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Animation / Re: -Resolved- New animation problem
« on: Oct 03, 15, 10:50:20 AM »
remove combat_idle from s_hum_fem.DAT. For the Synchronous error, you must remove any "fallback" animations on the walk.hgm in the animation panel after loading the .dat.

Animation / Re: Existing Animation Tracks Question
« on: Oct 03, 15, 10:14:11 AM »
You do not loop the turn animations, the engine will loop them and yes the SRB must rotate. No it does not lean when running, it just makes the character turn when rotating the mouse in an idle pose (as seen in Hero's Journey). Almost all our player base hated it, because of the lag having to wait for the turn animation before moving. I'd strongly suggest removing the turning animations completely as the feedback from it was very negative.

You must animate the SRB and character moving forward. Also keep in mind you do not animation the SRB, it follows the root. I suggest reading through this:


Design & World Building / Re: renaming areas and seamless links
« on: Feb 03, 13, 02:05:48 PM »
There is a restart, let your server go to sleep. I have seen the issue you are speaking of, it fixes itself, I suggested leeting the server go to sleep, and check again.

Design & World Building / Re: renaming areas and seamless links
« on: Feb 03, 13, 10:36:36 AM »
No you don't have to update it, It is a number, and loads the name dynamically, if you look at the area panel while you zone into an area with seamless links you will notice they are numbers and then loads the name. Maybe your server has to shutdown.

General Discussion / Re: Stitch and Area Node bug
« on: Feb 01, 13, 11:35:33 PM »
Having the same issue, also the stitch tool is having some issues as well, stitching not updating. Upon restarting the engine the area will be stitched.

General Discussion / Re: HDR tweeked in .j?
« on: Jan 31, 13, 09:14:29 PM »
No worries, if you don't understand the issue, I will just send it to support, they should see the issue I am having.

General Discussion / Re: HDR tweeked in .j?
« on: Jan 31, 13, 06:09:35 PM »
Ok, got this figured out. We need to have the ability to set the adaptation multiplier to "0.00". Right now at the lowest value possible, "0.10", it dynamically lowers the HDR and glare streaks slowly over time. Should be able to get the previous look we had with that adjustment made. The thing is there was no light adaption taking place with HDR in the  previous builds, thus our glare streaks and HDR would stay 1:1. Now that it is working correctly, the lowest value of .10 will slowly dim your HDR and light streaks. If you guys give us the ability to change adaption multiplier to zero, should be all good. Thanks.

General Discussion / Re: HDR tweeked in .j?
« on: Jan 31, 13, 04:25:53 PM »
Thanks for the heads up, that was it. Looks like you guys fixed Adaptation multiplier to work with HDR in this build as in the last build it had zero effect with HDR enabled alone. Only worked for tone Mapping in previous builds. Didn't see it in the build notes so didn't bother to mess with it this time. Thanks again.

General Discussion / Re: HDR tweeked in .j?
« on: Jan 31, 13, 04:16:58 PM »
HDR is not controllable right now, as it keeps adjusting itself. Previously you set it and forget it. Not the case anymore, streaks from Sunny spectral will shine, then automatically dim themselves. Also re sizing the viewport kicks the intensity back up, then it dims. Previously was working without any dynamic shifting of brightness or intensity.

General Discussion / Re: HDR tweeked in .j?
« on: Jan 31, 13, 04:05:49 PM »
It's sporadic, changing intensity on it's own. Even with tone mapping disabled the intensity is going up and down by itself.

Design & World Building / Re: SpeedTrees say "no thanks" to wind
« on: Jan 28, 13, 04:56:33 PM »
I can confirm wind is working with the Speedtrees. As Cooper said you must turn on wind globally, ten may need to crank up the wind intensity.

General Discussion / Re: Shadows
« on: Jan 28, 13, 11:34:36 AM »
This happens to me as well, in a busy area I go from 95FPS to 45FPS. In a non busy area it's doesn't add up as well. I know you will always lose some FPS, but it shouldn't be this much loss. HeroEngine1 as well as other engines never had this bad of a loss, shadows do not seem optimized well, even in a scene with 400 draw calls shadow drop the framerate significantly compared to HE1 and other engines. I and many on our team have very high cards both ATI and Nvidia. Not arguing the point, just backing the OP on this. We have at least 50 areas ranging from dense scenes to light scenes, shadow performance are not good in any.

Design & World Building / Re: [Resolved] WhiteBox Export
« on: Jan 25, 13, 11:41:56 AM »
The feature was in HeroEngine1 but was stripped out when HGM format was introduced. I to would like to see export to OBJ return. much needed.

I checked the model - all polygons are triangles, no quads or ngons....

any other ideas?

it' doesn't matter, just export as OBJ and re import and apply weights, we have had this issue many time with many models. the fix I wrote works , 100% of the time for us.

Hi Brain,
your model has unusual polygons. the fix it you export it as OBJ (triangulating the polys) reimport and re apply your weighting. you cant triangulate you mesh in your 3d app and re apply the weighting as well. the issue is Heroengine automatically triangulates your mesh on import, it is trying to do that but you have ngons or misplaced vertices, edges or face and it cannot understand the mesh.

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