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Art & Art Pipeline / Re: My Occluders aint occludin no mo
« on: Jul 14, 16, 04:35:50 PM »
Thanks for the reply, ToY-Krun   :D

Here is a screenshot of the hierarchy and modified properties in Maya,

and the resulting asset when viewed in HE.

*Note, Visibility > Occluders is currently not enabled and when Viewability is set to 'Occluder_Only' under asset properties, the entire asset disappears.

[Edit] Just saw your reply, i'm going to download 3ds Max and give it a shot. Thanks!

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: My Occluders aint occludin no mo
« on: Jul 14, 16, 01:20:58 PM »
Hello again,

After another few days of experimentation, I return with the same results. I'm beginning to wonder if my past experience with Occluders in HE was just a fever dream, but I swear that occlusion was working correctly in the past.

Are any other HE developers having successful results with occlusion meshes?

Developer Introductions / Re: Hello anyone here?
« on: Jul 13, 16, 07:40:18 PM »

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: My Occluders aint occludin no mo
« on: Jul 11, 16, 01:03:43 PM »
Hi Sarrene,

Thanks for the reply! I changed the property to OCCLUDER_ONLY and the results appear to be the same. I subjected my co-developer NoCake to the same experiment as well, thinking perhaps it was something with my client, but he had the same results. I also re-installed HE to no avail.

I'm kinda at a loss, perhaps its something with our world? Or maybe the included clean-engine Occluder asset is outdated?

Hmm, so I logged onto the Hero's Journey reference server and used the same Occluder asset and received the same results (or lack thereof).  Although, I did notice the Occluder is working for the names of characters, in the following screenshot you can see how one of the NPC's names is not being displayed due to the Occluder. Curious.

Art & Art Pipeline / My Occluders aint occludin no mo
« on: Jul 10, 16, 02:25:06 PM »
Hi all,

After noticing our world's polycount is getting to unreasonable levels (8 million vertexes holy crap), i've decided to revisit the exciting realm of occlusion. I brushed up on the proper way to create an occlusion mesh via the HE Wiki, set the proper attributes in Maya, and noticed that the vertex count and draw calls stayed the same after introducing the updated assets into the world. In light of this, I assumed that maybe I had messed up somewhere in my attempts, so I figured I should try using one of the Occluders that came with the 'Clean-Engine' assets. Lo and behold, even the included Occluders (say that 10 times fast) didn't appear to be properly working.

Please correct me if i'm wrong, but it's my understanding that the barrel (a static mesh) should not be drawn by the renderer if the Occluder model (the selected plane) is working correctly.


Developer Job Board / Re: [CLOSED]world designer here
« on: Apr 16, 12, 06:33:47 AM »
World designing is definitely a job all its own, if you want your game to look professional of course. My own two man development team could use someone to develop our world, so that the rest of us can focus on other tasks. Don't be discouraged :)

I'd recommend uploading some screenshots from the Source maps you created to give people an idea of what you're capable of.

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Texturing and Hero Materials
« on: Apr 15, 12, 07:48:25 PM »
Thank you for your excellent response Legacy, it makes me glad to know i'm not shooting myself in the foot over the long run. I think i'll continue using both methods but with an eye towards texture efficiency similar to what you have elaborated on  ;D

Art & Art Pipeline / [Resolved] Texturing and Hero Materials
« on: Apr 14, 12, 08:34:04 PM »
Salutations everyone,
I'm still learning the ropes in regards to 3d modelling and have been using two different methods to texture objects, specifically buildings with interiors, for the Hero engine. I am relatively sure this is more of a general "3d Art for games" type question, so forgive my naivety.

Which of the two methods is more efficient? (In regards to file size and impact on the engine.)

The first method is to create a Hero Material for each texture, these material definitions can then be applied to select faces on multiple models, i.e, a global texture foundation for models.

The second method is to create a Hero Material per object and a corresponding texture map.

My initial thoughts are that the first method may have some undesirable effects on the engine's graphics processing, while the second method could create an unnecessary increase in global data size by necessitating duplicate textures for multiple models, i.e, using the same stone texture in two texture maps.

I hope this rambling made some sense  :o

Art & Art Pipeline / Re: Sneak Peak at SpeedTree 6.0
« on: Apr 07, 12, 05:21:02 AM »
Can't wait to use it!

Design & World Building / Re: Select and Rotate
« on: Jan 20, 12, 06:59:17 AM »
What exactly are you trying to rotate? Objects such as models and terrain planes can be rotated easy enough, therefore i'm assuming you're trying to rotate a terrain's texture. There's two ways to achieve this, you can rotate the plane the texture is on, or flip the texture image itself in a graphics editing program and re-upload it to your server. A screenshot would help me understand what exactly the issue is  ???

Developer Hero Projects / Re: BleachMMORPG
« on: Jan 20, 12, 06:42:18 AM »
I have no idea what Bleach is but this thread makes me super excited to see it on Cryengine!  8)

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