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Developer Job Board / Re: Death Never Accepts.
« on: Dec 21, 12, 10:39:51 PM »
Just don't forget to at least link to what the concept is. Individuals would like to know what they work toward before applying.

Benevolent, at least this time, Caldenfor

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 16, 12, 02:37:15 AM »
"blending pvp" was more a statement of connecting PvE and PvP together in a meaningful fashion not just how PvP is handled depending on the area you are in. Success in PvE provides PvP benefits while success in PvP provides PvE benefits, that blending/connecting.

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 10, 12, 02:41:21 PM »
About design: I had been working well over a year on a design path and no matter how much I wanted it, I had to put it down. It was entirely possible to design, but to implement it, and to do so well, was not logical. I will try and carry on portions that work for other designs so all is not wasted. Knowing the faults/deficiencies to your own work is something that must be done, but most have difficulty seeing what is best for the game versus what they want most.

While an open world is a tremendously important thing that is lacking in the current MMO market, it is lacking for a reason, and as an indie I must admit that I will not be the one to get it done; At least not on my first release  ???. I have reverted to a design that creates a world setup like DAoC to separate three sides from each other with a central PvP area. The reason is simple: Healthy PvP that isn't forced upon players.

RTS elements will be included to promote a healthy blend of PvE and PvP interaction. What players accomplish in PvE does more than to increase the quality of their gear, it will also impact how the NPC portion of the game operates. This is where I have found a means to include caravans in a realistic yet successful manner. Players can choose to rely at least partially on caravans supplying their keeps, but if the shipment doesn't make it through they will have to do without. Why is this good? Well, players can still be their own version of the caravan. Run the supplies themselves. The NPC supplies are to be seen as a bonus, not a necessity. They can carry more goods than individual players so their is benefit to defend them/attack them.

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 06, 12, 08:29:13 PM »
It is the implementation of the caravan idea that may need adjusting. Caravans can be highly successful if implemented correctly. The key is the what, where, when, and why of the caravans.

Gonna have to jot the thought down to make it legible.

Developer Job Board / Re: The Weaver
« on: Dec 03, 12, 04:54:04 PM »
Weaver, you much like many others out there have the desire for something that isn't currently available. This desire is most often conceived from a Ultima Online descent as it was one of the first open MMORPGs out there. I wish I could guide you to another like minded project currently in progress, but unfortunately I haven't found one yet or I would have something to keep my mind occupied. My suggestion to you is to try and predict every problem that could be instigated by players in your design to see if you can prevent problems down the road. Just because you may desire to have a system in place does not mean that it will work well in an MMO so do what is best for the game, not just what you want to do.

Start with the basics of what you want to provide. You can have future goals, but do not let them dictate the mainstay of your game as things can change over time. What, in it's purest form, do you realistically want to provide to players?

Design & World Building / Re: Hello
« on: Nov 30, 12, 10:04:25 PM »
Only for building/concept purposes. Final product can't use the default assets.

Game Dev and Gaming / Re: Thoughts on Planetside 2?
« on: Nov 26, 12, 05:20:06 PM »
It lost the depth of empire vs empire combat that Planetside had while also severely diminishing the individuality you were able to garner as a player of Planetside.

Classes is one of the big disappointments for me. No longer are you a specialized soldier, you are a customized label on a common tin can. Perhaps they should have looked to lower the ceiling of capabilities earned from Planetside, but instead they decided to make a more-multiplayer-FPS akin to the newer FPS games rather than the strategic games of old.

Bases went from having choke points to being a cluster-F-bomb of random inconsequential barriers to the enjoyable traversing of bases. Simple wasn't so bad.

I guess the annoying thing would have to be what they did with the launch pads on top of buildings. I believe they were inspired by Core Combat zip lines, but it killed any form of solidified barrier defense with jetpacks also taken into account.

Run and gun vs strategy and teamwork. I also find the combat to be less enjoyable than the original and I think it has to do with the increased viewing distance. Planetside allowed for covert operations while Planetside 2 eliminates the majority of it. Apparently cloaking of PS was overpowered so they had to GW2 it in PS2.

Developer Hero Projects / Re: The Repopulation
« on: Nov 19, 12, 06:03:32 PM »
That spiky bush better cause damage if you stand too close to it. Ouch!

Developer Job Board / Re: Exile Online recruiting
« on: Nov 19, 12, 06:01:08 PM »

If a smaller clan feels they cannot compete, there will be other directions and avenues of gaining these pvp based resources, in a manner that they wont have to go up against these super zerg guilds that usually inevitably form. Allthough saying this, it will mean they gain less resources, simply because they arent working as hard to gain it.

There will also be non pvp approaches to gaining resources, but again, as the players/clans that choose these methods arent putting themselves in as much danger, the resource gain will be slower than the players that choose to put their necks on the line to gain the best resource areas through murdering their fellow players.

First bold: How can developers determine the effort put forth by players to accomplish goals against insurmountable odds(super guilds)?

Second bold: Murdering other players is the single fastest/best way to succeed in the game? Wouldn't this then contribute to keeping other players down by constantly killing them as a means to avoid future competition?

Developer Job Board / Re: Next Entertainment Needs Some Help
« on: Nov 18, 12, 04:36:29 PM »
And how does it play?

Why make it?

Developer Job Board / Re: Exile Online recruiting
« on: Nov 18, 12, 11:37:11 AM »
I hope this isn't inappropriate.

How do you plan to cope with "super-guilds"? For this I mean mass amounts of players all allied having complete domination over other players.

Thank you for  your time.

Developer Job Board / Re: Next Entertainment Needs Some Help
« on: Nov 18, 12, 11:35:28 AM »
More information please.

If you want to only edit one heightmap at a time make sure to click the checkbox for "selected node" in the terrain toolbox. That will only make changes to the selected heightmap.

Off Topic / Re: My color!
« on: Nov 10, 12, 12:39:21 AM »
Enjoy the color.

Planning how your assets will be created is most likely your first step. While fighting with support to reset my world (which they are standing pretty firm on not doing haha) I have reflected on what you need to think about when implementing this system... here are my thoughts...

Bare bones fixed perspective camera:

1.) Buildings will need to be built with their roofs as separate objects.

Yes. I figure anything one story or higher that players could walk in/under would need to be constructed in sections unless they are by design not supposed to be able to view under(very rare use if ever).

2.) Scale will be important, most likely your character will need to be "bigger" then normal in order to not look "dwarfed" by buildings or other things in the scene

I noticed this already just running around my refugee island and the camera isn't even zoomed out as far as I would like.

3.) Raycasting from the camera to the character will need to be a must, if only for changing the transparency of anything that exists between the character and the camera (which is why we build our buildings and roofs for them separate)

Like Ultima Online, I would think an "area of transparency" that is circular around the player would be a necessary option, but not something on all the time. The fact that it can take away from people using objects as cover from view is a negative, but the positives far outweigh it in my mind, especially as names can be viewed by using "show all names" that shows the each name above everything on screen.

4.) Click to move, will need to be the best movement way, wasd will get confusing if the camera is oriented any place but directly behind the character, or careful camera and movement design will need to be in place to make movement not drive the player crazy using wasd.

This is something I will seek guidance on by those much more experienced than I. Aspects like this I was hoping programmers may find challenging/fun to work out, to a degree.

5.) I also feel like rather robust code to have the camera adjust correctly based on where the player is standing
will be more then required to maintain a usable fixed view. I feel like just having the camera "LookAt" the player object will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Also, you might be able to take extreme advantage of the "room" system instead of building your buildings with out roofs, but I don't know a lot about the room system. I think however you could use it to render only the inside of the room and not anything else?

Without roofs isn't necessarily a bad idea. Potential to use "building blocks" to create structures and just have the finalized versions combined into one solid model? If the building blocks/tiles aspect is possible it may lead to the possibility of customized housing in the future, much like UO added after a long period of time. Certainly not a priority, but it would be cool to have it as a possibility down the line.

Also again, my apologies for my snarky comments...  It was not intended to come across that way, I frustrated at something else. You have valid questions and they should have been answered in a much kinder wrapper!

No worries, hopefully you were able to get your issue taken care of. I just wanted to emphasize that it wasn't going to be isometric, but 3d.

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