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Hello, I have recently come across this platform and hypothetically if I was to purchase and use this I have 2 main questions I would like to ask:

#1 - What is the sort of limit on number of players that could all inhabit a particular zone/area together? as well as across an entire server (all logged in at once)?
or perhaps is this just completely scalable based on how much memory and bandwith that get devoted to the servers?

coming from FFXI, I believe the limit was something like 650 to 1200 people in any 1 zone (it would vary, more for towns), and about 3,500 people across the whole server. After that people would get forcably DC'd from the server, or kicked out and not allowed in the zone that's full. Those are the sort of minimal numbers a game I would like to create would have to be able to hold

#2 - Are there any develloper teams using HeroEngine to develop a game that's basically identical to the formula of early FFXI and Everquest?

I basically want to create a real true succesor to FFXI (before they F*D IT UP AFTER AHT URHGAN AND WENT BACK ON EVERY SINGLE CORE PRINCIPLE THE ENTIRE GAME WAS FOUNDED ON), because I'm sick of tired of waiting and it's never going to get made by anyone else.

I did a little forum search and see something by a guy calling his team Lucid Epic, but it's from 2012, and the website he links to looks down, and a google search turns up nothing, so it looks like that idea never materialized

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