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Developer Introductions / Re: RudderHaven/Becker College
« on: Dec 15, 17, 09:36:12 PM »
Thanks, Amanda, we will likely do that. (Particularly my lead programmer and lead artist.)

That is good to hear!

Developer Introductions / RudderHaven/Becker College
« on: Dec 14, 17, 06:10:23 PM »
Greetings, all,

My name is Jonathan Rudder. My company is RudderHaven (currently, a book-only publisher, but moving into the digital space.) I also teach in the Interactive Media program at Becker College, Worcester, MA.

Personal Bio: The short version - author of five fantasy novels and former content designer, copyeditor, writer, and Tolkien expert for The Lord of the Rings Online (nearly nine years.) If you ever played the game and visited the forums, you would have seen me posting by the same dev name: Berephon (actually a character from my books.)

Team Bio: About forty students at Becker College. A great team. We run a course series called Game Studio, where students from all concentrations in our Interactive Media Design program put their heads together and make games in a studio environment, with the intent to publish. Current Leads - Producer: Alex Rujata, Programming: Ben Javitz, Systems: Kyle Rosa, Content: Olivia Jernigan.

Current Project: The Milhavior Chronicles Online - a large-scale MMO based on the world of my novels, using the core mechanic of a tabletop RPG that I have a team working on as well. Our hopes are to use HeroCloud, as the benefits fit my financial capabilities; however, we're running into a lot of major challenges, not the least of which are out-of-date documentation and lack of current Max/Maya support (a problem as that is all Becker has available to us; hoping 3.0 launches with 2017/2018 support early in the year, or we'll be wasting another semester of development.) Also hoping the community here can help get us past some of our hurdles.

Hopefully, 2018 support will be available early in 2018. The art curriculum at my college requires Maya/Max 2018, so that is all we have available for development. If we can't get art working in HeroCloud, we have no game. If we have no game, we have to move to a different engine, which I am desperately trying to avoid.

Anyone know any workarounds? :'(

I think one of the major problems ppl are having - looking at the forums is something that is not clearly stated in the documentation-

Actually, my team is discovering that very little is clearly stated in the documentation.

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