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General Discussion / Re: How to make the moon and the planet?
« on: Jan 30, 19, 11:19:15 AM »
Ive already done something like this in Hero engine. Basically its all about layers, objects and forced perspective/scale.


Check out this video. Its achieved by simply having a 2d background with some 3d elements that are closer to you.

very impressive ;)
the problem is how to make the landscape texture, for the clouds i use the noise tool on Photoshop, but for the landscape?  ::)

General Discussion / How to make the moon and the planet?
« on: Jan 29, 19, 12:41:54 PM »
In the game Star Wars The Old Republic, when i select a planet, appear a short movie in real time, and after the loading screen.

In the attached IMAGE you can see one of these scenes.

The question is, how to make the moon and the planet?

These 2 objects are maked with Hero Engine, or with an other software?

If these 2 object are maked with an other software, what software have used Bioware?  ???

General Discussion / Re: Where is the Backend?
« on: Jan 16, 19, 11:27:17 AM »
To summarize this Topic:
- First create the game in HeroEngine
- After a proof of concept and an Alfa-slice, you get the necessary tools and API's do have users register on your webpage, and have the same username and password for the game.

But only until you have reached the stage where your game can be put online, you will get these tools.

For now, access to those API's are not granted, until you create a playable game in HeroEngine.

who decides if a game is ready to go to alpha?  ???

General Discussion / Re: Where is the Backend?
« on: Jan 16, 19, 04:45:55 AM »
Hi SARRENE, the website of the game is in localhost.
In the attached image you can see the registration page
what i want to do is: When a user register her account with username and password, these 2 informations are sent with an POST request to the game server
for make it, i have need to make a custom module for my CMS
Also, Drupal 8 have an HTTP Client in the core called Guzzle, this make it easier to write code that sends and receives HTTP requests
If everything works correctly, The user when launch the game, insert username and password in the login form and he have acces at the game  :-\

General Discussion / Re: Building an huge city
« on: Jan 15, 19, 11:56:54 AM »
ok, i have read on internet that Idea Fabrik have buy the game Repopulation, so the assets, modular structures etc of the game are available in the Hero Engine? And i can use them?  ::)

General Discussion / Re: Where is the Backend?
« on: Jan 15, 19, 11:31:01 AM »
Yes, I saw, the problem is how to authenticate the users of my website to the game server  ;D

You can create your own plugin to fit what ever CMS or system you are using for your own website. This can be either through authentication plugin you create as a plugin in HE and then for your site (php, json, xml, your choice). The same thing can be done via steams API as well.

Once you get to that point there are several here that have done just this in various ways to work how they want with their system. We do not currently have a specific built in plugin for this purpose as there are so many different types of CMS's that people use, including pure HTML pages (yes there are still several that write their own back end for websites) not to mention so many different versions of each.

Here is a small list from Wikipidia that gives you an idea of what people use for their websites:
CMS: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_content_management_systems
Forum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Internet_forum_software

To get more information on this you can view:

In the future we do plan on having a few more tools available that can work with a few of the major CMS and forum software. However, at this time my engineers are focused on getting the last bits of d3d11/12 done so we can make a nice major update for all clients on live.

At this time, anyone with web development experience (php, python, xml, html) should be able to create a nice plugin to authenticate against your games users and display in the way that works for your site. Please do note that security and privacy of your users is important, so be careful what you expose.


I use Drupal 8 for my websites.
Authentication between site and game server is the main priority for me  :-\
I want that my users uses the same username and the same password to login at the game
I know that i need to build a module in php but i don't know php  :'(

General Discussion / Re: Building an huge city
« on: Jan 15, 19, 04:31:20 AM »
Not so much a tutorial video, but these can show how the built in networking and servers work.

Collaborative video: (This was done last minute with only a few hours to plan and total build time from start to finish was 2 hours and 40 minutes):

This is a Dev video of us rebuilding an area from start to finish. (This was done with all of us on line at the same time working in the same area in real time): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4i6_l6xAso

Please note that part of the subscription and the royalties covers the networking and servers. You do not ever need to touch that code at all. It is already built in.


I've never seen a similar thing, very innovative :D
For example i don't know how to replace the default character with a new character, i can invite  for 2 or 3 minutes to my project an expert?
And i can see in a window all the steps?

General Discussion / Re: Building an huge city
« on: Jan 14, 19, 12:32:43 PM »
very interesting, maybe a video tutorial on youtube on how to make it, approach a few people on this engine  :P

General Discussion / Re: Where is the Backend?
« on: Jan 14, 19, 12:28:00 PM »
You dont have to integrate anything. Its all part of the herocloud blade. Your code and scripts are part if it.
Yes, i saw, the problem is how to authenticate the users of my website to the game server  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Where is the Backend?
« on: Jan 14, 19, 05:19:38 AM »
infact, i have used engines like unity, unreal, i have tried  various backend, GamesParks, Playfab, there is a great confusion...
I do not want to write cloud codes  and integrates it with the game :-\

If there are good engineers behind Hero Engine who do this job with passion, it's better :D

General Discussion / I can save my project?
« on: Jan 14, 19, 04:33:02 AM »

When i develop a game, i save always my project on my PC. So with Hero Engine/Hero Cloud i can save my project on my PC?  :-\

General Discussion / Re: Building an huge city
« on: Jan 14, 19, 03:48:46 AM »
You can add buildings to the Terrain editor as static meshes and paint them on the same as you would rocks or plants
Good trick thanks  ;)

General Discussion / Building an huge city
« on: Jan 13, 19, 01:14:04 PM »
Hi, in the game swtor the planet Coruscant is an huge city with thousands of buildings.
I Want to know, but there is a procedural script to place quickly thousands of buildings?  ;D

General Discussion / Re: About Hero Engine
« on: Jan 12, 19, 03:06:02 PM »
Check out these vids, in addition to the basic documentation on the wiki, you will be all set for your initial steps within the engine.


If you have no previous coding experience, it will be a big challenge but not impossible. Just take it 1 step at a time and start on smaller basic practice, moving onto refining your knowledge and basic implementations.
ok thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Where is the Backend?
« on: Jan 12, 19, 02:59:38 PM »


6.1         Collections and Running Royalties. Within thirty (30) days following each month after the Game Launch Date, Idea Fabrik will pay to Developer all Revenue collected by Idea Fabrik with respect to such Games, less any fees from third-party billing companies, and then less thirty percent (30%) (the “Developer Revenue”). The thirty percent (30%) retained by Idea Fabrik will be compensation for its services provided hereunder (“Idea Fabrik Revenue”). “Revenue” for a Game shall mean all monies actually received by or credited to Developer from the exploitation of such Game, including without limitation, subscription fees or pay-per-play fees from the electronic distribution of the Game, sums derived from the sale or rental of the Game, less any returns, refunds or credits actually granted by Idea Fabrik to Customers. In combination with the foregoing payments, Idea Fabrik will provide Developer with a report specifying Revenue applicable to such calendar month in accordance with the general categories and report formats specified by Idea Fabrik. No payments aggregating less than two hundred fifty ($250) dollars will be made by Idea Fabrik hereunder; all such payments will be deferred to the next payment period.

6.2         Outside the Idea Fabrik Platform. In the event You make any of Your Games available outside the Idea Fabrik Platform, You must give us ten (10) days written notice, and You agree to pay us thirty percent (30%) of any Revenue paid by end-users by you or by your distributors or agents related to such game for a period of two (2) years from the date such Game is no longer exclusively offered on the Idea Fabrik Platform. Without limiting the foregoing, our Distribution License for such Game shall survive in accordance with Section 12.3.

Great system :P

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