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i can do terrain but you need to pay me

lol hence the title "Now Hiring". We pay everyone who we "hire" to build the game.

Hello to all, my name is Vince, and I am currently hiring part-time individuals for various positions to work on a Cyberpunk / Shadowrun style MMO, with an emphasis on pure player customization. We have done away with the whole "pre-designed" player classes, and have implemented a "build it your way", but still balanced character creation model. There are many other interesting elements to our game, but we will save that for after the NDA ;)

Like the thread title states, I am looking to "HIRE". These are not "volunteer" or "profit-share" positions. You will be paid directly for work done. Since these are paid positions, we of course are only looking for experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate people to fill these positions. Please have a portfolio of completed work that you can show us.

That being said, if you have an interest in working on a project like this, but just dont have the necessary skills or experience yet to work on a professional level, we would still be happy to talk to you, and perhaps bring you on as an intern, and pair you with an experienced mentor.

If you are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate, but do not wish to get paid, well.. I guess we will take you too  ;D

The project will start in January of 2012, and employees will be on a freelance, part time, as needed basis. To be honest and up front, what this means is, we might have full time work for you one month, but then not use you for two until your skills are needed again. We are a small studio that does not have the funds to pay for everything and everyone all at once, but at least we are offering initial payment ;)

Any questions please feel free to ask, else for all SERIOUS inquiries, please PM me.

Vincent Knight
Knight-Game Entertainment

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