out most to me. 

The Repopulation was the game that opened my eyes to the customer service side of game development though. That community was (and still is) amazing. Never before had I been a part of such a helpful group of players and developers alike. 

I worked for ABT on The Repopulation as a full time game master and customer service rep from mid 2015 through the end of shutdown. Afterward, I continued on with them through the implementation of Fragmented until the end of last year. 

I am excited to begin working here with Hero Engine. I will do my best to convey information in a timely manner.  If you have questions or concerns,  I'll do everything I can to get answers for you. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.


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