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Developer Hero Projects / Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic
« on: Oct 04, 11, 09:36:38 PM »
This is defiantly the number one game I've been looking forward to. BioWare has always produced such amazing pieces of work, and when I was looking for an engine years back and I stumbled across HeroEngine I was stoked - and then my happiness levels exploded into millions of pieces when I discovered they were using the Engine I had stumbled across (of course they were using it LONG before I came across it.)

With the knowledge of Beta weekends, I'm even more excited - I would love to get in on that and see how they've utilized the engine... might even spark some ideas in my head. I suppose I can just hope to get an invite but more then likely, wait for a release. I had my (collector's edition) pre-order in the day they announced the pre-order was available.

Overall, this is gonna be great.

Developer Introductions / Nightshade Gaming Corp.
« on: Sep 08, 11, 02:30:10 PM »
Good Day Everyone - it seems we've all been encouraged to utilize the forums much more then previously. Since I'm new around here, I figure this is the best way to provide post number one... so here I go.

Nightshade Gaming Corp.
Nightshade Games is a company founded in Ontario, Canada in the year 2010. Unfortunately the company isn't really much to speak on; the company consists of me and only me right now. I had a vision for a new kind of MMORPG for players to take part in, at first I was working around with getting investors - this was long before HeroCloud was created - originally I wanted to adopt HeroEngine as I understood the potential and the strength that lied within HeroEngine and I wanted to harness that potential. In the end, I ran into some complications and the dream had to be put on hold. But like a beacon of hope, I managed to procure HeroCloud - and I'm thankful for it.

Unfortunately with how it is, I haven't managed to actually get very far in development so the company is mostly dormant. While I do not have investment backing, each cost must be incurred directly out of my pocket and my job - its a good thing my bills are small (Haha). With this, I'm always looking for new talent - be it artists, modellers, or animators. The best solution I have come up with is to contract people to work on bits here and there and move along slowly, bringing it all together in the end. That's how I'm progressing - and thankfully, I no longer have a time constraint for development (When looking for investments, I would have had something playable in about 5 or 6 months and be ready for a lunch after 1 year of development).

Now who am I? I'm just a guy with an aspiring dream and only at the age of 23. I've played games for years, I've loved MMORPGS, I'm not so awesome at First-Person Shooter, but enjoy my RPGs more then anything. My top developing company is probably BioWare - for obvious reasons. While I may suck at FPS, I still enjoy playing. Technically I like all kinds of games - except for sports, never good in the real world, just as bad in the virtual world.

My project is mostly under-wraps but I'd be willing to share information as time goes forward, and being that we are all HeroEngine and HeroCloud developers, you can bet you'll all probably get the first peek at news, screenshots, videos and so on before the rest of the public... heck if people are willing, you'll likely get the first chance to play in the testing phases.

The company's goal is the make our MMORPG the first game we release - focus as much attention as we can on it and hopefully reap the benefits. As our exclusive game for years, I have no doubt we should be able to produce something quality. After an undetermined amount of time, the company will (hopefully) be expanded and eventually produce other games, including that of consoles and PCs - its a dream, but I hope it will become a reality in the future... we all have to start somewhere.

At this time, no webpage is available. That's being created - I will update this post later - this also goes for our Twitter account (and eventually FaceBook or other social mediums).

Hopefully this post is enough for a good opening post. Looking forward to everything.

All the best to the community,
Robert (or Rob preferably... no need to be so formal) - aka Draconis (on the forums)

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