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Off Topic / Re: Who makes HeroEngine happen?
« on: Aug 28, 13, 10:46:35 AM »
Plus, we wouldn't want the oompa loompas to start thinking they're people too....

Made my day  ;D

Use tricks like stones piercing through the water creating foam. Or use objects like bridges, caves, arches to hide the seam. Of course if a player really wants to find/see the seam, they'll always gonna find it, but if they just look from above, some easy visual tricks can make a huge difference.

General Discussion / Re: How far can I go without modelling?
« on: Aug 24, 13, 04:36:37 AM »
I think you can get further then I at the beginning.. Because I knew only PHP and got quite Trouble to start with HSL. But I just Keep looking into the wiki and codes etc. It just slows down, but it's still possible.
For you it would be exactly the opposite. Building the whole Systems is a huge Advantage as you can just Show it off and say: "that's the Product, now I Need Graphics. Who wants to join?" (more or less)

As for the graphics. You can go with placeholder from all over the Internet and just comvert them for HeroEngine. Then if you Team up with graphic Artist they only Need to replace it.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: How easily would this import/work?
« on: Aug 22, 13, 10:09:29 AM »

That's an old post where I tried to expain the basic set up.. It may help as an addition to the wiki.

General Discussion / Re: Nvidia - PhysX - APEX support
« on: Aug 22, 13, 10:00:59 AM »
Physix was disabled for cloud worlds.. You need a source license to implement it.
I think it was because of performance issue. Cooper posted about it a few times.. Should have shown up in the search ;)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: How easily would this import/work?
« on: Aug 22, 13, 07:03:04 AM »
I think it would be pretty easy.. You only need to know how to get the model into 3ds max, retexture it (uv data should still be there, so it's rather a "change the mat to hero and point to the right texture) and apply the bip (if not already done). Then you export the Files and animations and set up the the files for the repository (animationset etc.)

Didn't read through everything thought.. Will take a better look at it later..

Animation / Re: Character Movement Not Working Properly....
« on: Jun 24, 13, 03:07:59 AM »

Well.. what I see in this Scene is that the srb compared to the size of the model doesn't go far enough.. how big is you character?

This rather Looks like in place Animation. The Srb is bound to you bip01 bone, you don't Need to animate the srb itself. So with the Animation you already have, you just Need to Animate the bip01 bone to move a bit further on the y axis.

I was just looking into the combat System. As it is stated on the wiki, the character Data Tutorial is outdated.
So before doing exactly the same that you already did, I thought of asking you whether you got a working System now or not and how you actually did it.

General Discussion / Re: Saving a GUI Layout Fails
« on: Jun 11, 13, 06:02:42 PM »
Your not in a play instance.. Are you?

Can't remember that it didn't save except ones when I was in a play instance.. If you were in a edit instance -> I have no clue^^

Design & World Building / Re: Creating large maps
« on: Jun 11, 13, 12:13:19 PM »
Or you reduce it to 5 areas (1+4) / that's something like brick wall pattern tought^^

Link: http://www.uexilon.ch/HE/seamless3.jpg

The main area where a lot happens in the middle, surrounded by area's that with a rather low load and with less objects, etc.  To travel to the next "high" load area you'd need to travel through two "low" load areas. That gives you the possibility to allways blend out the old "high" load area, means only on of those Area at a time is loaded.

That's also rather a theoretical solution as it limits already quite a lot the design.

General Discussion / Re: States right click menu not working?
« on: Jun 09, 13, 06:21:51 AM »
States work in my world when coded, but not with the State spec oracle.
I mentioned that somewhere once, but then forgot about it. It's good that you bring it up again

Scripting & Programming / Re: Smart Objects
« on: Jun 06, 13, 06:12:22 PM »

either by using code or by using the state system spec oracle, you can define how a static object should be transformed, moved, etc. when a certain event occours. Maybe you want the player to open the door with a mechanism, so that would be a wired state system. Or you could also use a trigger to call a script that opens the door automaticly as soon as the player enters the trigger area (and maybe close it as soon as he lefts the trigger area?)

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Animated Particles
« on: Jun 06, 13, 06:07:00 PM »
For what reason do you need a particle that can change the textures? Can't imagine anything like this^^
As far as I know, swapable textures is only supported on dynamic characters. At least I haven't read of anything else. May Cooper correct me if I'm wrong.

What you could do is let the particle die after a certain amount of time and then spawn a new one with a different texture...  If think we could help you better if you explain what you try to achieve.  ;)

Design & World Building / Re: Creating large maps
« on: Jun 06, 13, 05:13:52 AM »
In a city you could use your buildings to limit the information every player needs to receive/send.

A normal modern City would maybe look like this:


That means you'd have over 12 areas loaded because of the long streets where you can see everything that is miles away from you.

http://uexilon.ch/HE/seamlesslinking_advice2.jpg While here it would clearly be limited just by placing the builduing in a different way.

There's no perfect solution, but like the advice of keeperofstars, it should give you an idea on how to think about seamless. Keep the number of areas, players, needed Server load and displayed objects/polys in a good balance is the way to go. If you need to incrase one of these variables, you should decrease a bit of all the others.

If you need more players in a area for combat (higher server load), you'd want to keep the number of areas for instance at one or two, while you try to keep objects and polys low (well that's rather because of the client).

Have you checked whether the files are really located there?
The paths look pretty messed up...

if it throws an error out, that there's a file missing then it's simply missing :S Well sometimes you need to restart heroblade thought, but afterall if the files are where they should be, then it works quite well..

There must be something wrong with the files.. I'd recommend to open the folder and every text file and then really check through every single path. i had also problems but never that many.. So it must be rather something "simple" (that doesn't mean it's allways easy to finde them ;) )

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